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Submissive Gay Houseboy

Submissive Gay Houseboy on Bisexual PlaygroundSubmissive Gay Houseboy on Bisexual Playground
I am a submissive. I lived the lifestyle for 14 yrs as a houseboy and sex slave to my Mistress. She had a couple of boyfriends that would stop by for sex and a few one night stands.
Hi, my name is Chris. I'm hoping to find a couple that would like to have a submissive houseboy to use for their pleasure, to take care of all their needs. I served as a houseboy for a dominant woman before, so I have some experience. I'm 38, 6ft 1in, 180, short dark hair, brown eyes, clean-cut, in good shape, professional, and discreet. She would have me over once or twice a week for an hour or so to serve. I was required to perform my duties in the nude. I would arrive and immediately strip in the foyer, and place my folded cloths in a nearby closet. She would tell me what she wanted me to do while she would continue on with what she was doing while I worked. Sometimes it was pleasing her or her and her boyfriend. Sometimes she would have me do light household work. Sometimes just 1getting her a drink while she would watch TV, or work on the computer, or relax in her hot tub. I was also required to give her foot and back massages as she needed. Sometimes she would have me do things for her amusement, like masturbating for her, or other things as well. I can tell you more about it if you'd like. I'm comfortable working around a woman, or a man and a woman. I just really want to be your submissive servant and take care of all your needs. I can trade pictures if you'd like, and would be open to any submissive duties or tasks... please, if you're interested, respond to this personal and lets talk. I promise you wont be disappointed. I do have better full body pictures I can send over if you like.
I'm a 29 year old submissive male with experience as a houseboy. I'm an exhibitionist so I love being humiliated and obejectified while I'm stark naked. I'd also love to be dominated and used sexually but that's not a deal breaker for me
I am a young honest obedient loyal and submissive houseboy i am very good in domestic duties like cooking,washing,cleaning and gardening i am very romantic i like kissing,cuddling,rimming,sucki ng,massage and many more,i am very loving and caring.
Hello. i am an older slim smooth-skinned submissive, obedient to Dominant Men and Women, Having been developed by both i find fulfillment in serving as a houseboy, slut and slave and i willingly accept cp and all entertainments that bring my User pleasure. i do not deserve or require my own sexual satisfaction. Serving is my reward
probably submissive but can switch. willing to push the limits of non-vanilla activity. i like to pamper, please & serve, especially when woman is in charge. powerful, take charge women are a turn-on. would be willing to please one in any way she desired. bdsm is an interest, though level of experience is medium. could be eventual 24/7 houseboy or sub/slave...can also be platonic..up to ya'll. will relocate for right situation. any race & ethnicity welcome.
Looking for the right M/F couple who wants a bisexual male houseboy.
Very Clean
Can cook
Can be a great help around the house.

oh... and i LOVE to please...

if you're looking for a houseboy like this then message and you can ask for more details...
Hi everyone. Im new to this site and just getting used to it. Seems pretty interesting so far. Have talked to quite a few interesting people.

Anyways. i know im a young male compared to many of you, but i know what i want and its to be a houseboy.

I want to be a houseboy for a couple M/F and im a bimale. I get such a thrill and rush from just pleasing older couples and playing out fantasies. If any of this interests you and you would like to hear more about me.. then please do send an email. :)

look forward to hearing from you..
I want to be a houseboy /sissy maid .I am submissive male in my 50 goos health non smoker Albany NY area . willl clean for a single woman or other dominate couple . PT basis .I love to clean and serve . No sex
To bad your 40 miles away from Me. I am a Dominant male into the D/s lifetstyle and spanking, bondage and a few more kinks.
I could use a good houseboy

I'm interested to be an occasional HouseBoy for a couple. I can clean, cook and just hang out as needed. Open to discussing the details of what you may be looking for.
I am a SWM, 50's, Bi submissive CD/TV with real breasts (38 B) with 1/2" nipples. Looking for CD/TV's who are TOPS, and would enjoy having a submissive toy to play with. Abuse my nipples and see me become even MORE SUBMISSIVE for you.


Bi-Curious Women
I am Chicago, and I am looking for a bisexual female, who wants to play at least 3-4 times a week. You have got to be freaky, and submissive. I am very submissive if you act right. I would love to meet you.
would like to find a bi fem to be submissive or dominant with me. but both females being submissive to my MASTER
Male To Male Kissing
I love to watch my man kiss other men it makes me so wet.. I think that my man loves it so much because he is submissive and kissing a man makes him feel very submissive. cozy
Submissive Women
Dom Looking For Sub
Submissive Sissy (have clothes) Love to take it orally and, especially, "anally" ! VERY submissive to boot!!
Bisexual Fantasy
Are You Bisexual And Want To Fulfill Your Fantasy?.. I'm a gay white submissive bottom in Virginia..Attention to Bi Males!..If you seek a submissive, gay, white, full-service bottom to service you or any number of your friends, consider this white slut..I will take brutal assfuckings from cocks of any size and many enjoy to use me to see me be used for the very kinky, taboo sex few sluts will consider..Just tell this fag what is wanted..Waynesboro, Va area..


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!