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Pictures of Fake 44dd Boobs

Pictures of Fake 44dd Boobs on Bisexual PlaygroundPictures of Fake 44dd Boobs on Bisexual Playground
First of all I like women.. NICE BOOBIES About us. We married and happily. . I have fake D's boobs.. WE ARE NOT PUSHY COUPLE..If something happens great if not let's just have fun.. About us I'm petty 5 ft 100 lbs 29 years old . and have fake boobs. Mexican ..I work out 4 to five tomes a week.. Him 6'1 feet 235 pounds he works out at least 2 times aweek, Lately he works 60 hours a week. .
petite fake blond nice fake boobs always being told I look 25. I become very aroused when see a hot women I want to explore these feelings. I would like to have a friend to spend time with and fool around. I'm not out and my husband does not know.
Im 4"11 big women 44dd boobs got 4 tatts.
Fit, hot, perky fake boobs
I'm 25. I'm hot. I have fake boobs and I'm curious about being with other women.
I like to dress in things and big fake boobs
I think they are beautiful. I like all boobs, except fake ones. Nothing against those who get fake boobs, to each their own, but they are not the same as the real thing. You feel the difference when you suck on them and titty fuck them. Sure, they look great, but so do any boobs with a good bra. lol
We prefer real boobs!:-P
And when they get older and sag, just means there healthy. Not that fake ones are not healthy but its nice to see a big ole pair of real boobs- Also depends on the person though and how she feels about them. Having fake or natural boobs can add confidence to a lady making her even more attractive.
Once again if you know anyone that has fake pictures in their profile please let us or the webmasters know. The reason for this is because we want to keep this site real and not like the other ones that will let anything be posted. Also it is against the Terms of Service. Fake pictures falls under misrepresentation and therefore is not allowed. Pictures MUST be of you and nothing else.

All boobs can be wonderful! Especially when attached to a wonderful person!
Fun person = Fun Boobs regardless of size, real, fake, perky, or sagging!

I Love Sexy Boobs!
I Love my Boobs love the way they look and feel ;) but saying that I would also like to be a size bigger!!! that said if I had the £££s to do it I probably would, I'd love to have a bit more of a cleavage ;) All Boobs are great whether there small or big, real or fake!!!
hi i am new to this curious and very much interested in a one on one with a female i am
married so i must remain secret as well i am 45 f nd size 44dd boobs i cant travel cause of limited funds but will be willing to meet u if interested contact me ty :)


Big Breasts
I love huge tits big fake or real but some of the very big fake tits really turn me on the bigger the more fake they look the more I like them . Would love to meet a women with very big fake tits or will to get them done .
Picture Trading
Pictures are worth a thousand words. Thus, we totally enjoy having pictures taken of us and friends we have allowed to join us. However, when it comes to making pictures available for others to see here on this site and trading pictures. We prefer to just share pictures with only us in them as some of our friends have asked that we be discrete... Kiss
D Cups
my wife has 44DD's
amber has a very nice set of man boobs. But "she" also enjoys taking the female role in a situation. Having her very nice set of boobs played with including nipple clamps and sucking cock. she also likes to have her pussy fucked. And don't forget to cum in her mouth so that she can swallow it all. she would also enjoy licking cum off of some boobs and a hot ass, as well.
A Cups
Actually, little boobs or even a flat chest can be hot and wonderful to kiss, suck, and chew on. For some reason, the nipples on these types of boobs are more sensitive. Whoda thunk?
Small Boobs
While I enjoy women who have been blessed with average sized boobs. I have to say that I also find women with small boobs very exciting...:)


What they like best about the site:  the pictures in the beginning.