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Pictures of Women with Big Clittories on Bisexual PlaygroundPictures of Women with Big Clittories on Bisexual Playground
Hi everyone. I´m a 35 year old male from Canada who's is bisexual and loves all kind of healthy sex experiences. I always had some amazing time with some of you guys pictures. That´s why I wanted to share with you some of my most personal pictures. And sure, if anyone wants to send me your comments about my pictures, it would be a pleasure to answer ´em back. But I´ll answer only the ones with pictures also on it, ok? Cum shots, butt and dick pictures are more then welcome! BIG HUG!
I have an outgoing friendly personality. I believe that what consenting adults do is their business and only their business. I am a very emotional person, I cry movies. I am deeply into photography. I love taking pictures of nude women with or without men. I am only interested in taking pictures of men if they are with women. Let me take your picture for my collection.
I am straight, but very intrigued by gay sexual activities; lately I have frequently been on cam with other men, and enjoyed it tremendously. I like also to be on cam with women and play with myself while she watches. I like to masturbate and watch other do it, as well as exchanging pictures of sexual activities. I enjoy participating in all sexual activities, and receiving pictures of men and/or women doing it.
we are fuck sluts! we would like to meet people that like fucking as a sport - without any strings attached. wam, bam, thank you mam, is what we like. meet and fuck and go our separate ways. Note: Your profile MUST have pictures posted here. We will not respond to mail from profiles that don't have pictures. We don't want pictures emailed to us. Please don't write saying you'll email pictures.
Looking for a hot teenage girl who loves to dirty talk and send pussy pictures and videos of her cumming. Look titty pictures as well, down to swap pictures back and forth
I am 5'9, 145 lbs female and have experimented in the bisexual arena for some time. I fine the ultimate enjoyment being with another woman as my husband watches. He has never been with two women at the same time. He would like to try it out, but is hesitated. He is 6'4 and 300 lbs, don't let the weight fool you, he is a good looking man. I will not put pictures on the website, for several reasons. However, if you e-mail me I will send pictures.
Looks like the original post is deleted. If it was about being aroused by heck, men are visually stimulated. And it's ok to be aroused by "forbidden fruit". Just don't act on it. And enjoy the pics here. Just remember most women are not that aroused by pictures of naked strangers, at least to begin with, especially pictures of hard cocks. The subset of women that are members here are probably more receptive than most. However sending a short email like 'Let's hook up" accompanied by pictures of genitalia only , is not likely to get you where you want to go.
AJAXXX missed the point. No one is saying don't put up penis pictures, they are saying please show us more than just that. I will let you men in on a little secret, the penis is really not that important! I want to see the whole package, as do most women ;) I really hate it when I get a message from a guy, and he attaches 20 pictures of his penis! One is not enough? You're chances of meeting women or couples will greatly improve if you show us more than just your penis. For me, it's a real turn off as that tells me the man in question is only thinking of one thing.

I understand fully about not wanting to show your face, not everyone is comfortable doing that. You can still show full body pictures with your face blurred out, and make a note in your profile about how you will exchange proper pictures on request.
I had originally taken the pictures of me when I lived at another location. I have posted my pictures here and on other sites. Well, the negatives are gone bcz I had a house fire and everything is gone. The pictures I had in other groups are gone bcz they have closed down. I want to use these pictures, but I can't bcz it says that no pictures can be copied. Any suggestions?
Mike, you're right! You pay your money and you can post whatever pictures you like. No one has a problem with that. The way I read it is that the women are asking for more than just dick shots. No one seems to be "whining" about it, just stating a preference. I know that if someone contacts Carol, and when she checks their profile and all she sees are dick pictures, she immediately loses interest. She's talked about just that with a number of women on BP, and they all seem to be of the same mind.

Hey! They pay their money, so they can say what they want!

-- Danny
Where’s all the bisexual women at ? For fucks sakes! Especially Bi women who love Bi men . More than half the profiles are old or don’t have pictures. And some are just flighty. Ugh.
Let's swap some dirty pictures, how freaky are you? Send me your pictures & I'll send u some in return ;p I'm so bored let's spice things up & see what your working with (: preferably women buy men can send sum over too


Picture Trading
Pictures are worth a thousand words. Thus, we totally enjoy having pictures taken of us and friends we have allowed to join us. However, when it comes to making pictures available for others to see here on this site and trading pictures. We prefer to just share pictures with only us in them as some of our friends have asked that we be discrete... Kiss
Digital Photography
I need someone who is willing to take pictures of me in the buff or during a sexual activity! :) So that I may post better pictures on my profiles. :)
I dream about BBC all the time. As of today, I've never had one. All I know is I WANT ONE. I want pictures of me sucking BBC. Pictures of me being fucked by BBC. I'd love a video of me being gang banged by a group of Black Men. Is their a Dominate Blackman who can help me? Lindawantabe
As previously stated that pictures are worth a thousand words. I totally enjoy having Sue take pictures of me and a Male friend as we Blowjob on each others hard throbbings :-P each others pink little assholes and Sex each other in the Thong... :)
Erotic Fiction
Erotic fiction gets me hard a lot faster than pictures do most of the time. Though I really enjoy writing them too from time to time. Especially when I can use this writing skill of my in role-playing with women or cybering with them. If there is one thing I love better than getting off myself is knowing that I can write sexually enough at times to get women off. I live to serve where I can and pleasure where I can.
Anal Sex
Laporte and Michigan City, Indiana men wanted (discreet clean) Want to be drained by a man or men or couple and my main enjoyment is being topped and it shooting till my small ass it filled up. I have pictures and check my profile. Must be able to meet at my place. I have a home 5 miles south of Lapoorte, Indiana..if interested my e mail and [pictures are on my profile. Do it to me/head home and then contact me when you want to do it to me again.. topssuckandfuckm my name here on bisexual playground I am here every evening wanting someone to do it to me at my house;););):)Hug


What they like best about the site:  the pictures in the beginning.