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I was 75 y/o when I got my first taste of a mans cum and my first blow-job. can’t get enough.
I was pretty young when I had my first taste of cum....msg me for details

I was 16.. and love it to this day

I was about 20 something but it was my own. Still waiting to taste anothers

Don’t wait to taste cum you will be hooked.!

My first taste was in my 20's I went down on a gf who i had fucked just before. I had tested my own again but didn't have another guy's cum till I was in my 30's

I was 47 and met a couple in there 20's for a 3-sum, was in a 69 with her on top when her husband started fucking her doggie and he would slip out a few times "BUT" at the time I wasn't into cocks, so I would dodge it, even though it was exciting being that close to another guys cock for the first time, and then he cum in her and the cum stated to run out when he pulled out ""WOW"" I went nuts eating the hell out of her pussy and his cum, now I am a cum junky but still prefer it fresh from the pussy as it's being made.

I was 11, lying on my back in bed, just discovering my own sexuality, whit my head tilted back, mouth open having a wonderful orgasm, when a full squirt landed inside my mouth. At first I thought GROSS but then after tasted it I thought, NEAT. I've been tasting my own cum either straight from the source or dribbling out of my wife's love tunnel mixes with her juices. Either way it's great. BUT I've never tasted another man's love juice, I'd love to get that monkey off my back and taste someone's.

I was a teen when I gave my first blowjob. I sucked his cock until he unloaded into my mouth. Still @ 60 I enjoy sucking a cock and taste of cum.
I was about 10, a friends brother, I was shocked but didn’t know what to do but swallow
I was in my 40's and getting random blow jobs from men. I met another married guy and I wanted to try it. I started sucking his cock and it really turned me on. He shot his load in my mouth and I was hooked. I licked up every drop.

I was about 20 when I tasted my own cum. And 42 when I sucked my first cock and tasted another guys cum and swallowed his huge load. Been sick cock ever since.
my first taste was with another married bud like myself around my age - I decided i wanted to suck him to completion - so I did and I absolutely loved it!..he gave me a nice warm tasty load - i savored the taste for awhile before swallowing it!. Can't wait for more cum!

at age 12 my best friend introduced me to jerking off, he did me , then me him, after a few weeks , we tried sucking each other, at first we would stop just before we cum and watch each other shoot, then we tried sucking to completion , yummmmmm

Um Orflbigbud, how can you have gotten your first taste of cum at the age of 75, when your profile says you are 70?

Tasted my own cum the very time I began ejaculating at age 11. This first taste and smell of my own cum is what got me so interested and hooked on semen!

I tasted a swinger friend’s in his own wife and mine age 34. Tasted another guy’s directly from the “tap” age 44, and multiple (7) other friend’s over the past 7 years. My friend who I am currently attached to now feeds me on average twice a month, and it’s a huge volume with a very pleasant neutral/sweet taste; and I’m not kidding either! I met him right here on BP several years ago and finally met him in person the Spring of 2016 and he’s been feeding my mouth and squirting my face ever since. The attached pic is of both of us, about 7 months ago. Guess who’s who in the pic...😁🤤
Sucked a friend off when I was 16.

a friends I was 13 he was 14

Back in my teens, sucked two guys off one right after the other, been hooked ever since!
I was 12....

I was 11yo when I tasted mine and 15 when I sucked my best friend and took his load in my mouth.

I was 14 and I was in gymnastics and could suck my own dick and I've loved it ever since
I'm like a lot of others.. when I first discovered masterbation. The smell of my own cum was overwhelmingly intense. I was mesmerized not only by the deep mysterious aroma, but also by the viscosity of substance. Tasting it would become a lifetime experience. I'm 72, still eating my own cum.

Tasted my own at 12 but got my first male cock at 45. I still love the feel and taste of a cock in my mouth especially when it cums.

my 1st time was tasting my own to clean up after masturbating at 12 yo. then my best friend and I stated giving each other blow jobs just a couple months later. it was no coincidence that my experience with my own cum led to my experience with his cum.

