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As a naturally submisve type anyway, I love the idea of finding a man and/or woman who is really willing to take the control that I freely give up. Some of the role-playing options that go along with it would be a blast as well.
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser seeking MF Couple or Single Females who are looking for a Sub!
I have had the pleasure of playing the submissive when playing with couples. I had fun being the sex slave to them and giving both terrific head/rim and being topped by both his dick and her strap-on. |8B
any mistress wanna own a sub-man
my cuckold hubby fantasy I have always been somewhat of a voyeur. When I married Pauline I knew that she was much younger and hoped I would be able to keep her happy in all ways. I know now that I seem obsessed with seeing her with another man and watching her worship his cock while I watch or listen from an other room as they make love. I asked Pauline to look for another man on the internet that she might like to have a little affair with, she could get to know him and then we could meet him in person on a date and maybe invite him home if there was any chemistry. One day Pauline told me that she had found someone that she would like to meet and set up a date. He came to our home that evening to pick her up. My Pauline was a very voluptuous full figured black beauty with huge titties and super brown nipples that were so very sensitive to the touch. When Bobby, her date, arrived I could see that the chemistry was there for them immedicately as she held her hand out to him as a greeting and he slowly raised it to his lips and kissed it. They kept holding hands while making small talk and I noticed her rubbing on Bobby's stomach while they sat on the couch deciding where they were going to go that evening on their first date. I noticed when Bobby stood up he had a huge bulge in his pants. Pauline excused herself to go powder her nose and Bobby took that opportunity to unzip his fly and pull out a reall huge uncircumsized thick cock. It was so very thick and juicy looking. I went over to him and got on my knees. He slowly rubbed his cock all over my face and wet my cheeks with the pre-cum that was already at the tip, then put it back into his trousers before Pauline came back into the room. They left together for dinner and said they would be back around 11 pm. Pauline had promised me that I would be able to watch her with Bobby and I could trust her with him on this dinner date to be a good girl, but when the phone rang at 10:30 pm she said that they had just left the restaurant and the dinner was great. Bobby had stopped the car in a remote area and they were now petting a bit and that Bobby had pulled out his huge cock to let her look at it. He was now stroking it for her as she spoke and he wanted her to start sucking on it while on the phone and I could listen to her lips go up and down on that huge cockhead. I could hear her moaning a bit as she sucked him, I could only think now that he was rubbing her titties or her huge clit or asshole, maybe had his finger in her panties as he made his tool bigger by the moment. Finally I heard him gasp and I knew he had just cum all over her got quiet except for the sound of her licking all the leftover cum from his cock. When they arrived home, I was nervous with anticipation. Bobby brought my sweet Pauline over to the living room couch where I was watching TV and stood right in front of me. He had Pauline strip into her underwear and get down on her knees. She rubbed her face in his crotch area for a few minutes while he still had his clothes on. He was teasing as his tool hardened unbuckling his trousers and stepping out of them. He turned around and slowly dropped his undershorts his ass now facing sweet Pauline's face. She knew what to do and started slowly licking up and down on his asscrack and as he bent over started licking his pink asshole so very slow;ly and passionately, it made me quiver to see her do this to him in my own home.Bobby was a short and slim white accountant type with a huge cock, and Pauline's mouth in his asshole and tongue rimming it was a sight to behold, Her huge titties hanging as she seemed to get lost in between his super white cheeks. He turned back around and then fed his huge cock into Pauline's awaiting mouth and lips, She did his balls the shaft and cockhead like a puppy dog in heat and when he came, he made her swallow every drop and lick him dry and when complete just lay his huge cock on her face and look over at me to make sure I had witnessed his lust to the fullest. He said to me " Pauline and I are going to have a really nice relationship with each other boy, I'm going to make her worship my cock every day while you watch or are at work. I will be her king and you will learn to worship me as well, starting with my toes." Bobby sat now on the chair and had me come over and get on my knees before him and start licking on his toes while Pauline watched and was now in the nude standing beside him as he sat. He was playing with her titties and asshole as I rolled my tongue in between his toes and sucked on each one as he commanded, the big toes especially which were as close to cock sucking as I would get that night. He kissed Pauline passionately and asked her to go into the bedroom and get ready for him again. Bobby took me into the bathroom and had me strip naked and bend over the toilet. The bedroom was adjacent to the bathroom so Pauline could hear everything that was about to happen. Bobby had a very wide leather belt in his hand and said that he was going to show Pauline who was the man of this house. He beat me with the belt on my buttocks until my cheeks were crimson red and I was sobbing for mercy. He called to Pauline to have her see me this way then had me get to my knees. He wiped the precum from his cockhead all over my face and had her lick it off my cheeks. Her tongue felt so good. He bent her over and just rubbed the leather belt over Pauline's huge brown ass and said "I think we now understand each other...I am going to have some fun with pauline in the bedroom tonite while you listen from this bathroom...hear me boy? Yes sir, Bobby, whatever you say sir. I learned from that day on that I had found the man of my dreams.
submissive Male here. looking to be a bottom for a Top Bicouple or Female.please read my profile for more details.
In So.Ca. and ready ARE YOU??:-P
Being a Bisexual bottom who enjoys sucking on a hard throbbing cock and loves to be fucked in the ass. I fully agree with LostFromBoston that it is very sexy and exciting to have a man take charge sexually while having sex... Wink
amber is my submissive sex slave who enjoys sucking cock and eating pussy along with rimming ass. "she" would enjoy a session with her Daddy and another couple or man or woman if someone is available that would like to join us for a steamy sex session. amber enjoys the feel of a hand or belt on her ass as she is directed to service whomever her Daddy directs her to perform her oral pleasures to while he warms her ass for her. she has developed some very nice titties with nipples that feel the pain and pleasure of the clothes pin as part of her training. Dressed in her sexy lingerie she makes a very good sex toy for all to play. her manpussy needs to be filled by a strapon dildo or a real cock. Let us know if you are interested in playing together some time.
Sub dude here too. Add me to the list.
submissive here near columbus ohio:-P
Hardcore Domme online.....LaTina
New sub here who enjoys also dressing in her panties and nylons and bra and wants lipstick put on, willing to be trained more into the lifestyle. Seeking couple or Female or male to serve and please. I enjoy creampies, facials I swallow at times. Need a strap-on used on me (first time) virgin ass, mainly only sucked before but need to reach another level of enjoyment. So please get back if interested. Very oral to both M/F
Nothing like a willing, yet sensitive guy that bothers to learn all those special places that work best........ and lets you explore as well...
hi. if ur in/coming to my area (miami) and ur interested in this you can feel free to contact me/more.. addt'l details/info to inquiries... no single males please(TG/TS okay must have at least 1 recent pic in profile)... preferrably females or couples (preferrably with at least 1 recent pic in profile please)... thanks all.. ;)
submissive bi male , ready to be feminized into a sissy slut for dominate couple and or dominate female , longing to be in chastity , to learn how to apply and use make ups , to dress and live as your sissy , to suck cocks and take cocks in my pussy , to eat cum off your body , to eat cum from your pussy and ass , to desire your strap on and a cock taking turns in me , letting your friends come over and letting your sissy try her skills and learn how to be a true sissy cock lover
Submissive Men on Bisexual PlaygroundSubmissive Men on Bisexual PlaygroundSubmissive Men on Bisexual PlaygroundSubmissive Men on Bisexual Playground

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