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Pubic Hair Design Called a Dinner Roll

Pubic Hair Design Called a Dinner Roll on Bisexual PlaygroundPubic Hair Design Called a Dinner Roll on Bisexual Playground
We are a happily married couple, with threee kids, two still at home, He is 6'1" a little over weight, dark blonde very short hair a few tattoos no pubic hair, she is 5'8" a BBW auburn hair a couple tattoos nipple peircings and clit hood peirced, no pubic hair. We both love the outdoors and anything to do with it.
Hi, I'm 6' 198lbs reddish blond just looking to taste some dick. I enjoy jerking guys off giving blowjobs verbal (being called names) while I'm sucking dick. No ass play, ok maybe some tongue. Prefer guys around my age. looking... Discretion IS A MUST. All my pubic hair is back and bushy. I've been out of circulation for about 10yrs but I'm looking again
guy......6'1" blue eyes blond hair average weight........girl.....5'7&quo t; dark blond petite, a cup, very sexy......both like rock and roll and smoking herb........guy plays drums......girl interior design major
We are a young,good looking,rock N roll kinda couple.Honest ,clean,hes muscular with long dirty blonde hair ,I'm curvy,proportioned,and have been called cute more times then I care to remember-lol We like the added spice another woman brings to our very active bed.Get in touch ladies you wont be sorry...
I'm called niall and I am 6ft1 slim blue eyes brown hair and good looking. I'm called abbey I'm 5ft10 slim 36b boobs long blonde hair and tanned
I'm a very horny man, 6' tall, 6.5" long, cut and hard as it gets. Little cum juice, Biug explosion, no sperm, had the big V in the 70's. I don't play mind games, I am not looking for a long term deal, just some fun when we want it. Titty size, or cock size don't matter. No CHUBS, if you are over 185lb man, or less than 145lb woman, don't contact me. I want to be able to roll around with you. I have brown hair, smooth all over. Had underarm laser'd, and will be doing the same to my pubic, and legs. I can't wait until that pretty girl starts holding my cock then!!!!
I used to know a girl who had colored her pubic hair purple.
Ever since then I have wanted to try coloring my own pubic
hair. I was wondering if anyone had any experience in this

A woman with a bush is much sexer , i like to see the cum on her pubic hair, i know she had a climax, i like to comb her pubic hair and watch her relax .
For me personally, I feel much cleaner with no pubic hair! And I hate eating pubic hair when going down on a Woman OR a man 🤷🏻‍♀️
I have to admit... I like bush. With that being said, I do prefer the labia to be shaved, but I love a mound of pubic hair up top. I love the smell that the hair keeps in, love to run my fingers through it and pet it likes its my favorite cat!

I like men the same way. A patch of pubic hair, but the shaft and balls shaved completely clean.
I’ve been “mancscaping” ever since my pubic hair began growing. Mom was a hair dresser/beautician, so lots of scissors and razors were available to me and focus on hair. And I did this before it was “fashionable and accepted” (circa 1981).

I never liked my super long wirey red pubes, so I began shaving them completely off, including underarm hair. I quickly learned that I loved the well-kempt look, but mostly what I like is the very sensitive feeling of smoothly shaved skin. I prefer same with my face, a little stubble at most. So smooth face, smooth pubic area balls and ass, underarm hair removed, and I shave about 25 chest and and nipple hairs... chest hair never appeared, but had a few strays begin appearing in last 10 years.

Smooth shaved is the best for my body and personal desires.
Pubic hair, armpit hair, very erotic. Like to gently pull on pussy hair with a nipple in my mouth. Nuzzle my nose in it slightly damp from peeing. Why settle for less.


Pubic Hair
Haven't had pubic hair since 2002 when I started keeping my pubic area shaved as I think it is not only more sanitary, but looks sexier and better...:)
Oh, I forgot to add that the best reason for Manscaping is not only that it makes ones pubic area look cleaner and sexier, but I believe that it is also healthier as you don't have to deal with pubic hair. Anyway, I hope y'all have as much fun as I have since joning BP five plus years ago...Hug
Hairy Pussy
wow, i forgot how hot hairy pussy is.. i'd love to eat a woman and feel her pubic hair tickling my nose like the old days. I love shaved to, but there is something VERY hot about hair on that delicious mound....if you are unshaven in NJ and want a guy to go down on you for hours drop me a line.
I have red pubic hair. Seems like a couple would want me.
Sex With Male Cousins
The first dick I ever sucked was my older cousin.He was 17 and I was 7. I know it was wrong,but at the time I loved doing it;and the taste of his cock and that sweet precum that generously leaked out in a steady flow until he finally blew a huge load! The head of his cock was already filling my mouth and I was forced to swallow quickly...and I loved the taste of it! Thick and gooey and his cum was sweet...not salty at all! Not long after that,I was also sucking off my neighbor and "best friend" who was 14 at the time.They both had beautiful cocks.My cousin was uncut with a lng thick shaft and large hairy balls and lots of thick hair on his thighs and pubic area.My neighbor had a cut cock with very,very thin pubic hair just above his cock,but his balls and the rest of his body hairless.
Smooth Nudists
I never thought I would but one night I just went a head and shaved my balls and trimmed the rest of my pubic hair and WOW I got so horny. Been doing it ever since.:)


I have been looking around for some time and then finally I find a site that is what I was looking for even if I wasn't sure what it was I was looking for.  Thanks a bunch and one can only hope it works out and gives us what we are looking for.   P.S. The design and layout of your site is great!