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I have had two experiences at this that I can remember. As a newbie with anal I was 69ing and getting topped at the same time. As might be expected the topping was so intense my 69 partner did not get a very good BJ.

My other experience was me being on the bottom and being taller than my 69 partner I was able to watch the top fucking and able to lick and play with two sets of balls. The visual was just great.
I have had one three way experience. I had only been with 2 other guys. I was nervous but wanted to play with two other men. I found an older guy who had a friend staying with him in another town. I chatted with him on Silver Daddies for several weeks. One night my spouse was gone. I have been online for about and hour. We chatted and I decided to go to his home. I showered, shaved put on my favorite cologne and started to his home. I found his house, but was nervous to go in. I drove around the block for some time and the sat in him driveway for a few minutes. The adrenalin was surging when I finally went to the door. I knocked on the door and an older gentleman answered it. He said come in and relax on the couch. I did not see his friend. I sat and listen Frank telling me that we could do what ever I liked. He said we can talk and get comfortable. He went on to say that we did not need to do anything but talk if that is what I wanted. His friend came into the room about that time. He was a well built sexy guy with a great smile. We sat for a time and I did not know what to do. Frank went to the other room.
His friend told me to relax. I tried but he looks so hot. Alex asked me it there was something he could do for me. I finally said that I would like to see his cock. I was worried that he might be offended. He was not and pulled his pants down and said that he wanted to see mine. I pulled down my pants and there my cock was all 7.5 inches. His looked as if it was 8” and was thicker that mine. We started touching our cocks and by the time Frank came back, I was sucking the other man's cock.
When Frank sat down, he pulled his cock out. It was even bigger his friends. Wow I started sucking on his while his friend sucked on mine. It was great. They asked if I wanted to go to the bedroom and take off our close. Sure! I said. We went in, got naked and all laid on the bed. We suck each other for about twenty minutes. Got out of bed and was doing something else. Alex and I were sucking each other and he shot his cum into the back of my mouth. My mouth was full and I swallowed all of it.
Alex continued sucking me when Frank came back to the bed. He told me that he needed me to get on my needs. Now, my butt had never had a cock in it before. I was really scarred, but I did what he asked. His kept tell me to put my butt higher. He played with my ass for about 3 minutes. He worked 1 finger then 2 and I think up to for fingers in my but. He then took another minute or so to insert his big cock. It must have been well over 8” and really thick. He slowly worked in and out until he was in.
I was on fire and getting close to Cuming. I was sucking Alex most or the time. Frank cum in about 6 minutes, but did not pull out for some time. I really love being fuck by that big cock while sucking Alex's while Frank was pounding on me. I really had fun. I wanted to spend the night, but I need to get home to the wife. We had really good sex that night I was able to come in her as Frank had cum in me.. It was an experience that I will never forget. I want to do it again.
really watto be fucked while sucking on a nice cock any one in S W Pa?
I love having a hard throbbing cock sliding in and out of my ass as I'm engaged in 69 with another guy. The sensation of having your cock sucked on as you suck on another guys cock while at the same time you are being fucked in the ass is just amazing...:)
Doesn't get much better than this for a guy.Kiss
bottom or top i like it allot . one of my favs to suck and be fucked at same time.
orgasms are so intense with my ass being pleased.
I am in wichita ks, and would love to share a sexual experience with an open friendly couple, I am open to anything, as long as I get to dress up xxx
Just thinking & remembering it, gets me so hard right now. I have to find couple to do that again real soon.
i have had that experience great sucking cock while wife fucked me in ass he shot a big creamy load
Well I can only Imagine It have not had the luck here In California I would like a room full of naked guys taking there turn me sucking and many of them taking turns sliding there cock Inside of me I hope It happens soon
HELL A HARD to find Women in Las Vegas with a Strap-On let alone one who want to FUCK me with it
DAM I love to know if any are here??????
Dam it i need lady boy to fuck me and my friend with benefits but my is a man loves wearing panty hoes and loves getting his dick sucked and fucked in the ass:-PKiss
Honestly! This sounds hot! I have very little experience in being fucked period, and have only topped the same amount of times. Twice to be exact. As far as 69 with guys, that's been done many times. I however have fucked a guy while he was eating her snatch. Does that count? Not really I'd guess. So yes, I would be very interested if I could have the topper drain his load in my awaiting mouth! Nice topic!Hug
I SO want too experience this and Khela would like to witness it. Just wish we could find two guys or a guy and a tgurl top that were into it.
I've been lucky to have done 3-ways with two men and with two women, but I've not done a man and woman together yet. I'm relatively new to being bi, but I got started when two of my workout buddies seduced me in the gym. I have I like being fucked by men and women. The men used natural "tools" up my ass, and that feels so much better than getting pegged with a dildo, but it's a great feeling to eat pussy or suck cock at the same time you are feeling a hard hot cock sliding in and out of my ass. The prostate jizz was so intense, it was just awesome.
