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Oh, Mama... tie me up. spank me, make me write bad checks... thabk you, mistress....|8B
Oooh..oooh. Tie me up.. ti me down make it feel gooood for a long long time !Hug
I'm thinking of taking on my dominant side, but I'm not sure yet. Any suggestions?
I am passsoniate, loving and somewhat demading. Please see my profile for additional information
im looking for a dominant woman
Looking for a domme woman in the San Francisco area for some fun, you know, that kind of fun! :-P
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser for MF Couples or Single Female. Flower
Any dominant women in New England?
Just take me and have your way. I will do as i am told. Bend me over and take your strap on and fuck me hard. I have never eaten pussy but force me please. KissKiss
This is what I need....I want a woman to dominate me. Just to be told to eat her or have her do what ever she wants to me....Hug
i love femdom and i am looking for mistress and i do any thing any thing my mistress want me to do.Kiss
i'm a femdom in need of a slave any taker drop me a line
Any women in Bradenton Florida who would like me too eat her pussy upon demand. And urinate in my mouth.. I will obey your desires and eat when the master orders me she wants her pussy eaten or wannts too piss in my mouth
Looking for Dom in CT?
I am about ready to give up on finding a dom. I had a fem dom relationship for over 20 years and would love to find a Dominant women or couple in my area. So Cal PHug
Make me your sissy slave. Any lady from the Dayton area Bitch enough to make me obey.
loking to be used live lex ky
I would love to be owned
Watch me suck your husband's big dick. Don't allow me to touch or talk to you. You are fully clothed
I would love to be forced feminized paddled fuked with big strapon and forced tumo suck cock eat ssy and swallow c**
I am in search of a young submissive white male to give pain and pleasure. I am in Iowa about to move to Washington state soon. Grazie! Mistress O.
Looking for my mistress in Texas near the Louisiana line
Looking to be dominated in gb wis area
Dominant Women on Bisexual PlaygroundDominant Women on Bisexual PlaygroundDominant Women on Bisexual PlaygroundDominant Women on Bisexual Playground

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