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  3. very sub sissy here

Like to be controlled given rules tasks. Any dominant here like to control me?

Anyone will take that order...damn you're horny.

Hi there'll

Well hello there

Yes. I'd love to control you. I can be a very gentle master to a hot sex slave if you are willingly submissive.

would love to play soon!

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Piss Play
I love pissing in sissies mouth, she drinks every bit and sissy loves getting a nice golden shower as a reward for being a good lil' sissy. I want one of my lovers to use sissy in this manner and sissy fantasizes about it constantly she so wants to be a submissive sissy under a strong male who has just fucked her wife. Two females using sissy as a toilet for the day is another sissy dream she wishes would cum true any couples, or females want to make a sissies dream cum true???Kiss
Orgasm Denial
I have locked sissy faggot Jess up in a chastity device, a nice sissy shade of pink CB-2000/ Sissy has been locked for three weeks and will stay locked with out orgasm until she fulfills my list of desires and wants. This includes remodeling 4 rooms in the house, a newly rebuilt porch, and take me to the nude beach 2 times, also bad behavior is met with lengths of time added and humiliating acts sissy must do as punishment. Teasing also takes place almost daily to keep sissy faggots attention focused on her tasks. Sissy will be allowed to rub her little sissy clitty on my pussy while wearing 2 condoms as sissy cums in her condoms she will be made to suck all her pathetic sissy juice clean from it only after my 2nd trip to the beach in the spring. At that time sissy faggot Jess will be locked for an undetermined sentence of orgasm denial again

see Sissy Faggot Jess locked in her pretty sissy pink CB-2OOO in the gallery!!!!!

Miss Jeaanne.
Cum In My Wife
I love fucking real men, having my pussy filled with hot cum, I love looking at my pathetic sissy faggot as he watches a real man fill my pussy with hot cum like he will never do again because he is a total sissy faggot as he waits there in the corner in his lingerie, and being a good sissy, pouting because sissy faggot cant even stroke her little cock because I have it locked 24/7 in chastity with stringent demands for release, if I ever grant release to sissy faggot.... So long and short of it is I love real mens cum filling my pussy to feed to sissy faggot Jess

Miss JeanneKiss
Chastity Devices
I have sissy Jess locked in a CB-2K all the time, her little faggot clitty isn't worth any pleasure Even at her own hand. I love teasing sissy Jess making her balls ache for release as they turn purple. I get my pleasure for a real man as my sissy faggot watches and waits in anticipation to lick my lovers sweet cum from my fresh fucked pussy and ass..... If sissy fag Jess was a real man I would fuck her instead of locking that pathetic tiny cock away in a sissy pink cage..... Jeanne Kiss
Forced Sissy
I'm 46 yr old sissy boi wanting to be feminized into sissy gg and to be live in Sissy maid
I just posted some pics of my femenized sissy faggot. Jess is such a sissy and loves degredation, humiliation, and being exposed for the sissy fag she is. I have jess dressed every chabce I get I love her when she is all dressed like a girl and love having a hubby who is a sissy and loves men just as much as I do.... Jeanne

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