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Sucking Nipples Vimeo

Sucking Nipples Vimeo on Bisexual PlaygroundSucking Nipples Vimeo on Bisexual Playground
skinny trying to put weight on but its slow. my young friend came on to to me and Im really like to look at tits and I'm picky I like nipples that stick out .my nipples get big and puffy andI like licking and sucking ang doing that good stuff hard sucking
Married but fantasize of sucking on a womans nipples and having mine licked as well. It makes me cum watching two women sucking eaxh orhers tits. Im wet thinking about it. Have to touch myself. A black womans nipples in my mouth would make me so hot
I’m a BBW++, nice size tits 48DD with a big ass. I’m a big girl and comfortable with my size as you should be too. I love big breast and big nipples women only. I want to suck on yours and you suck on mine. It makes me so wet I need a towel under me. If we go on to other parts that’s might be interesting but my main thing is sucking your nipples and your sucking mine until I have an orgasm. Getting wet just thinking about it. Hit me up so we can get it on.
I'm a happy girl with a good head on my shoulders. I'm also attractive & highly sexual. I will get to the point and say "I love nipples!" I love sucking them & love having mine sucked. All sizes welcome! ;) I'm an A cup girl with nice firm medium sized nipples I'm also interested in experiencing the suckling of lactating nipples, perhaps that peaks your interest? ;)
18yo lesbian. i have nice TITTIES!!! love to get my pussy eat.. love sucking nipples..and when people suck on my nipples
Very manly I have a fedish for sucking on big boobs with huge nipples I love making women cum by sucking on their big tits
i love big nipples either on big breasts or small, it's the large puffy nipples i really enjoy sucking on
My thoughts on breasts pumps is: that they can be quite fun as well as work to increase size and sensitivity. I have big cups to increase the size, and a cupping set that is fantastic for your nipples! I also have a hospital grade breast pump that feels soo good when sucking on my nipples. I have been working on trying to get my breasts to lactate with all of the equipment as well as herbs to induce some flow. I do get colostrum to flow while I have small cupping cups on my nipples. Its taken a while but it is amazing to see "early milk" come out of my own nipples. The sensitivity of my nipples and the size they have become is amazing. They are so sensitive that I can play with and pull on my own nipples to the point of orgasm and cumming! Its all worth it for me.
Anyone out there have sensitive nipples? My nipples make my cock get hard and tingling when aroused , I would love to find that perfect person to lay me down in restraints and make love to my nipples bite licking sucking corressing and anything to make me squirm and get soaked in precious precum while we share my juices…. Then you make me cum , all from nipple play! Anybody????
I am with all of you, my nipples are very sensitive and are the wuickest way to stiffen the stiffie. One of my fantasies is to have a bi-guy enjoying himself in my man hole another guy and gal taking turns sucking, licking kissing stroking my three erections- the manhood and my two nipples.
I'd like to know if any females enjoy nipple pumping? I have done it to show it's safe and the way ones nipples can look after the fact. Would females be interested in sucking my nipples even if they are attached to a male?
I like to have my tits and nipples played with.... sucked, pulled and pinched. Gets me off. Is this a normal form of sex play?. Do any men or women enjoy sucking another mans tits and nipples. Really gets me hot. ;)


Big Nipples
Love sucking and licking big nipples. I love the look for pleasure when I squeeze and tweak big nipples. I love having my always erect nipples sucked and tweaked.
A Cups
I've noticed that the smaller breasts have the most sensitive nipples and usually the longer nipples. I ldon't know which is more fun, sucking on erect nipples on a small breast or eating a cum filed pussy on a woman with small breasts.
Big Breasts
my gf has big tits and i can make her cum by just rubbing them, sucking on her nipples or just squeezing her nipples she gets so wet and when she cums for me the bed gets very wet love them big titties
A Cups
Has anyone else noticed that girls with small (A cup) breasts have very sensitive nipples? I have a friend that can be induced to orgasm by sucking, pinching and pulling her nipples................when I stretch them and apply a nipple clamp she starts to cum like crazy.......she says her nipples are connected directly to her clit.....I know she is not faking cause she gets very lubricated and I can feel her convulsing internally. Once I have both nipples clamped and we start to have intercourse all I need to do is apply a little pressure to either clamp and she cums on que........she is 32 A and her nips are a little bigger around than a pencil eraser and almost and inch long when I pull and stretch them. My ex wife was a 38 d with silver dollar sized aureoles and her nipples rarely got erect and she had no sense of feeling in them at all. . Comments?:-D:-PFlower
Big Breasts
I have lovely big tits, and I have a fantasy of licking, sucking, and rubbing another woman's big tits. I want to rub her nipples on my clit and rub our titties together. I want to bend her over and fuck her with a strap-on from behind, while holding those big full mounds in my hands and pinching the nipples. I want to get some nipple pinchers and both wear them while we eat each other out or masturbate. I want her to shake those titties for me, offer them to me in her hands, and take erotic pictures of those big tits in every concievable pose. And I want to masturbate while I'm looking at and sucking those tits. It gets me so turned on....!!
Breast To Breast Rubbing
You're likely thinking of the incredibly sexy sight of two women, one on the bottom with eyes half closed in ecstacy, and one on top taking in every second and every inch of her lover's body, as she moves her body so that their nipples glance lightly against each other... But I quite like it myself, and it's one of my favourite things to do with a woman. My nipples are very sensitive too, and the feeling of them running teeny circles across a woman's much larger and textured nipples is simply exquisite! With large enough breasts, I can sometimes twist my neck enough that I am sucking on one nipple, and rubbing nipple-to-nipple with the other -- wow! that's great!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!