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Rubbing Buddies Frenulum

Looking for jerk off buddies 21-40 to stroke with. I only enjoy jerking off with guys and rubbing each others dicks.
I am 37, male but I wear womens clothes on occasion. I like camping, swimming, astronamy, chess, and watching football. Right now I am looking for chat buddies, penpals and we can go from there. I am also looking for shopping buddies, clubbing buddies, and people I can hang out with enfemme. I have just moved to Houston
Tragic injury to nerves running through the Frenulum of my Foreskin almost 40 years ago am incapable of climaxing through intercourse.
Hi, I'm 5'11" 200pounds blond hair blue eyes with a six and a half inch cut and shaved cock. I have only did a few men. Rubbing cocks giving head and getting. I realy got off on the cock rubbing. I get really turned on thinking about haveing sex with a couple. Him and her. I like watching also.
Just looking for good buddies in the Wilmington area (Friends are great, but buddies sleep together...). If it's discreet, reasonably sane and safe, and D&D free; I'm probably interested in trying it (or maybe already
Fun lustful loves outside sex looking jack off buddies and frott buddies
hey i'm lookin for fuck buddies,huntin,fishin,campin,m uddin,buddies..just fun no pressure folks:)
We are new to this. Looking for a couple in the EC area. Looking for laid back, non aggressive/non pushy m/f couples. Been burned before. Been abused before. We need to take it slow. If you can be gentle and respectful. we want to meet you. Summers coming and we'd like a few camping buddies.
Old saying: Friends may be friends. Pals maybe be pals.
But buddies sleep together.
I woke up to a warm mouth on my cock, thinking it was my buddies wife I reached down to feel her tits, guess what no tits! It was my buddies mouth on my cock 1st time I finished in someoneones mouth! I was 15 WOw
Dave and his buddies were hanging out and planning an upcoming fishing trip. Unfortunately, he had to tell them that he couldn't go this time because his wife wouldn't let him. After a lot of teasing and name calling, Dave headed home frustrated.
The following week when Dave's buddies arrived at the lake they were shocked to see Dave. He was already sitting on the dock, fishing rod in hand, and drinking a beer. His buddies asked, "How did you talk your missus into letting you go Dave?"

Dave replied. "Last night I came home and slumped down in my chair with a beer to drown my sorrows thinking how much I wanted to go fishing. Then the ol'lady snuck up behind me and covered my eyes and said, 'Surprise'..
When I peeled her hands back she was standing there in a beautiful see through negligee and she said, 'Carry me into the bedroom and tie me to the bed and you can do whatever you want'...
the cockhead, the frenulum, the meatus(pisshole) make for a delicious meal of "COCK" I can`t resist.Getting a str8/married guy to let you play with his cock is an extra treat. His wife won`t blow him so he "cums" to you all fresh and "virgin" wanting his weenie sucked,,,he`s horny as hell, embarrased by it all "but"wants the sperm sucked out of his cock like a pussy "can`t" do. So fun to unzip his pants slip your hand in, gently grip the warm soft, velvety smooth, prick,pull it out examine it with eyes then, tongue the cockhole,knowing the dude is feeling a growing pleasure as you slid your tongue along his frenulum. Slowly slip, his stiffening rod all the way into your opening throat, massaging the stiff prickshaft until you feel the cock throb, getting ready to explode hot sperm! I like to pull the cock out a bit back into my mouth so I can take his cumshots in to my mouth so i can hold onto it for awhile, savoring it`s sexy, tangy cock flavor I love so much, finally gulping down the warm jizz.. When he maons and shoots his sperm into my happy mouth, I apply a suction to the cockhead drawing the cum out of his dickhole with my tongue in the prickslit feeling the strong spurts of hot cum filling my mouth...:-P
I've had three different bi married buddies like myself, loved bi sex but loved their wives and didn't want to change their marriage status. Unfortunately two moved away for occupational moves and one passed away suddenly with a heat attack, too young too, only 47. Bi married buddies are the best. I've had quite a few blo and go meetings but they aren't the same as a bud you've bonded with.I've been very fortunate with sexual partners, both male and female. My wife knowa I've had bi experiences but she's never participated or mentions it. I wiykd still like to have a married fwb in the Jacksonville, Fl area for ocassional encounters.


Cum Swallowing
I love to swallow cum Straight from the tap and I also love to eat fresh cum from a woman After she is completely filled up from a different guy. I used to do that to my ex wife she would screw my buddies and then feed me it drove me nuts my buddies never knew that I was eating their seed out of her
Adult Breastfeeding
After I had my son my boyfriend n his 2 friends were over watching a football game n I was sitting on the couch by my bf n his 2 friends were staring at my huge milk filled jugs n my bf noticed n he smiled n he started rubbing my nipples n I eventually ripped my shirt off n his 2 buddies had sum of the biggest cocks I've ever seen swinging n my face. N I sucked n fucked them all while cummin back to back to back to back while they sucked my lactating jugs n filled my swollen pussy with all their cum it was amazing
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My face was created for rubbing on pussy, sucking on clots and running or nose rubbing of the asshole, would love to connect to do this.😃😃😃
Frotting is great - rubbing cocks together until they both cum on each other and then rubbing them some more ....
Caught By Family Member
not been caught myself but have seen my oldest sister rubbing her clit. an amazing sight! laying back on her bed, skirt pulled up, knickers pulled down a little rubbing herself. she didn`t know i saw her. mmmmmm i`ll never forget what i saw
frottage is hot, its just 2 guys rubbing there dicks on each others dicks. whether its standing and kissing and bobbing your dick off his dick or putting your and and holding each otehrs dicks together and rubbing them together.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!