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Oahu Hawaii Swingers Looking for Single Male Forum

Oahu Hawaii Swingers Looking for Single Male Forum on Bisexual PlaygroundOahu Hawaii Swingers Looking for Single Male Forum on Bisexual Playground
I was into couple swapping in the DC area, both str8 & bi for several years. When I decided to relocate to Hawaii, my partner stayed in DC for family reasons. I am looking to "start over" here in Oahu, & I am also looking for a long term relationship with a woman who is active in the lifestyle.
I'm married, love sex with any combo of ppl. just like it HOT. wife isn't interested in swinging. i travel alot so i'll be looking to meet if i'm in here. i live in Hawaii on Oahu in Kailua so if your coming out on vacation...;) places i get to alot in order of freq. ft worth, houston, san diego, whidbey island WA, other parts of Cali.
I'm a single male living in Wakiki, on the island of Oahu. I'm very easy going and content with life. I like to work out and try to stay fit. I'm just in it for some no strings fun. Men, long as I can get mines.
Recently widowed 47 yr old male My wife died Valentine’s Day Our sex life wasn’t much to talk about My first wife and I was swingers in Hawaii when I was in the army Now I’m just looking for a couple that would like to hang out and do it all Love to eat pussy and never minded sucking a dick
just a single guy on oahu for a short time wondering what this is all about
Im mixed with black and Hispanic. I attended the University of HAWAII where I Defeated the Arizona State Sun Devils for a PAC10 SHERATON HAWAII BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP.
in Hawaii , oahu to be exact looking for some fun , male , female it doenst matter just want to have fun if you know what i mean !!! also available for couples , let me kow whats up!!!
Hi, I am a bi swm new to Hawaii on Oahu seeking a female of any race, color or nationality as a partner to attend swingers parties, as well as to enjoy an open, alternative lifestyle realtionship. I am clean, D/D free with recent proof. I am gentle, well mannered, intlligent, extremely oral and love to please both men and women to completion.
Unfortunately I think that is just the way it is. About 20 years ago when I was with a very attractive woman I placed an ad in a swingers mag. I made it very clear that single men had to be bi and meet me first, but it didn't matter. Just about all the single men just really just wanted her. There were two couples with truly bi males that responded and they were the only ones. Now I am the single bi male, and I have to assure any couple that responds that I am truly bi and I am really into MM action.
Sounds like fun. I never been to a "swingers" resort like that, but I would think they cater more to couples, so finding a single male might not be as easy as it seems. ou might have more luck finding another couple like yourselves (str F/bi M) for a foursome that has full exchange between the men. I know there are swinger cruises. The ones I have seen are for couples only... or you can bring a third with you, but no single members of either sex is allowed to board. They won't even let you boad the ship unless your partner is right there with you. So I would simply call and check to see what there policy is for single guests. I'm sure someone here has been there and can tell you more accurately what your chances are.

You might consder the swingers cruise as well. A lot more rules, but more interaction. Looking to do a nude cruise myself being single... there again plaenty of rules where and when you can be nude, but nothing beats being nude on he high seas.
Looking to see if there are any bi groups, parties, orgies, etc. in Hawaii. I live on Kaua'i but can occasionally travel to other islands also. Can enjoy all-male or male-and-female play; prefer groups/parties open to range of ages (over 21), ethnicities, body types, etc. I'm bi male, 63, 6'2" 210 beard, long hair. Open to different styles, from vanilla to more wild. It would be fun to get an on-going group or network going here in Hawaii.
We would love to host swingers parties, so couples would have a mutual place to meet when the occasion arises. So if you know any swingers or just really horny couples, single females or hung single males please lets get it started.

Mature woman a turn on.....


Having been born and raised in Hawaii I know for a fact that there are a lot of good looking men available for the taking if you are interested and know where to look. My best friend that I grew up with still lives there and every time I go home his always willing, ready, and able to welcum me to PARADISE. Sue has also fallen in love with Hawaii and the diversity of good looking men and women that abound on the islands. As BiKauai mentioned in his post you can get the most action on the island of Oahu. Billy
Bisexual Swing Clubs
does anybody know of any bi sexual swingers clubs in Hawaii
Bisexual Swing Clubs
I have been to Swingers Palace 4 times and have had a great time each time I went there. I am bi single male and have attended the twice a month bi nights. It is Great!! It is so nice to be out in the open about being Bi there. When you go there on the bi nights as a single male everyone knows that you are bi because singles males have to be bi to attend on those nights. I find that a turn on just for starters. I have some hot encounters there. Bye, have fun, JT
Erotic Fiction
You really should post this in the general forum or under Erotic Fiction on the forum page. That way many more people will read it. You will be supprised at the responses. Kisses
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Swingers Palace in Pittsburgh has a Mixed gender Bi night every Friday. I've never been there but I get their newsletter. It is also the only club that I have heard of that welcomes Bi male activity in the club. Maybe a member from Pitt. could tell you more. The web site is swingers palace with a hyphen in between. Jim
Bath House
The only bath house I frequented was coed one in Sasebo, Japan when I was stationed there in the early 70's. However, I noticed you're in Hawaii so here's some info I think might help you out. Being from Hawaii the only bath house I know of is in Waikiki and its called Max's Gym & Private Men's Club. If you email me I'll send you their phone number...


Thanks so much for creating such a great site for swingers. I hope to find a few people on here to explore all life has to offer with and there sure are enough to choose from on here. I will do my best to promote this site to all the bi's and swingers I know! Thanks again!