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Free Stories Straight Nonconsent Women Forced by Lesbians

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Free Stories Straight Nonconsent Women Forced by Lesbians on Bisexual PlaygroundFree Stories Straight Nonconsent Women Forced by Lesbians on Bisexual Playground
I am a straight male that enjoys the company of beautiful bi-sexual women. Being open and honest is very important as well as being free of any STD (Sexually Transmitted Deseases) Couples are certainly welcomed as well as lesbians and straight women. I am available to travel in the USA and enjoy meeting people who have no sexual inhabitions.
im interested bisexual encounters and stories of forced bi
i am coming from a background in D/s as subbie to dominant femme. It was through my relationships with strong women that i firest experienced forced bi and found out that i really did not have to be "forced"....i am pretty much bottom but only into receiving anal at this point...Would be looking to meet D&D free tops and/or couples and take it from there...
I'm a handsome athletic straight black male looking for nsa fun only. Women only. If it's a couple, two bi women or lesbians who I can convert to bi would highly be appreciated. Thank you.
Im a straight guy.I LOVE lesbians and group sex or two women on one man
I'm a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. :) I'm outgoing, and enthusiastic about anything i put my mind into. I love lesbians although I consider myself only to be experimental/curious with women. Watching lesbians tends to get me hotter than heterosexuals does.
I agree that this is one of the most open and interesting topics I've seen. My 2 cents worth; I have had many conversations with men, straight/gay/bi/? and almost to a man the straight guys are the most understanding. Not that they are interested in trying it but they have an honest curiosity about the feel of anal penetration. I've found most gay men are overly insistent about their repulsion with straight sex.
Women however are altogether different. Straight women, in my experiences, are attracted if they assume 1. I'm Gay, 2. I'm Straight. I can only guess this has to do with the fact that culturally women call the sexual shots in straight relationships, The final word rests with them, I am not speaking of abusive relationships in which the woman is forced, and maybe they find a man who calls his own shots regardless of gender less than ideal as a potential mate. "At least when he's with the guys he isn't screwing them." I've been told. I also think that men are assumed to be more sex driven and therefore more at risk disease wise. I have seen this to be true for both sexes and in pretty much equal terms.
The stigma of Bi-sexuality for men seems to be more relationship driven to me. Bi-women as a turn on to straight men seems a bit sexist,"They look hot, like they enjoy it but what they really want is my cock!" Yep I've heard that too,
What gets me is when straight women ask if I think their guy is hot! Catch 22. They actually want to know if I'd do their man but don't want to be involved. It's a crazy mixed up world and Bi men are not at the head of the list.
Some lesbians arent into bi women. Once in a while you run into conflict between the bi and gay community. Some lesbians feel bi women are just gay and wont admit it or that bi people are just confused and game players. And its easier to click with someone else who is bi as well since you share the same interests in both sexes. And can add a man if ya want to.
ok lots of men love women so dearly that they call themselves a lesbian. i get it, i know what it means to enjoy women with all your heart. some of these men even try to date us. ok, number one, we get off by eating ladyparts, you dont have any, we cant get off with men. number two, lesbian women are not the same as bisexual, we have no desire for maleparts. its nothing personal, you might have a great sense of humor and keen wit, but a lesbian will still only be your friend. sometimes trans will feel female and call themselves women because of whats in their heart, and we totally understand this, but many lesbians like myself will welcome nothing more than friendship from those types of "lesbians" because we still get off (orgasm) by eating ladyparts. please dont take it as a rejection personally, its just a matter of taste. if anyone feels confused by any of this you can feel free to ask questions.
As one of the single guys that actually does read profiles, I would like to respond. I try to read anyone's profile that I come in contact with, be it through Mail, IMs, or, especially Chat. I read profiles so I don't waste MY time, as well as the other person's. Why should I send an email (G rated or like the one Matt mentions above) to anyone that isn't interested in me in the first place?
Why would anyone? Yet couples get bombarded with them. Lesbians get mail from men wanting to hook up. REALLY? You think you are THAT good you can fuck her straight? Why do they do it? Because they are ignorant, egotistical, assholes who only care about one thing. Themselves.

So couples, Lesbians, and Bi women only looking for other women end up blocking Single Men as a group, because some single men can't be bothered to read. And I can't blame them one bit. But that hurts ALL single men. There ARE guys out there that read profiles. We DO know how to talk to you without being rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, IF we are given the chance to do so. I like to talk to just about anyone that has something interesting to say. Unfortunately I find myself blocked from profiles simply because I am a single guy. So that rather limits my chat with them, because I don't want to inadvertently say something that pisses them off. I know they aren't looking for single guys, but I'd at least like to see what you ARE interested in, where you live, your age. When I'm blocked by category, I can't see any of that, so what do we talk about? I have had lesbian, gay, bi, and straight friends most of my adult life. I don't care if you aren't interested in me sexually. I can take "No, thanks" as an answer ans still want to talk to you. Maybe become friends? We can't be friends because some asshole can't read? Well, then I guess that is their loss. Unfortunately, it's also my loss. There is not much anyone can do about it, either, because the ones that send those type of emails won't be reading this anyway. All that couples, lesbians, and women looking for women can do is block single males. Like Frank Sinatra sang......"That's Life...."
We would love to meet a woman that we can connect with. We dont need sex every time, but we do need chemistry all of the time. We have met lesbians and straight women pretending to be bi, but truly bi is rare. Straight clubs we found one night stands, swinger clubs were a turn off. Thought we would give this a shot. If you are nice, and easy to get along with send us a note.
i have seen straight ladies that wanted to try something different once and had one experience or one fantasy about a woman , so men might expect something similar from lesbians but the majority of affirmed lesbians had the chance to try it in high school just like everyone else. a lot of men dont assume that we did give it a shot and we didnt like it. they assume we never tried and they get a kick out of thinking they will be first. but at my age, i'm affirmed in my sexuality


We LOVE to read about first time same sex stories with LOTS of details so we can imagine being there or having it happen to us. We both like male male stories and girl girl stories so feel free to send us your TRUE story...
Erotic Fiction
I love erotic stories as well.... and I love this website for stories... it's all free.... Enjoy! Kiss
Erotic Fiction
does anyone know a good free erotic stories website
2 Women One Man
Would love to join in with two bi women or watch and video lesbians playing together.
Bi Women Looking For Men
I am a kool black guy interested in bi-women and bi-women couple, lesbians and lesbian couples. Let me know more about you if interested
Forced Sex
Forced sex is such a turn on ! I wouldnt take any pussy unless the women wanted me to. And I had forced sex with a truck driver and his friend . He made me suck cock and ass I loved it! Id love a woman to do me with a strap on thats one of my fantasiƫs!


Thanks for the nice welcome! We are Synthea and Chuck and we look forward to meeting like minded others through this great website. It's great to find a site such as this for bisexuals, as so many other sites either cater to straights only or gays/lesbians only. Thanks again!