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Picz of Beautifull Nipples

Picz of Beautifull Nipples on Bisexual PlaygroundPicz of Beautifull Nipples on Bisexual Playground
hard-working , respecfull, sense of humor, greatfull kind of guy with a with a much less willing good-hearted beautifull partner. woulld love to chat with other beautifull people, and go from there.
A beautifull person with a beautifull heart
Hi, i am a 33 yo italian guy. I am easy going, open minded and i love to live my life day by day. Just follow the feeling, life is beautifull, let's make it even more beautifull.I am DD free, clean and willing to try new things.
Very sexi and out goin love to have fun n to smk n chil i got picz
shy asian female very bi curious. i am a 36C with long fat thick nipples. I like my nipples stretched & twisted, finger flicks on nipple tips. Im seeking someone into role play and has big titties with big nasty nipples to force fuck my clitty with. Forcing me punish me by pulling me by my nipples explicit detailed dirty talk. and yanked
To say most TV/TS are beautifull is an understatement. To me, they are ladies, and just as discrimating as any other women. To be honest it is the male species that desires the cock, and the beautifull female body. It is an honor to escort one of these beautifull ladies on a date, dinner, dancing, walking on the beach. Each lady should be addressed as she prefers, and yes I open doors, hold their arm when going up or down stairs. Jay
I no longer claim to be streight as an arrow, in fact I don't even think that is an admirable trait. Oh how I regret all of the time thinking I was/shouldbe/alwayswouldbe streight. I beautifull, black bisexual lady, led me to the path of self realization. A beautifull, sexual active, lady with an extra large clit, is the most desireable mate on this planet. Please let me find one for my very own to please, cherish, and honor.

Anytime you want too............ what a beautifull cock and ass he has.....
Such a beautifull cock , you should have no trouble,id do ya
Oh may those gals are hot I'd start with a good toung fucking in there beautifull ass holes so hot


Golden Showers
I have allways wanted to try a golding shower with a man or women a couple would be beautifull
Nipple Sucking
My nipples are a great source of pleasure. I'd rather have my nipples & breasts played with than anything else - and that includes oral sex! I also love licking other women's nipples & watching them harden.
Big Nipples
I love big nipples attached to big breast. I also like having my nipples played with and licked. My dick gets so hard when my nipples are played with.
A Cups
Has anyone else noticed that girls with small (A cup) breasts have very sensitive nipples? I have a friend that can be induced to orgasm by sucking, pinching and pulling her nipples................when I stretch them and apply a nipple clamp she starts to cum like crazy.......she says her nipples are connected directly to her clit.....I know she is not faking cause she gets very lubricated and I can feel her convulsing internally. Once I have both nipples clamped and we start to have intercourse all I need to do is apply a little pressure to either clamp and she cums on que........she is 32 A and her nips are a little bigger around than a pencil eraser and almost and inch long when I pull and stretch them. My ex wife was a 38 d with silver dollar sized aureoles and her nipples rarely got erect and she had no sense of feeling in them at all. . Comments?:-D:-PFlower
Big Nipples
Love sucking and licking big nipples. I love the look for pleasure when I squeeze and tweak big nipples. I love having my always erect nipples sucked and tweaked.
A Cups
I've noticed that the smaller breasts have the most sensitive nipples and usually the longer nipples. I ldon't know which is more fun, sucking on erect nipples on a small breast or eating a cum filed pussy on a woman with small breasts.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!