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Sucking Dick in Paducah Ky

College student home for break, looking to try sucking dick for the first time. Not into kissing, anal or anything just looking to try sucking dick for the first time. My dream scenario is to be with a couple, getting my dick sucked or fucking while sucking dick
I am always a very horny open minded man that will happily fuck anyone with my rock hard dick Regularly and I also live sucking dick and sucking on pussies and sucking on beautiful babes big tits.
I'm 34 I'm secertly bi I like sucking another man's dick until he cums inside my mouth I always swallow all of it before I climb on his lap and slowly force his dick into my ass and ride him slowly at first while I'm kissing him I lean up and bounce and grinding on his dick shoving every bit of him in my ass I want to have him cum in my ass over and over before I get off and go back to sucking his dick clean
I'm 20 years old finna be 21 next month I wanna try out sucking a nice size dick and taking dick in my ass for the first time without anyone knowing I want the dick to be a nice size not to small tho and u gotta be clean no STDs or anything I'm new to sucking dick and getting fucked in my ass I never been fucked in my ass or sucked a dick so I guess I'm a virgin
a sucking dick young man . i love sucking dick so hit me up with a message if you want your dick sucked and you live in virginia
I love sucking young dick. I like sucking for long periods of time. I've sucked for over 6 hours before. I started sucking dick when I was 13 and I love it more every day.
Anybody in Paducah? I’m in Paducah KY this week working and really wanting to have some fun!!
I prefer sucking one dick at a time. That way I give my total attention to the dick I am sucking and giving the guy that the dick is attached to a wonderful feeling.
I fantasize about sucking dick my whole life, but I have been married for 38 years
Sometimes, when I was fucking my wife, I was thinking about sucking dick
It wasn’t till I turned 60 that I finally got to suck my first dick
And I never look back
I love the feel of a cock in my mouth in the taste to come
My wife and I were married 33 years before she passed away. We had a very good sex life. We both loved oral sex. We would have a session of oral sex on each other 3 or 4 times a week. After she passed , I began to have feelings about sucking a dick. She used to suck mine so good that I wanted to do it to another man. I would have never sucked a dick before or after we married. Now since she is no longer with me , I have sucked several dicks and swallowed the cum. I absolutely love sucking a mans dick. I also love to eat pussy. I have become a bisexual now because I enjoy sucking a dick and eating a pussy. I have met a woman who lets me eat her every week or two. She knows I suck dick also. She wants me to suck a dick while she watches me suck the guy off. We are going to do that soon.
So I've had my dick sucked many times in public. But the one I feel is the best is when I came home from my second deployment. My wife and her friend Amanda picked me up at the airport. We got into the car and they wanted me to drive. We didn't even make it out of the parking garage before my wife had my dick in her mouth. Then Amanda leaned between the seats to also suck my dick from the back seat. We pull up to the attendant who was shall I say shocked to see two women taking turns sucking my dick while I was paying the fee. They sucked my dick on the highway until we got to a truck stop where I took them in the ladies room and fucked them both in the ass. Then they spent the rest of the weekend sucking my dick or riding me
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3 Cocks 1 Mouth
I'd dream of a man sucking me and I want to suck another man's dick while I'm getting sucked and I'd like to jack another mans dick while we all are at it never sucked a dick or butt fucking anyone I'd live to try sucking a small dick 4inch or 5 inches dick
Bisexual Married Men
I married but my wife and I don't fuck much anymore since she's not into it now. I started getting my dick sucked at Adult Theaters first then I started sucking dick too. Now I'm hooked on dick sucking, I love a big long dick with low hanging ball that shoots a load in my mouth. If you're in western NC get in touch and lets suck some dick.
69 With Another Man While Getting Fucked
I wanna suck a big dick so bad and while I'm sucking a big dick I want somebody else to fuck me in my ass while I'm sucking a big dick and put a other dick in my ass, I want 2 big Dick's in me and both of y'all can both cum in me one of y'all can cum in my mouth and the other can cum in my ass
Bisexual Singles
Im not sure if Im bi because Im not attracted to men other than sucking dick I love doing that. Im hopping that I can meet a femile who loves sucking a man's dick with another man and have some bomb 3 somes or more. As long as I have a sexy lady to have sex with there can never be too much dick for us to suck and play with.
M-M-F Threesome
My fantacy is to suck some dick or dicks at the same time with a femile. I love sucking a big dick but I never have without a guy wearimg a condom. I would love to meet a women who likes a guy that sucks dick as much if not more than she does so we can pick up on guys and suck there dick together while having a 3 some or more. I have a small dick, so I enjoy men with a big dick to have sex with my women so she can have a big dick inside her while I lick and suck all over her clit and when he pulls his big dick out of you. I would love to suck all your pussy juice off his dick and then put his dick inside you so you can get pleasured with his big dick inside you. After he is done we can find more men who are clean and willing to let me suck there dick with you and have sex with you. Any femile or couple who would like to meet a guy that loves sucking dick with women then here I am a guy that wants his girl to have sex with other men with big dicks so they can pleasure you in ways I cant. I want to please women it turns me on like crazy just thinking about it. Hope I meet someone on here? Someone has to like me? I hope?
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I'm in bad need of cocks to suck. Paducah , Ky.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!