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im a big man 4 and 5xl shirt.5 foot 9 brown hair and eyes i havent never been with a man befor but i want to.i want to give a handjob or a blowjob first.but i have a fantasy of finding the right man i feel comfortable with enough to get on the bed on my stomach spread my legs and let him jus fuck the hell out of me.hold me by me wrist and fuck me hard
I am a 29 yo male in lancaster Ohio who loves to watch couples fuck. I also like to please other guys while their girlsfriends watch. I am very laid back and have a place we can play. Single guys welcome.
Hi I'm 6' 1" bi curious guy. I am very open minded and easy going guy. She is hot and looking for bi guys to fuck her while i watch. She wants to have me get fucked while I fuck her. Were open to anything just message us and see what happens... My boyfriends such a little sexy thing though his cock is he gets points for that I'd love to ride his cock and makeout with a guy as that guy fucks his ass....its open for business guys who wants it...also you can have me if your willing to let him watch. I could use a good fucking, who wants to give it to me...preferably under 40...
i have wanted to watch other guys fuck my wife lots of guys i want them to fuck her hard and i want to eat the cum
I love wearing pantyhose and crossdressing, heels, short skirts and Short dresses, open toe strappy heels sheer tops and would love my gf from when I was 15 and she was 13 and I would love her to be my slut wife wearing pantyhose together and watch her suck and fuck, and her with out me any guy and come home in pantyhose sit on my face while I eat her pussy full of every guys cum wearing pantyhose and heels I picked out while she tells me who and how she was fucked and who she sucked and after she will strapless dildo fuck me up my ass and talk about how I love her pussy full of cum. I want my ex M to be with me or just fuck me and wear pantyhose together sucking men's and have her husband and my wife know us as old friends and get them drunk so drunk they have sex while we watch and they watch us and we tell her husband and my wife they can fuck anytime they can and want if they wear pantyhose with me every day and his wife and I can suck and fuck anytime we can and want to and I would never fuck my wife Ever again and ask her to be a slut and see her do it and my ex gf too and suck and fuck men together. I love my ex she mostly wears taupe reinforced toe pantyhose and my wife's friend I saw two times in nude reinforced toe pantyhose and she has sexy legs and I want to go to her house and when I can run up to her room and steel at least one but probably two or more so she knows some are missing and hope she asked me when she and I are alone and beg her not to tell my wife and tell her I will do anything she wants and four times with her and me dressed up at a gay bar or anything she wants forever if I can have some of her pantyhose after she is done with them and and a few after she wears two or three times and ask her to dress up with me and go to a CD bar and be flirty girls and I will some how get her to go out with my wife and have her fuck and suck guys and even get her hubby to fuck her every time she passes out and record it and love watching it with her friend and do the same with her friends daughter I have taken one pair of her pantyhose many years ago and I stayed the night once and acted like I didn't know she was watching me watching pantyhose bi porn and uncovered to my feet wearing her pantyhose on one leg she was smaller and younger and the other rubbing my body whispering I would love to wear her pantyhose and eat her pussy and do what she wants and suck dick's with her and share cum.
We are a bi couple looking for a bimales and/or bifemales 18-35. We are both in good shape and highly sexual. She can not wait to watch me suck cock. She would love to sit on my face, hold my legs back and watch me get fucked. Only serious responses. We're in central Jersey. Can host or travel. Sex and freindship. Bigger the cock the better, but not the only thing.
i like to lay on my back and have the guy fucking hold my legs back so i can watch his cock thrust in and out. its even hotter when its a large black cock im watching fuck me.....insta cum
I enjoy laying flat on my stomach so I can reach around with my legs and feet grasp his legs and hold on to him while I push myself ass back and forth against him. This way I feel everything, his thighs against me, his hardness going in and out stretching me, his balls slapping me. I also get to grab his ass with my hands and push him if I want to or hold him inside me if I want to .Hug:-P
My partner loves to watch me and other guys suck each other and fuck each other. Of course, she wants all of us to lick her and fuck her also. That is why we love to get together with other bisexual guys; so we can all play with each other and give each other orgasms.
You worded it fine. We had the same situation where my wife would watch fully clothed and make us guys suck each others cocks and fuck each other for her. We never had any problems because we told the guys up front that she wanted to watch. The only time it went further was when we met a guy who was hot and turned her on. After directing the action she asked me if it would be ok for her to join in and I said absolutely. He her ate her and fucked her and she came on his cock while he was in her because she was so turned on. Just let the guys know its what she wants and not what they want.
I have a few bucket list items, but the biggest fantasy that I have ('fantasy to mean that I know it won't ever happen), is to go away to a cabin with a group of guys. Just hang out, watch porn to keep them, horny, and let them use me sexually in any way they want to. Make me suck them in groups or individually, fuck me, Or just have me behind a glory hold and they stick their cock in it at any time they choose, and frequently the whole weekend.
Staying on the strip... Looking to blow Bi/Straight guys... In-shape/Hung guys between 18-40.

Lay back, spread your legs, and let me give you the best head of your life.

Girlfriends/Wives are welcomed to watch.


