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Senior Citizens in Nudist Colonies Nude

Senior Citizens in Nudist Colonies Nude on Bisexual PlaygroundSenior Citizens in Nudist Colonies Nude on Bisexual Playground
senior bimm nudist who enjoys being nude with other seniors. I enjoy exhibitionism,voyeurism and safe sex
senior nudist who enjoys being nude with others in the lifestyle. I also enjoy wearing panties.I have been with just one man years ago and now VERY curious again.
Average senior citizens
Senior citizens that want some spice in the bedroom
Middle aged senior citizens still lookin for excitement
A feminine guy, I love to be touched,in the dark by a dominant man, molested by senior citizens.
I personally see nothing wrong with public nudity. I for one hate wearing clothes and there are no nudist colonies in my city. Not to mention my room mate doesn't want to see me in the natural. We do have a nude beach; however, one has to go down a steep dirt path to enter and I have disabilities which prevent me from doing such.
Couple looking for other bi nudist. Enjoy the nudist life style and would love to have other nudist join us. I am bi active and wife is only bi curious. Would love to make friends as nudist and then look to adding more pleasures. Sorry not into one night stands.

Nude is always better
Anybody know of any clothing optional reserves(nudist or naturist colonies) near the cal central coast?
max and I use to be glen Eden nudest resort in southern California, we did not bring our girls as we wanted them to make up their own minds on being nude. personally I loved the freedom of walking naked around the compound. we had lots of friends who we enjoyed just hanging out with. in our trailers everyone was allowed to go as far as they liked but in the general compound you were not to show any kind of foreplay or sexual advances. if youre caught your membership would be canceled and you were required to leave.
so for nudist colonies --if all parties are accepting then why not
Teri and Max
I am for it and now going to a nudist park which also has full time residents. If it is warm enough most everyone will walk the park area and stop to chat with others who are also nude. I loved being nude for many years and my first wife and use to sun near KC International while the planes we landing/taking off as the fields near there allowed enough privacy. WE had friends we also got nude with but never traded partners, we all enjoyed being nude.
I'm a nudist, but I don't have any opportunities to go to nudist camps or anything like that, and I have a roommate that would flip out if I walked around nude. So I can only go nakers when he's on vacation :-(


I`m a male nudist and go to local nude beach as often as possible. Looking for other males and females who enjoy being nude and would like to socalize in the nude. I `m in London Ontario and I can host a nude social if we have enough mixed group.
Being Naked
Whenever I'm with a partner, I always have a desire to be completely in the nude (not even socks.) Back when I lived alone, I used to sleep in the nude aswell. I like being naked, it makes me feel free....but I still don't have the courage to go to a nudist beach or camp or anything. lol One day, though, one day.
Being Naked
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser (also a Nudist) seeking MMF nudist & Single Female Nudist! Flower
Camping Nude
i am deffinately a nudist. i love doing anything nude,but camping nude is the greatest. i Love swimming,laying on the beach,walking thru the woods,camping,or just kicking around the campfire with friends,all naked,and no clothes allowed all weekend
Camping Nude
I aqm a nudist thats love to camp nude and other like minded people.
Bisexual Nudist
I am a nudist lover and looking for nude friends/couples/ singles to meet


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!