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Sheep Sucking Mans Dick

i am regular guy. but here lately i have been fantasizing about touching another mans penus . i would rather it be with a woman to start with. i wouldnt even mind if we became friends. i get off on seeing a threesome especially when the man and woman are sucking the other mans dick. i dont want to have anal sex but i am curios about holding it in my hand or maybe even sucking it. i have even got hard talking about it
I'm a man who enjoys making a mans dick feel good. I like sucking dick and also feeling it slide in my butt.
6-1 good looking guy. loves to fuck women but really love to suck cock. I would love to have a woman watch me suck her mans cock. I want to fuck her whie i get face fucked. I want to the cum from her mans dick. Ori would LOVE two big black cocks to tag team my mouth. Or two women sucking my cock. Essentially...I have a cock sucking fetish
im a straight guy that loves sucking another mans dick
Curious about sucking a mans dick for quite sometime. Experimented as a kid
fun outgoing appear straight / but i like sucking another mans. dick & I also like being fucked by MEN
I once had a sheep in my back yard,
who was soo soft and never got hard
but my sheep was sad, lonely and blue,
so I told the sheep just what to do
so the sheep joined the BP site,
and geuss what happend that very night
my sheep got horny and met a guy,
and my sheep ran away and made me cry
I got a post card from my sheep,
and as I read it, I started to weep
It said "I have found a new love now,
he rubs my wool and moo's like a Cow"
I think of my sheep form time to time,
But what Billy did, is considerd a crime

LaughingHugKiss Billy and Christy
Love ya's
Humpty Dumpty sat on a rock,Little bo peep was sucking his cock,as soon as he came she started to weep,She knew by the taste he had been fucking her sheep.............Sheep
A Huge Huge Huge HappyBirthday to you Billy the mooster and many many more to follow!

Sheep Sheep Sheep Sheep Bat..where did that come from? LOL

Hugs Kisses n lots of Love!

My wife and I were married 33 years before she passed away. We had a very good sex life. We both loved oral sex. We would have a session of oral sex on each other 3 or 4 times a week. After she passed , I began to have feelings about sucking a dick. She used to suck mine so good that I wanted to do it to another man. I would have never sucked a dick before or after we married. Now since she is no longer with me , I have sucked several dicks and swallowed the cum. I absolutely love sucking a mans dick. I also love to eat pussy. I have become a bisexual now because I enjoy sucking a dick and eating a pussy. I have met a woman who lets me eat her every week or two. She knows I suck dick also. She wants me to suck a dick while she watches me suck the guy off. We are going to do that soon.
Without a doubt sucking a mans dick, the feel of a mans hard warm cock in your mouth is increadable, listening to the moans and groans of pleasure you here gets me riock hard and then the feel of that hot thik cum filling my mouth is what sends me over the edge.
I'm sooo turned on by m2m sex its crazy I can cum just by sucking another mans dick


3 Cocks 1 Mouth
I'd dream of a man sucking me and I want to suck another man's dick while I'm getting sucked and I'd like to jack another mans dick while we all are at it never sucked a dick or butt fucking anyone I'd live to try sucking a small dick 4inch or 5 inches dick
Cum Swallowing
The first time I tasted another mans cum was a few years ago.I had a friend over my house drinking a few beers when he got out of his chair and sat right next to me.He started rubbing my leg and so I started rubbing his.My heart was pounding and my dick was rock hard.I unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear.His cock was dripping with precum and I licked every last drop it tasted so good.Then I started sucking his dick it was really hard and I could'nt wait to taste his cum.I was sucking his dick when he said he was gonna cum.This was the first tme I ever sucked dick or tasted cum so I was really turned on.Then he a came a huge load in my mouth it tasted so good that I sucked him off three more times that night.If anyone living close to sterling hts MI. and wants a blowjob cant wait to swallow another mans load
I would love to be sucking a mans dick while the ladys take turn fucking me in the ass with a strapon.
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
I have an experienced sucking another penis while he is fucking his woman. You get the best of both worlds and the taste is incredible. Also me sucking another mans cock and his woman is also advantegous. The mans penis gets even harder and is more sexual explosion than average. :) Being bisexual has its many pleasures Im sure others can atest to that.
Women Helping Men Suck Dick
me and my man ahve been fantisizing about this for a while we want a man to join us i want to feel both my tits sucked and i want to sit across from the 2 of you and watch u stroke each others dicks then come and suck them both then i want to feed my mans dick to you and watch u suck it till he cums in your mouth and i want to feed him your hard dick to i also want to be double penttrated and and i want my man to be sucking my pussy while u suck his hard dick we talk about this so much and we are so ready to do it......anyone in cali?
Bonus Bunny
thinks the bunny was talking to the sheep and got skeered and ran off...oh thanks Billy dang :)Flower


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!