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Offline Female/Male Couple
place West Bloomfield, MI
Age, Preference:
50, Bisexual
50, Bi-Curious
Gender, Race:
Female Scottish
Male Dutch
Practice Safe Sex:
Yes, always
Yes, always
I have a good amount of experience
I am a newbie (no experiences)
5' 5, 145 lbs. (Average)
5' 8, 180 lbs. (Average)
Short Dark Brown
Bald Blonde
Eye Color:
I have glasses, but I don't wear them often
I wear contacts instead of glasses
Interested In Ages:
25 - 50
25 - 50
Looking For:
Single Men
Single Women
Single Men
Single Women
Will go as far as:
Meeting in person
Meeting in person
Interested In:
M-F-F Threesome
M-M-F Threesome
M-F-M Threesome
F-M-F Threesome
M-F-F Threesome
M-M-F Threesome
M-F-M Threesome
F-M-F Threesome
We are a very fun and outgoing couple. We are quite active and enjoy all types of water sports. We have a very healthy life, and to experience new things. We are not into cyber , for it is much better to have the real thing, so please don't even ask. E-mails describing what you want to do to us are not welcomed, we have had our share of the typical " I want to stick my you no what you know where" that kind of crap really gets old, and will get you no where. We are looking to make friends first, and if you sound and talk intelligent, then we would be interested in getting to know you. We do not have intercourse with the opposite sex, that is reserved for just us. We also don't play alone. We would also ask that you read our profile very carefully, e-mails asking what we are into tells us you did not read enough, because it's all there. Check the interest. Blu is very much a dominatrix, and s to Dom two s at once. Dakota is very easy going and is usually up for anything. We to go out and party, and get crazy. We will say this, after meeting us, you will never forget us, and you'll wanna come back!
Getting Together:
BluDragon has never gotten together with someone through a site like this before.
BluDragon can not entertain at their home.
BluDragon would like to meet at a Restaurant.
BluDragon can travel up to 200 miles.
Ideal Situation:
To get to know someone through the site at first,(we do like to take our time with this, so if you have no time, we are not for you) then maybe some phone conversations, and if there is a spark, to meet at a bar or restaurant and have good conversation and laughs. If we enjoy each others company and all goes well, we would then like to have a second date with possibly more thrills involved

BluDragon's Rating

9.9/10 by 36 people
Blu & Dakota are 2 extremely hot people, with matching personalities, lookin forward to meeting them...SOON
Blu and Dakota are some true blu whole ed people. They are about as real as real can get. Fun to talk to, great to have an intelligent conversation with and can't wait to meet them both someday!!! We will surely hafta tip back a few long necks together!!! yall!!!
I don't know you that well,but you have always been the sweetest person to me...Thank-you ,
Blu is a sweetie. Dakota is such a lucky man!! and Blu is a Lucky woman. Yall seem to just fit soo well together!! Dakota yer a sweetie too hun.. now if we could just get ya online more hehe!! lots of and and a few :P:P:P:P:P to you both!!!!
Wow, what a sexy and attractive couple! Blu, you have the most amazing tatoos. Thanks for sharing them with us. And Dakota, nice ass, man. Would love to get my hands on that! I've had the pleasure of chatting with Blu in the Lobby and with both these wonderful folks privately. They are intelligent, creative, and witty. Some of the stars of the BP universe! and
Blu is the bestest best in the whole wide world of bests! Stay sweet, Blu!

Blu & Dakota R genuine people! Very intelligent & a pleasure to know! Especially like Blu's efforts in creating a "practice" chat room for new members to practice icons.. This tell me tat Blu & Dakota have a sincere desire to make people feel comfortable with the site! NIce people! to both!
....blu is so sweet......I talking to blu.....nut job is here with his sock for his .........s and blu....... talking to you in chat.
A dragon with a great smile
Makes us all rejoice
Let us now worship the Blu

Wow, this couple is so lucky to have found such a great group of friends, a feeling of being surrounded by family
We you all and thanks for these wonderful and felt reviews s and s to you all
Blu is a doll! Great to talk to, a sweet person, and totally sexy to boot!!! Dakota...maybe we will get to talk to him one day...but I am sure hes just as awesome as Blu!!! s and to ya both!!!...psst...copy once...paste infiniti times!!!
Nathan and Nicole
Dakota and Blu are wonderful people. I can't wait to do lunch sometime They are both so much fun in chat and have wonderful s. s & s to you both!!
Both of you are really cool. Would love to play with both of you and help out with what ever you need.
Blu is an awesome woman. She is strong and speaks her mind. She has been a great help in the chat room. She always has people laughing and is always willing to help another. I hope to meet this wonderful couple in person some day
Blu....Who s you baby?!!!! Blu has a great zest for fun and i cant get enuff!!! She rocks in every sense of the word...awesome to chat with...a hottie...and most of a good friend. s and es to you! always!!!!!
Blu is a blast to talk with in chat... hope someday to meet her in person... great person with a heart of gold... s to you Blu...

Very hot looking couple

I met Blu in chat the other day. What a lovely lady! This profile is absolutely fabulous! Hope to chat with them both soon.
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