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My Wife and Her Lesbean Lover Has Castrated Me

My Wife and Her Lesbean Lover Has Castrated Me on Bisexual PlaygroundMy Wife and Her Lesbean Lover Has Castrated Me on Bisexual Playground
I an a castrated Eunuch, my young wife and her lover insisted I be castrated if we were to share our bed and old family farm home, I agreed to be castrated, I was castrated as they watched on Oct. 29th. 2011 at 0800 I became a servant Eunuch. I now enjoy my new life as A sexual Eunuch servant and would like to expand my experience to serve others. I have only been with them and do enjoy the taste of his semen
I am a older retired Marine, I was married to a young wife, we had a old family nudist farm, my wife took our farm hand foreman as her lover, I agreed as I was away much of the time, when I retired they insisted I be castrated as Jim Our foreman no longer would share my wife sexually, I was castrated 10-29-11 and have become very submissive since losing my manhood.
I am a castrated Eunuch, I was castrated Oct.29th, 2011 at 0800 by Dr. Mark Arnkoff, as my young wife 's young lover insisted I be castrated as he no longer wanted to share her sexual with me. I agreed to be there Eunuch They have taught me to be a good Eunuch, I have learned to enjoy the taste of his semen and can now swallow without choking and gaging on his huge penis, he taught me to breath as he begins to ejaculate in my mouth then swallow as he finishes in my throat. I was castrated and my nipples and fernuim ringed to imped my having sex as a man would. I'm now just a sexual servant here to please both men and women.
Am wanting to be used and castrated am married wife
bisexual enjoy sucking i have been castrated i enjoy it very much all i want to do is to suck all the time after they castrated me.
Cuck couple looking for a bull for wife male half in chastity will be forced to watch and orally service wife and wife's lover
I have been smooth since I was castrated 10-29-11 now I only need to wax every 2 to 3 mo. as my groin hair has stopped growing after being castrated.
looking foir a man 50 65 to walk me through the steps of making love with a man Wife has her lover I need my lover close to toms river NJ
i am 3-5 years away from moving in with my boyfriend lover he wants me to marry him as a gurl which is what i want to he is flying out to visit me meet me i will give him my mouth and ass ive already him he can fuck me two weeks straight he says he wants me as his wife has told his mother about me when my regular family obligations are done he will be my lover husband master he also going to be my camera man to do a little paid porn
Mermaids/hot single bisexual females: Everybody knows what they are, what they look like but no one has seems to find one. My wife and I want some fun and we want to share two great personalities. Sure there are flaws, sure there are questions, but hey life is that way. We want to find a great female to be not only a lover to both of us to me as well to satisfy what one woman can not. We have a great place to live out in the country. We are respected people, we are d/d free because we have not done this out of marriage...YET, and we want to experience everything that a woman can offer to our solid marriage. If you fall in love, hey we will deal with it. It wouldn't be surprising seeing how I am a very nice guy. But I am one hell of a lover and my wife is very passionate when she finds the right person.
Has anyone been castrated or know of someone who has? I'm interested in getting it done.
I am coming to Gomer's defense here.

"what would be in it for a possible lover?" That is easy to answer..... I am also looking to cheat on my wife since we have talked often, and she is not interested in pleasing me, yet.... I love her.

I would love to find another guy that wants to give and receive head with the utmost discretion. Yes, I am always skeptical, yet, I have nowhere else to turn?! That's what's in it for a possible lover!


Hi ; I was castrated by my young wife and her lover, We live on a farm and have been nudist forever, our foreman is a younger huge man that my wife found to be eresistable and soon they were having sex and he moved into the old family farmhouse with us. He has a huge penis and I have been rather small, so I agreed to let him sleep with us as I to found his cock very pleasant. all went well until he no longer wanted to share my wife with me. they gave me a choice, they would leave the farm house and move away, or They would castrate me. as I'm older and dependent on them to run the farm. I agreed to be castrated. I was 1st castrated with a Burdizzo, the same tool used to castrated our young Bulls. My wife helped as the farm hands held me in a station JIm our foreman secured my legs, my wife pulled my right nut into the jaws of the Burdizzo, I felt the cold steel on my bag my wife squeased my nut as Jim closed the handles of the Burdizzo, All went into slow motion as I herd myself scream as a loud crunch was autable as the jaws crushed my testicle cord. I lost control of my bodly functions and passed out. when I woke Joan my wife was hosing me off. I was still completely naked and in the station. I ask if it was over was I a Eunuch? my wife just smiled and said One down and one to go. I begged them to just let our guest Nurse and Dr. friend finish. Joan just pulled my nut to make sure it had separated from the testicle, I felt no pain in my right nut as she squeezed it but then she pulled my left nut, the last bit of masculinity of mine, she again squeezed it into place in the Burdizzo jaws. I herd the crunch My back arched as my cord was crushed and I herd my voice scream I shook for a few moments as Jim held the Jaws closed I felt Joan pull my nut free of the cord. Jim look me in the eyes and said, "YOUR A CASTRATED STEER NOW" ... Later my bag swelled and my Niece said My bag and testicles should be removed b4 my scrotum burst. our guest Dr. and nurse took me to there clinic which was closed over a long holiday weekend. there the removed my scrotum and severed testicles. as my family Joan, her lover Jim and my Niece watched. my testicles were preserved my bag was cured and tanned and is now a coin pouch for Big Jim my foreman and Joan's lover. I have learned to be a good Eunuch Servant for more info and details please feel free to write my email. questions and comments are very welcome. thank you. jerrie our email is:
Bi Men Or Couple To Make Me Their Slave
Graving sucking bbc with his wife while being sucked by my wife and her big cock lover
We are a mature couple who wants to find a kind man to provide dick for my sweet wife. Do to my meds I can no longer get hard to service my wife and we decided it is best to find a surface lover to satisfy her needs. I do want to be in the room with her.
Bang My Wife
There is nothing better than watching your wife wrap her legs around her lover and watch them kiss.Hug
Brandy? She’s a fine girl. What a good wife she would be. But my life, my lover my lady is the sea.
Face Licking
i love to lick cum off the wifes face after a lover has dropped his load.. not my wife.. i'm divorced thank


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