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Rubbing Balls on My Face

Straight guy that loves to be forced into doing gay things like getting a load of jizz to my face. So if you shoot big loads there is almost nothing I will not do to get it out of your balls and onto my face.
5.5 inches, fairly thick, veiny, hairy. I just need to get my balls emptied. No face to face, no talking, just put my dick in the hole and unload.
I'm cool sexual activity and I'm 9 x6 inches thick big mushroom head big balls and i love my cock rubbing down every day and sucked on as well I'm a 3 time's a day squirter
Single men is not the full truth, I seek a beautiful shemale to have fun with. That we would meet at her place and we hit it off and have sex for hours, both cum together as we have our clocks pressed together rubbing up and down, we can feel our balls bouncing together.
just a normal guy/girl. i love a hard cock in my mouth or a soft wet pussy rubbing on my face
6'1" , 195, salt & pepper hair, MWM, mainly straight but I love to worship a hard cock and balls, & love to eat pussy, love it when guys are dominate and verbal, talk dirty to me about my wife while I drain your balls, Dick slap my face, etc...,
I like my balls cupped, and my shaft stroked, not into deep throat, like sexy sucking and rubbing my cock on your face
My first time was when I was 12. My older cousin (16) spent the night at our house. I was awaken by him rubbing his cock on my face and mouth. When he realized I was awake, he leaned close and whispered in my ear. You are now my bitch so open your pretty mouth and suck me. I was scared but he persisted until I opened my mouth. He switched from his cock to his balls until he shot his load all over my face. I loved it so much I begged my parents to let me spend every weekend with Gary.
my balls are shaved smooth and tight ready to explode. my cock is really stiff. i need someone to service it for a while . and make me shoot it out. while they are rubbing my balls.
Luv rubbing shaved balls against shaved balls gets me sooo HARD just thinking about it
Mmmmm yeah I love to be teabagged. Sucking on a nice cock and balls all on my nose and face. Especially wet slippery balls yummy
I shave my face everyday. been doing it for 45 years, so why stop now. The same with my balls and pubic hair. Since Shower every morning and soap up the area. Take a razor and slide it over the general area. Takes less that 10 seconds. Why let it start to grow back and itch. So trim it up and razor everyday. If you shave your face every day. Then shave your balls


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My face was created for rubbing on pussy, sucking on clots and running or nose rubbing of the asshole, would love to connect to do this.😃😃😃
id love a fat man to sit on my face making me clean his asshole whille rubbing his ass on my face!!
1 Man On 1 Man
Rubbing our cocks together sounds so hot & having our sexiest lingerie on-making out,sucking each other until semen flows freely-you fucking me- then face fucking me and shooting your jizz all over my face & I get off smearing your seed all over my face, neck & on down to my cock & squirt a load into my hand and into my mouth it goes. I'm hard again...
Ball Licking
I love to suck on a mans balls till his seed is all over my face. For me, I hate my balls and my dick. I wish I had a pussy. I wish I had a Dominate who would have me castrated. My balls put in a jar so I could look at them and laugh. My leggings would sure look better without that bulge. Lindawantabe
Shaved Cock & Balls
Hmmmmm i feel so hot when my balls and cock are freshly shaved. I love the sensation of a smooth set of huge shaved balls when they're dragged across my face and deposited into my mouth... usually with the cock laying on my face!!! Oh yeah!
Men Licking Pussy While He Gets Fucked
have often been pinned down by a womans pussy, her rubbing her wet cunt all over my face ordering me to lick her horny pussy, she teases my balls with her fingers, periodically squeezing my cock till it is stiff. her man walks in completely naked walks up and steps on my hard cock, she pulls my legs up in the air and orders her man to fuck my ass.


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