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we have had a group of 3 guys cum over and they all fucked my girlfriend. I love to watch and be made a cuckold bitch. But I want to participlate not just watch..she makes me blow them and get them ready to fuck her. Then while they're pounding her she'll tell me to lick their balls, or some other dirty act...We too want to get together a gangbang of about 6 guys to fuck both of us. If you're hot and hung and in NJ drop us a line.
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My post didn’t post with the picture. That’s my wife’s big pussy right after she’s been fucked. I love to lay between their legs as a man slow fucks my wife in the missionary position with her legs high and I watch every stroke in and out of my wife’s pussy. I can always tell when he’s ready to come out she is not sick tighten up and as he begins to unload in her pussy it is the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. It’s only happened a few times but it’s been amazing.I like to clean the man up if they’re into it I’ve only had one let me have it. I get her propped up on her elbows and hold her open so I can see the cum starting to run down out of her. I hold her open and deep tongue fuck her as much as I can and get all of the come that is rolling then I get on my back and she straddles my face with her clit toward my nose. She grinds my face chin and nose with your pussy and she is very quick to come. My wife is also a squirter so I get the Mans cum, The taste of fresh fucked snatch, and her juice running into my mouth all at one time. I love it when the guy watches me eat his seeds out of my wife. One solitary time the guy got hard again it was jacking off watching us and let me take him in my mouth. I have loved the feel and the taste of come since my very first mouthful and I was very very young. I hope you enjoyed the picture of my wife’s wide-open fresh fucked pussy
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hey there guys.... i would like to get a group or guys to come gang bang me.. the bigger the cock the better... 5 or more guys is what i realy want .... hold me down n take turns using my ass till u cant cum no more....lets do it guys
Watching My Man Fuck Another Woman
I would love to watch my man fuck some hot girls pussy Hear her wet pussy as he pounds her. Wanting so bad to join. But I watch cum dripping down my legs until I have to sit on her face. Seeing his cock in her and her moans vibrating my cunt would drive me crazy
Glory Holes
when I go to the gloryholes I wear panties and nylons under my jeans and a little cropped off tshirt under my jacket and carry a pair of heels in my jacket pockets. After I buy my tokens I go into the bathroom and switch shoes. So I have on the heels, then I take off my jacket and let my jeans hang low on my hips so the straps of my thong panties show above the waist off my jeans. then when I walk down the hallway in front of all the guys standing against the wall they can see me in heels and see my thong showing. I make eye contact to be sure they can see my eyemake up and lipstick. When I get to my favorite booth in the back (it's in the middle between two booths) I hold open the door and lay my jacket on the seat......then while still outside the booth, where the guys can see me, I slip off my jeans and t shirt so all I have on is panties, heels and nylons. With the door still open I load about 30$ in tokens into the video monitor, get on my knees and pull the door closed. There is usally four or five guys standing outside my booth and they see me on my knees. I like the boothe in the middle cause there are gloryholes in both walls, usally after I finish with one cock all I have to do is turn around and there is another hard cock waiting. Sometimes If the guy has a really nice cock I like to lube him up and back my ass up on to his cock while I bend over and suck another guy at the same time. When I leave I have cum smeared all over my face and chest, and it's leaking out of me and running down the inside of my legs, there is usally alot smeared on my knees and legs from kneeling on the floor. I usally just put on my t shirt and jeans and run out the front door with cum all over my face. Once I let a big, well hung black stud take me into a couples both and bend me felt so good I told him I didn't want him to stop......he told me he wanted to take me to the motel up the street so we could really have some fun but he wanted me to suck his buddy first. While I sucked his friend he left the booth. We went to the motel in his car and he stripped and told me to suck him as soon as we set foot in the door........then he had me lay across the bed sideways with my head hanging over the edge so he could stand next to the bed and shove his cock all the way down my throat......he gagged me so badly that I passed out. When I woke up he had tied my hands and feet to the bed and there was about nine men in the room.....he had told all the guys at the store to come to the motel and for 20$ they could fuck me anyway they wanted to all night. For the next seven hours they took turns fucking my mouth and ass..........I swallowed so much cum when I burped it would fill my mouth and I would have to swallow it again. My ass was so stretched that one guy was on top on me with his cock in my mouth and he was fucking me with a long neck beer bottle.......and shoving it ALL THE WAY IN.......when they all left he told me to suck him one more time and made me thank him for getting me all the cock I had. He started fucking me again and it felt soooooo Goood that I could not belive it but I was begging for it and promising to be his whore.........told him that if he would fuck me everyday....I would let him sell me at night.............when I got home and told my girlfriend she got so hot...........she called him and told him that she wanted to watch me suck him and his friends and if he let her watch she would let them fuck her when they finished with me. Now she goes with me to the gloryholes and we both suck guys off and sometimes she let's them fuck her........I love haveing her bent over sucking some truckers cock while I kneel behind her and eat the cum out her pussy that the last guy to fuck her filled her up with.:-PKiss
Cock To Cock Rubbing
Many times in the book stores i have a guy come in and rush for the cock to give me head. i slow em down and get close and do some cock to cock through the clothes. if my new friend understands then i get close for a kiss, surprisingly a lot of men like this kissing, i get all handsi with em and then unbutton my pants and they are around my ankles, lead their hands to hold my cock, just hold it not to start beating it, then i get their pants down to their ankles. let the cock rubbing begin! Holding each others cock with a french kiss is out of this world. then i will move to get his cock between my legs while i am facing him, its a ball fuck with a kiss. most men who have not tried this in the booths start grinning and pump real fast. my cock is real hard and rubbing on their stomach, i reach around and grab both cheeks and keep the fuck going. i will then go down and lick his balls to get em wet, then i get to ball fuck them. This guy one time came all over my stomach while i was ball fucking him, it was incredible to feel the hot cum and slippery cock on my stomach. we were kissing while it happened.


Hey you guys rock! This is awesome. I am so glad to have found this great site thanks for helping us explorers... well explore! I am learning tons. Looking forward to the first time. Besides that, you guys are down right good looking too! Thanks again! Mike