it was a dark night,and hot and humid , I was driving along a country road beside a cornfield .seemed to go on forever,when suddenly my car just stopped,of all the luck. so I pushed it to the side of the cornfield,and sat waiting and hopeing someone would stop and help,what a time not to have seemed like forever, but in the darkness I could see headlights approaching,as it neared I could make out three people in it, looked like two young black males and a black female,as they stopped I could hear them laughing .they asked if they could help. we stried everything,to no avail. the young lady asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint with them, she said it would make me feel better then they would drive me home, so we walked into the cornfield and sat down in a small clearing, ,when suddenly the three of them started stripping. by now I was getting horny, I was admiring both of the young guys smooth ebony cocks and asses,when the young lady walked tome and put her smooth pussy in my face and reached down and took my shirt off, man I was hot now, what happened next really surprised me, both the young men one in front of me and one behind me ,took my pants off and caresses me, wow it felt so good, then they told me to get on my knees, the one behind me squirted some kind of lube between my cheeks and the young lady took out a camera and took pics of him as he played with my ass and nuts, the other guy stood hard as a rock right in my face and pushed forward gently putting his moist cock to my lips, I couldn't believe I was doing this ,but I was high and it felt good, I put his cock in my mouth and sucked like a pro, while rubbing his soft smooth ebony ass and balls as soon as I started moving faster I felt a slight pain in my butt which quickly turned to pleasure, it felt wet as it moved in and out of methe girl took pics of both of them as they exploded in me, , she then layed down in front o me and I started to lick her moist pussy while getting fucked by the other guy, hmmm, this is kinda hot, I then fucked the young lady,on her knees and sucked the other guy off while fucking her and getting fucked , I then got to fuck me some man ass, it was incredible, we had cum all over our bodies, have no idea how long we layed there but when we finally got and dressed they drove me to town
I love to 69 with a sexy woman while she is getting fucked with a big cock
I've had the pleasure of being fucked just by one man only with a big cock, but to have a big in both holes and one sucking mine would be the ultimate. I would love it videoed also :)
Omg that has got to b wonderful I'm liking that idea :)
I would like to have a threeway experience with a male couple. :-D
I would love anyone that wants to try this or just wants to have sex period I'm up for anything if u want more pm me
:-P:-P:-PDamn, all talk about COCK,,Would love too have 2m at the same time ,,I think i would become ADDICTED
I would love to try this having one in both holes at the same time!
I'm a freak wanting to please
love this,did it with 2 girls,one fucking my ass,and than m/f couple eating her pussy,while guy fucking me,and than sucking his cock,while she put on a strap on,love to meet hot nyc couple for this again;Hug
really want a big cock in my mouth aaaaaand a avg, cock in my ass at the same time
love it like a guy sucking my cock and 69 while his girlfriend wears a strap on,and fucks my assHug
love doing a hot 69 with a guy,while other guy fucks my tight butt
love sucking a huge cock;HugHug
I have not yet done this but would love to. Todays my birthday andi cant think of any thing id rather do than suck a cock while getting my ass fucked then taking both loads in my mouth.
i like getting fucked by two guys and having three others giveme afacialand a mouth full. i have done that only once last night my first experience
Its been a long time since I had tow men at the same time. Both men fucking me hard. Both my holes filled with hard Cock. Both Cocks shooting fresh hot Cum. I used to do this all night, 4 or 5 times a week. I really miss this. Lindawantabe
i would love to have one transexual lady fuck me in my ass while i suck another transexual ladys cock and they both unload at the same time.thats my dream and fantasy.
I been with 2 men once in my life an it was awesome I was at the parks restroom area and parked this man came up to my car ask me what I was looking for I told him I wanted to get fucked while sucking a cock he said cool follow me so I went to his house he had a friend there so he took me the bedroom we got undressed he had me get on my belly he put lube on my ass I felt his cock going in me man it felt so good them the other man got on the bed an put his cock right by my nose I open my mouth an he put his cock in I suck his cock in the same rhythm I was getting fucked the one fucking me got off first an I felt his cum shooting in my ass it felt so good I started sucking harder them he cummed in my mouth I swallowed every bit of it I loved it but that was the first time an hoping it's the last time HugKiss
I have never done this, but it sounds SOoooo fun!
I would love to get fucked by 2or3 black guys at the same time
It would be awesome to do this, it is one of my dreams I would love to have cum true
Well been spit roasted a few times and that is wonderfully. Once I was playing with a few guys and I was riding cock and had 1 guy sucking my cock and another stood on the bed and feeding me his cock and was wonderful and would love to do that again and a couple of days ago I was 69 a guy laying on top of me and got to watch as my friend was fucking his tite asshole and that was very hot
I want to 69 while three guys takes turn fucking my ass and then I want suck them all off and swallow there loads
Would that plain and simple
Yes I would love to have a dick in my ass a dick in my mouth at the same time being the little sissy bottom bitch that I am!!!!!
Certainly on the bucket list!!!!!
Hit me up
Would love that!
Virgin ass here..... but, It is one of the many things that are on my bucket list to try. Women with strap-on on l@@k soooo sexxxy.
I am so ready. Cum take me
I need some big hard cock in my mouth.
Pull my panties down and fuck me.....
Almost virgin ass with a huge desire to to be taken by three guys.
Bbc fuckimg me and sucking a 10inch bbc beautiful
Ready this weekend for any two guys in Rockford, IL. Contact me at
I want to suck a cock while another cock is fucking Mr!!
I really wish I had a man who I could suck off and fuck me
Need lots of cocks to play with
Sounds like lots of fun.
I love sucking dick while getting f*****
Hell yeah I 69 and getting fucked with big fucking cocks. More the merrier
Yes I love doing that as long as they are big cocks and long hard strokes cuz I need it Deep
Mmm very sexy
Double anal while 69ing
love to suck tranny cock
Yes the best mmmm
This is a big fantasy of mine hope to have it one day
two at a time,........I can take that in both holes.
Sign me up
anyone in boise,or nampa or caldwell idaho area wanna hookup get nasty this week or next weekend maybe in a hotel room message me i wanna play
So so fn hot
That has to be heaven.
im ready guys and gals lets play I want cocks
Anyone in N. Calif. That needs to be fucked like this?
A bloody meet me in Delaware I want to suck a cock it comes them on
Me next.please
Cock in both my holes. Can’t get any better.
69 With Another Man While Getting Fucked on Bisexual Playground69 With Another Man While Getting Fucked on Bisexual Playground69 With Another Man While Getting Fucked on Bisexual Playground69 With Another Man While Getting Fucked on Bisexual Playground

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