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White Nylon Full Cut Brief Panties Garter Belts Bras and Slips Tease

White Nylon Full Cut Brief Panties Garter Belts Bras and Slips Tease on Bisexual PlaygroundWhite Nylon Full Cut Brief Panties Garter Belts Bras and Slips Tease on Bisexual Playground
Lifelong lingerie TV/CD with special tastes for stockings, sheer nylon panties, bras an dabove all vintage nylon full slips. Enjoy multi layers of nylon lingerie and wear them everyday even to work under my drabs. Love spermy panties
Lingerie lover. I love to feel slky nylon nightgowns, negligees stockings, garter belts, slips & pettipants on my body
I am a cross dresser for many years. I like to try new things at least once and if I don't like it I won't do it again. I am what ever you want me to be top, bottom, what ever. I am in Corfu new York from may 5th to oct 3rd and then im back into Ft. Myers Fla from oct 7th to may1st. I am always looking for action from man, woman, couples, shemales, other cross dressers. Hit me up . Let's get it on. I love to wear it al from blonde wig to black high heel's. I love wearing lacy bra's and slips. nylon panties and pantyhose, I also wear garter belts an d stockings.
Nice clean cut Man who has a long history with nylon panties pantyhose stockings and garter belts
5-11" 240 lbs. with serious lingerie fetish. I like pastel colored bikinis, hiphuggers, and full cut briefs trimmed in white lace. I don't care much for thongs as they do not have a enough nylon. Garter/suspender belts & babydoll nighties drive me crazy.
I get so turned on by wearing satin lingerie. From satin panties, to satin slips, garter belts and stockings. For the right occasion I do a full transformation.
Is it weird that I enjoy the look of a guy in panties stocking garter belts. But not the full cd look of wigs makeup fake breast etc.a cock in a pair of lace panties or a nice ass framed by garter straps and stocking is very hot.
What turns you on more? A woman (or man) in sexy attire--hose, nighties, panties, garter belts, fancy bras, etc? Or total nudity? For me, it's the completely naked person. The combination of the vulnerability with no "protective" coverings, and the absolute beauty of every human body. And I love the full body shots including faces, rather than close-ups of various body parts. I make love to the whole body, after all.
Sweet, sensuous, shaved, submissive bottom seeks passionate, safe, professional & humorous top for erotic discreet encounters in New Jersey. I love to wear lingerie, latex, panties, bras, garter belts, etc. but don't have to. I'm masculine in appearance, but sexually feminine. I'll let you have my candy.
Why stop at panties. I love wearing garter belts and stockings too.
Love to wear pantyhose, panties, garter belts and nylons, all lingerie, really turns me on


I love to wear silky nylon thighs in multiple layers. I also like to wear thigh highs in layers on my arms as i give myself or someone else a nylon handjob. I love the silky slipperyness of the nylons as they lure the cum out of me or someone else. The only thing prettier than silky nylons are silky nylons with cum on them. I also love to wear silky pantyhose under my layered silky nylon granny panties and silky nylon slips and gowns. Anything nylon deserves to be worshipped with cum. :)
Males In Panties
My panty wearing started when I was 9 and I would steal my cousins dirty little girl panties, she was 8. I would take her little girl bras too. Then I decided to work my way up.your my beautiful aunts panties.... and there was the Holy grail of panties... they caught me and I was only allowed to wear panties while I was at their house from that point, then it turned into family fucking in panties... soooo open hot, makes me hard thinking about it
Old For Older
my first time on this site looken for bi sex cd 60 yrs or older looking for 3some like wearen pantys used or cum filled like to try cleanup cock hold bi women and cd men I like pantys panty hose garder belts nylons slips
Truck Stop Oral
Any truckers come in through the Salisbury Concord North Carolina area hit me up like to get in the cab of your truck suck your cock I sometimes like to wear women’s lingerie with garter belts it just makes me feel more like a little cum slut I am let’s get together so you can cum all over me Then you can have your way with me do what you like I’d like to blow and go Let’s get together and have some fun
I'm a man that loves wearing women's panties everything feminine soft nylon panties satin panties silk panties i wear only women's clothing wished i had more wear leggings sitting in my ♿
Panties On Men
I love the big nylon panties on male or female. Would never turn any body away in big panties


Right on, definately a full profile, that's the main reason why I joined here, I think that feature is wonderful and if someone is serious about their desires than it pays to be open and honest up front, in fact I wouldn't even consider contacting or responding to a person whose profile is full of n/a's, why bother, they obviously don't want to be honest with anyone in the first place. I want you to know how I think so you will have a good idea if you want to pursue a conversation, life is too short to bother having to take the long way around determining if you have something in common with someone.