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Submissive Cocksucker Men

Submissive Cocksucker Men on Bisexual PlaygroundSubmissive Cocksucker Men on Bisexual Playground
Closet submissive cocksucker who swallows all cum. I am married and wife works out of town . She does not know I am a cocksucker.
Lifelong crossdresser submissive for men and women. Possibly transgender mtf. Cocksucker and submissive bottom.
Tattooed, fit, blue eyes, shaved cock and ass, 5'7", 185, 7" cut, clean shaven face, sandy hair, I am a cocksucker. I want to be a sub cocksucker, I want to be praised for the good cocksucker I can be, but I want you to use language that is degrading, I want to be a good cocksucker, a wonderful faggot, the best cocksucking bitchboy you ever had your superior manhood inside of. Id like it if you would get your friends involved.. after we've been meeting for a while and I have be servicing you regularly, Id like to show up and have a friend of yours expecting to get serviced as well. I want to be your personal cocksucker that you can share with your buddies, more the merrier. I will be open and willing to letting you use my ass as well, if you finger my ass and I moan with pleasure, it means I want you to fuck me, if it hurts and I have reservations, I want you to fuck me. If I say NO I mean stop, but try again more gentle and slowly, because I still want you to fuck me. If you can get something out of me servicing someone for you, please dont hesitate to use me as currency. If you need your car fixed.. let me blow him, if you can get a discount from a shop owner, let me blow him. My point is this, I am submissive and would like to be used. I want that to be my purpose. Message me with questions... I love dick pics too.
Submissive cocksucker
submissive cocksucker
Submissive cocksucker
Submissive cocksucker looking for cock! I can host or I can travel.
Submissive cocksucker hungry for cock. I can host, stop by for a blow and go.
Need a submissive Crossdresser or fem cocksucker to come take care of my nice clean hard white dick. Get in touch
Submissive cocksucker looking for men who want a blowjob. I can host, stop in for a blow and go. I live about 10 miles east of lancaster pa.
I am new at being submissive but major turn on when guy is older and puts me in my place. Talks down to me.. Calls me his personal cocksucker Tells me how lucky I am to get to suck your awesum cock .
I am looking for someone in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area that wants a fulltime cocksucker to take care of their cock. Prefer someone who can hostand willing to make other arrangements if you can not host. I am a totally smooth Transgender that loves to be submissive!


Fill My Throat With Cum
I am a very obedient submissive bisexual cuckold cocksucker. I love obeying the Wife and devouring his cock.
Black Tops Fucking White Bottoms
Smooth submissive white,panty,cocksucker in Illinois curious,and looking to try new things.Very clean,discreet.Contact me if interested Peace.
Forced To Suck Cock
welli am a submissive bottom cocksucker and one of my favorite things is to be a cockwhore for a few guys. If they're on the dom side that just makes it even better. force feed me cock, fuck my throat and ass and just keep it coming... CUMING all over my face
Cock Sucking
i am an awesome cocksucker in the philly area .. def good for a couple looking for a good cocksucker, love to suck a dude's cock while he eats out his gf ... also cool if you are looking for a good cocksucker without your gf ... if you are a woman and think it would be hot to force your dude to blown by another dude def hit me up ....
Black Dick
We love black cock as you can see from our photos. I, the male is especially fond of BIG BLACK COCK. I am a bottom and a submissive cocksucker, so if you have a hot big black cock drop us and line...
Personally, I like to drink beer and suck cock! Being the cocksucker for the guys while watching a game or a race is a treat for them and a thrill for me! Occasionally, I entertain at bisexual or all male parties. Beer in moderation keeps me going! A little more makes me daring! Add a shot or two and I turn into bendover BJ! Contact me if you are having a get together and want an in house cocksucker!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!