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Nudest Living Life of Dealy Work

Nudest Living Life of Dealy Work on Bisexual PlaygroundNudest Living Life of Dealy Work on Bisexual Playground
Divorcee who is interested in all facits of life. I spent many years living the 'normal' go-to-work, come-home, go-to-work life and know there is more to life than that. I am adventuresome and relish new experiences.
Not into games, I am totally confident in who I am and hope that you are the same. I am very passionate, and totally get into the stuff that catches my interest. This whole life dealy is a wild journey, let's meet up and see what happens along the way.
new to the area of arkansas and attending school right now. i am a born and bread texan and miss my homestate very much. looking to meet new friends soon. i consider musely as a nudest and look forwark to meeting other nudest.
I am very outgoing where he is very quiet till he gets to know someone. We are a stay at home type going out once in awhile. We like to have fun, and would like to full fill a fantasy or two together. He is bi-curious and would like to try and see if he likes. And together we would like to try a threesome with another male we are both comfortable with. He is a nudest, and would much rather have nothing than anything to where, me I am a private nudest.
Outgoing and energetic, very erotic and passionate. Hmm, well they asked! :) I work hard and play hard. I believe in living life to the fullest and living out of the box.
I'm a bi nudest living in the Humble area. seeking sexual pleasures. would like to meet a couple who I would like to exchange sexual favors with
I am just wondering how many nudest are on the site. You know that enjoy going to nudest camp and nudest camping. The true nudest has nude get together that are sometime not for sex but just for a fun relaxing event. I have been to nudes camp where whole family for BBQ, etc. Just Wondering
Vicky honey I appreciate your caring and support. To me that is what makes life worth living and the meaning of life.. to be self-aware, to be there for others and to help make life better for those around you..

You are so right darlin, life is what you make it and what you put into it..I am still a work in progress with my life but I would not take a farm in Georgia for it now..

Hugs and much Love to you dear friend..I know that I can count on you and that means a whole lot!

The first thing you have to do it work to get over your self doubt. Find what you are interested in and good at and work to make those things more a part of your life. You can get out of this situation..and knowing that is half the battle. Get a plan..write it down..and then work step at a time. You deserve a better living situation and a happier life. Once you can see that in your can make it happen. You don't owe your Dad anything....don't let him make you think you do!!!
I take precautions, but don’t let it interfere with my sex. Sex is what I live for and If I’m not having sex then I’m pretty miserable. I refuse to have anything, whether it’s this virus or anything else stop me from living my life. Have you thought about what if this shit never goes away? Do you hide in your house the rest of your life? Fuck that, living.
Sorry to hear that, but we all have to live within our means, their are expenses to run this site, and the webbies deserve, and have a right to make a little profit for their time and effort if they chose. This is a great country, with effort and WORK most here can do pretty good. I have, and may, again sometime, have to cut expenses on non essential things, thats life. But i am NOT going to whine (at least in public, lol) about it. Just got an idea for the webbies, just tell your ISP you need to have access, lots of bandwidth and super-servers, but you need it free, cause your going to offer total free unlimited service to your subscribers, i'm sure they will comply. . . .LMAO. Don't get me wrong, i am not at all "well-off", maybe its living in new york, after living in alaska for 20 yrs, that i get sick of everbody wanting shit for FREE, I do honestly wish you well, and hope things work out for you.

Marti Kiss
I find myself wanting to add another to my situation with both my wife and I but then sometimes it just isn't there. which I concluded that my sexual desire is more of a temporary situational thing with no desire to have it as a permanent part of my being. we have had a threesome three time, once with a man, and twice with two different women. the adventure was fun, but never meant to last, at least not from my wife's point of view. I think what we crave can often be mistake for what we need instead of what we want and how long we want it.

"experimentation& quot; can be thrilling, erotic and orgasmic but the emotional aspect of any relationship rarely, very rarely involves more than one other person. Although their are people who can make multiples work and are quite content and happy living that way.

Different strokes for different folks means that what works for others may not work for you. But that does not mean you should never make the effort to see where you really stand on anything. Life is meant for living, not for being held captive by tradition values and "morals" You need to discuss with your partner what you see for your lives together and set boundaries for your self. you cannot control what the other person feels, Just remember, if they do leave it may not bee your fault, if can be theirs or perhaps it is both of you growing tired of the life you are currently in. There is always a risk when you move from where you are to where you will be, so beware of your wants and desires, because in the end they may not be what you had hoped or expected.Hug Mr. Shivering


Girl On Girl Threesomes
This has been a standard way of life for me most my life, living with a bi woman or wife, and sharing her gf's. I've been very lucky that all these women have been very attractive and in very good shape. Its a lifestyle and not always easy, and takes caring and understanding a an open and honest attitude. But its worth it. :) I'm single now, but searching around for the right woman who could fit this lifestyle. Hug
I spent a high school year in France living with a family - one of the best decisions of my life - and i made it at age 16.
I added some of my bi-swinger blowjob party pics of me doing two cocks at once in the living room. The wives loved watching a guy doing all the work for a change. I got two loads at once and had fun.
Classic Rock & Roll
My life took off in the 1950s when my 8 transistor radio blasted a new a record from a young guy outta Lubboc, Tex named Buddy Holly "That'll be the day" It literally changed my life. I got involved with doing sound with my R n R friends, and eventually became a backline tech. I was with several production crews in the SF bay area,. I still work the R N R stages here in LosAngeles rock on, dudes :-D
Haunted Houses
What is about Houses... Well I love Ghost, Ghost Town, & Ghost Stories... If you have Ever meet or seen one then you would understand the Fascination... They teach you allot.... What is a Ghost It is a Once living person who has not Discovered they are DEAD Very different From Spirits Spirits are those who have passed who are Visiting a specific location/person How do you tell the difference Well Simply... Ghost are stuck in the Location of Death...they live in the exact same Time Period of their Present time...Let me Give you an Example... It is 1950 a Woman Dies of Heart Failure....(yet she does not know it) She continues living her her family home watching the changes going by yet not understanding them.... It is the Year 2007 same house New family owns the Home... The woman from the 1950 & the Family 2007 all are living at the same time yet in two complete different time Periods Its Wild..but its REAL.... This is another Spiritual Report From The Majick Goddess Kiss
lingerie is hot..i have a red hot teddy i wear when my man comes home from work...we have such hot sex ..yes it comes off but adds spice to our sex life


HI Bill and Pattie, thanks again for your kind welcome and making me feel at home here on this site. I think if I stay here long enough and make friends like both of you, I will live all my possible erotic fantasies and some I have yet to think of! Really makes life worth living and spreads happiness in the world! Thank you again, Ray