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Toilet Slave Wanted for Two Dominant Women

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Toilet Slave Wanted for Two Dominant Women on Bisexual PlaygroundToilet Slave Wanted for Two Dominant Women on Bisexual Playground
Toilet slave for use of dominant women.
I am a single guy interested inCROSSDRESSING, FORCED FEMINIZATION, and role playing..I have a fetish to be a hooker for women..dream of being dressed up as a other women..To dress up in bras panties...RED lipstick.....tight a slutty maid n serve dominant a sisisy /slutty maid....have one or more women..use her strap-on one a sex slave..a toilet slave...n lick taken contole of..n give up my mind body n a woman mistress
First off. Is anyone real anymore since craigslist died??? If you are real and service I'm a Extremely submissive Sissy TOILET SLAVE PIG fag NEEDING for 24/7 Ownership an Training. I'm Needing extremely forceful dominant perverted Dominant, brutal owner with violent tendencies need only apply. Desperately crave a strict diet of cum, animal cum, horse shit, cow, manure, dogshit, scat, piss and much more. Weight : 140 lb (64 kg) Height : 6′ 0″ (1.83 m) Eye Color : HAZEL Hair Color : BROWN Since my first experience being raped after being caught playing in manure dressed up as a sissy. I discovered my true purpose. Additional Interests Abduction, kidnap, torture, k9, horse, dog, forced fem,humiliating tattoos labeling me as sissy toilet slave,CD, diapers, manure, dogshit, permanent toilet slave captivity, permanent chastity, filth, humiliation, extreme toilet slave bondage, No roleplay or safewords. And I will allow whoever's decide to use or own me. To tie me down and shave off my facial hair and dye my long girly hair pink. Certain level of discretion as my father lives downstairs. With easy work around which will not limit the ability to claim "it"
Sissy slave who is seeking Dominant woman or couple who is interested in using this sissy slave as they wish including forced toilet slavery
Enjoy pleasing beautiful women and being their complete slave to perform personal duties , household chores, being disciplend and made to obey and also toilet slave cleaning.
Submissive man interested in being a complete sexual pleasure toy and sex toy for the right minded dominant, I also must try being my dominants full time and service toilet slave
Inexperienced 52 yr old inexperienced bi male (sub) looking for local dominant total bi couples where the husband is hung & cut and is bi and into bi men!! and want's to own ME as their total submissive personal sex slave.
Needing trained to obey and and fulfill experienced dominant total bi couples sexual needs.

I am also looking for an experienced dominant hung & cut master that will fully train me and treat me as his personal sex slave fulfilling all of his sexual desires and needs.
I am open to being owned as a total submissive slave and possibly open to light to medium b & D,D & D and D & S and various sex toys and some rough sex.
They make toilets with a separate channel inside the toilet and up close to the front. Men and women
can aim there and it runs through an outlet to a holding jar.
You can't add it to your toilet.. It is built in so you need a whole new toilet.
Probably a french thing...
I'm 22 male want a woman to use my mouth as a toilet really badly and my tongue as toilet paper if your into that contact me imidately please I love serving women help me by using my mouth as a toilet tonight I can handle it all
I have always want to try to master slave stuff but have never had a woman I could use as a slave. I would have a great time with a slave. I would use her well...
Hopefully some day when I find that perfect match, I will post some pictures of my slave in action.
Any women in the N.Calif area want to chat about it?
A Canadian, a Russian and a Texan all wanted to show off to each other so they each bought a new toilet. The Russian bought a wooden toilet, the Canadian bought a marble toilet, and the Texan bought a musical toilet.

The next day, the Canadian came back to complain and said, "I want a refund. Every time I use the toilet, I slip off of it."

The day after that, the Russian came to complain and said, "I want a refund. Every time I sit on the toilet I get splinters in my bottom."

The next day, the Texan came and said, "I want a refund. Every time I sit down, I hear The Eyes of Texas and I have to stand up."

Be Happy
D i c k:)
I'm into toilet slave and femdom


Toilet Slave
I have enjoyed being a toilet slave for about 10 years and at first it was very hard to take, but my girlfriend loved to make me drink and eat it all! Eventually it went from a punishment to an reward, now I crave it day and night I just can't get enough! So I hope to meet some dominant women who would love to feed me with out mercy :)
Bisexual Slave
would def be hot to hook up with a couple where the dude could just fuck all the time and he had to spend the night or weekend fucking me and his girlfriend as many times as we wanted it. tuen the dude into a fuck-slave ... or maybe a dominant F and dude that want me to be there fuck hole while they fucked me as much as they wanted ... or ivited some friends over ...
Toilet Slave
I'm looking to be used by woman as a toilet slave
Toilet Slave
Toilet slave here in Colorado
Men Eating Cum
I love the taste of cum and have been privileged to suck cocks and swallow cum from many, many men. This started wheni I was the slave to a very dominant GF, she would use her strapon on me and have her GF's over to do me also. They would bring their husbands, boyfriends or any males that they wanted to show that they could strapon fuck a male. Then I would have to suck the guys off and swallow their loads, or suck their balls whole they f;d their women and I would lick up their loads or eat it from dripping juicy pussy. The nights always ended with me having o jerk off and eat my own cum. This may sound harsh, but I love cum and can't wait tll I get my next load.
Golden Showers
I would love to try this out to see if I enjoy it like I think I will. Have a man and /or woman piss in the toilet while I watch than as the last bit falls into the toilet I lap it up until your pussy or penis is clean. Mmmm. :)


Hello BillnPattie, Thank you both for the welcome letter. I am so glad that I stumbled on to this site. I was at my wits end as to how I could or ever would meet men and women who have the same discerning tastes as I do. I have been inside and looked around and I really love the site. Again thank you, Raphael