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Wife Wearing Garter Belt and Stockings in the Woods

since i was young i have always love pleasing women and meni also like wearing a tedy sexy panties fish net stockings with a garter belt
i am great at pleasing people ilove trying new stuff i also love wearing fishnet stockings with garter belt sexy panties with tedy
Mature manly part-time crossdresser that enjoys dressing up wearing makeup panties bra stockings garter belt and heels.
retired and young at heart. I have never been with a man but keep dreaming of sucking off a hot shemale. I guess you could call me a closet C/D. Im always wearing panties but at home I put on thigh stockings with a garter belt and a bra with silicone inserts.
i luv 2 please women and men i am real good at sucking a nice fat cock or licking a nice sweet and wet pussy i love wearing fish net stockings and a garter belt with tedy
Looking for a very discrete friend that wouldn't mind me wearing thigh high stockings, garter belt, and panties to provide oral too. I'm not passable but from the waist down im erotic and fun. you must send pic if u want a reply u must be safe, std free only, drug free only, very discrete
If a man is using me I want him naked, if it's another sissy I would like them in at least stockings but would prefer a garter belt also. I would be wearing a garter belt and stockings.
I love wearing stockings and a garter belt.
Usually when I get home my mother in law will be at my house. Then my wife an mother in law go to the bedroom an come out holding what they want me to put on. Sometimes I spend the evening wearing only bra panties stockings garter belt an heels. It don't matter it it's cold out. They make me answer the door wearing these things. Sometimes they call my friends an tell them to come over to get cummed on.
I love wearing a garter belt, stockings and panties.
Married bottom here. Would love to meet up and take it up the ass. Love wearing stockings, heels and garter belt when I'm getting my ass fucked good! Let me know. Thanks!
Nice cock, I'm a bi crossdressing bottom white guy, I love dressing up sexy and doing men, right now I'm wearing my yellow matching set of bra, garter belt, and panties with blk stockings, white blouse, blk pencil skirt an d blk 4" heels.


Submissive Crossdressers
I submissive like it all n like to wear stockings n garter belt n love cum
Hi love to dress up in lingerie garter belt fishnet stockings bra in lipstick you have men and women jerk off and get f***** in the ass
Hi love to dress up in lingerie garter belt fishnet stockings bra in lipstick you have men and women jerk off and get f***** in the ass
Hi, This is a dream. That, I had a long time ago. I dreamed that, I was mans wife. Not just a wife, but a Cocksucking and Fucked Swinging Housewife. I would Suck his other male friends cocks at his discreation. There was a night, we went out to a friends private club. All male-couples, except one little differeance, the wifes at this meeting, wore high-heels, black nylon stockings, with black garter belt. Each wife was taken by the hand by two husbands, each wife bend over, cock in the rear, the other in the mouth.
Garter Belts
I simply feel so feminine when I am wearing a Garter Belt.
Males In Panties
I wear satin panties every day. sometimes I wear a garter belt and stockings as well.


So far, I'd have to say this site is the complete answer to what my wife and I are looking for, an easy to use, discreet, and yet comprehensive way to meet someone new.