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Shooting Meth and Crossdressing

Shooting Meth and Crossdressing on Bisexual PlaygroundShooting Meth and Crossdressing on Bisexual Playground
I'm a closet crossdresser who loves to do big bumps of meth while crossdressing and being your submissive naughty lilsissygurl
Meth horny girl who wish she was molested by her pervert uncles when she was younger and make her try meth for the first time
I'm 33, 5'6", and 120lbs. I'm straight until I get high on meth. After that I fantasize that I'm a lil boi again. Meth is a must. The older the better.
Mistress has made me her sissy slave and orders me to stay in front of the camera as I smoke lot of meth so I look like tiny drugged meth-cock sissy. Do you like my tiny, drugged meth-cock?
Any chance I can move to be a little slow at the end of the day I want to be a little meth slut seek dick really good raw materials for a few hours and I will see you drain and nasty to be a real life meth sexual activity in ur assistance Cummin
Athletic ,reserved,experienced,hardwork er,meth oh yeah,sense of humor,tons of masturbating to porn while on meth and need that big hard juicy cock to run my slutty lips up and down your shaft until uou cum in my hot slutty mouth i love abig load yummy
Don't u hate it when people don't respond because of the drugs,, even know they have their own story to tell about sex on meth or crack ,, I personally fuck for hours on crack my dick get so hard when I take a hit and meth forget about it I will suck pussy for days literally
i get so hot wearing my panties and crossdressing.any other guys out there like the about you girls any you like panites and crossdressing males
Meth makes me want to suck cock and get fucked.
I had never even thought about taking a cock untill smoked meth, now I have been fucked 7 times by 6 different men,been fucked and shared by 2 of em at the same makes me a total slut and I love it.
Both my wife and I haven’t touched the stuff in over 15 years. Thankful we didn’t do it long enough to cause permanent damage is, many friends back then were not so fortunate. Yes it does make you horny and woke, but looking back the sex was never satisfying, no matter how much sex, how wild or how hard you are never satisfied having sex the way you are not on meth. It is the most euphoric drug and at the same time the most addictive. It alters who you are in a way that damages lives of the users and those around them. We are so glad we can enjoy great sex and life now without meth.
I'm a crossdressing sissy want to gag on cock so I can't talk also want my skirt lifted panties slid over and fucked so hard I can't walk. Use me like Lil crossdressing sissy that I'm. I'm free pretty much always. I can be discreet but I dnt care dildos just not like the real thing I want cock. I'll host more the merrier
The porn that I like to watch is guy's shooting their cum all over the place just thinking about hard cock's shooting cum always gets me horny


Drug Sex
Hi I love drugs and sex. Especially stimulant drugs like meth. All I ever want to do is smoke meth with people and get naked and ask for meth slammed in my dick, meth shoved down my penis hole, rubbed all over my dick and meth clouds embarrassing my cock and balls. *Sigh* I wish, so much awesome. Especially if they just tie me up and make me so high on meth and inject it into all my male parts. I'd be happy to let them make my cock a toy and cum factory. 🥰 Love
Drug Sex
Hello all you hard docks. I like to get.high on meth and fucked in the ass. I also like it when there's a meth shard in my whole and let it melt a little before you fuck me. Will be anal ladyboy for meth. Inbox me asap
I love smoking meth, start crossdressing and sucking cock and getting fucked , preferably with more than one person and I love women too, let's all get naked
Drug Sex
I have been known to go for hours, even days with meth. Makes my husband an even worse cock fein than he already is! ! Good times. (No, We don't do meth all the time. But on occasion. ..we party! Anyone in Gulfport? Mississippi? Hit me up:-P
Cum Swallowing
My x-wife got me into sucking cock and licking and sucking balls. I think there is absoluty nothing like a hot load of cum shooting in my mouth and on my face. Love to have a guy pull back a little so I can see the cum shooting a taking all I can with an open mouth and getting the left over all over my face. My x-wife loved to see the cum shooting, it really got her off.
Shooting Cum
i could watch hot cum shooting all day,big turn on,especially if it covers my body,havent found a cum shooting party yet ,are they out there


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!