Bi-courious last couple months been sucking cock. Went 2 a gloryshole 1st cock I sucked I swallowed. Can’t get enough

My first taste was when I was about 14 with a neighbor who was 15 but I didn’t swallow until I was almost 16 with the same neighbor, he was also the first guy to fuck me in the ass and I’ve been hooked ever since

Tasted another mans cum at age 20 and spent the entire week with him. Ate on him for seven whole days.

I was 13 he was a older neighbor he blew me and I stroked him off the first time eventually I started sucking him drinking his sweet cum love it

enjoy the sensation of a rock hard cock in my mouth and the taste of a spurting cum load
First time I was in my 20s and in the army. Not with someone in service. I had been propositioned a few times but always chickened out. I was 1000 miles from home, figured no one would find out. I sucked him off. Spit it out - made him mad. Hey - it was the first time. He would not suck me. Big disappointment! Last time was at a glory hole about 7-8 years ago. That ABS closed up. I miss it - like the feel of cum on my tongue, but only with partner that returns the favor or should I say flavor? long, sow, gentle get together s. Prefer clean shaven, enjoy slim partners that participate. Had one experience with a trans and would like more. Enjoy making out.
If you are older and new or no experience lets talk. I really enjoy hearing about first time experiences - TRUE experiences, not the far fetched fantasies that often get posted as real first time stories. Everyone is nervous the first time, feeling unsure. I find that to be the best part of those stories, the TRUE feelings!

I was 20. It was at a glory hole. I sucked 3.

Age 11, year 1979. My own. Was hooked once I tasted it.

First load I took in my mouth was my first and only time ever at a glory hole. I was maybe 19 and a little drunk. I wandered into an adult store, went into a booth and started sucking a beautiful white cock that came through the hole. Didn’t take long and he filled my mouth and throat with hot jizz... pretty sure I swallowed it all and had a constant errection for hours afterwards.
I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M TALking about sucking a guys cock, I WAS 10,THE FIRST TIME,cap lock sorry. I was on the junior swim tean ,just starting, we were talking about sex and girls,then it just happened it was impossible too describe it, I was hooked have thought being the slut that am,can't deny it , Anyone from Rochester, ny,,mess me

i was eating my wife out well a guy was fucking her, he shot huge lode of cum into her , first time i ever tasted cum anyway i was about to move out from under her because im not gay when my wife toke hold of this guys cock forced it into my mouth telling me to suck his cock by this time i had cum dripping in my mouth this anyway this guy is starting to fuck my mouth so what the hell i gave it my best i sucked it best i could until he cum

Never had it yet I'm waiting but when that time comes for me to taste that man and his cum I'm enjoy every bit of it!!!
Only my own (mostly precum), can't remember 1st time exactly, but long ago. As far as the actual load, I've always quickly lost the desire once I cum. So, one day I kept edging myself & shot about half a load into my hand and licked it up, as I was still horny. Didn't take to it at 1st, but have grown to love it over time. Someday, I'd love to suck off another's cock & take all their cum in my mouth & down my throat. I find myself craving such an experience more and more. Looking so forward to it.
I was abt 29, wife and I swinging with another couple. Wasn't suppose to cum in each others wives. ted eating my wife after she was f**ked, It was loaded with cum , probably 2 or 3 loads for sure. I let on like I didn't know it was there, ate it all and wife n I had sex for hours. Second time when my new girlfriend came home filled, fresh f**ked. She tried hiding that she had sex with someone, but I ate her out n found the truth.
First tasted cum at 47
My 10th blowjob given

Been swallowing ever since

I was 10 caught my brothers friend jerking off. He said come closer I'll show you how. He stroked his cock slow then faster. He started to breath fast and moan. He said put the tip in your mouth and I'll give you a surprise. So did and felt a squirt of hot liquid hit my throat, then another and another. He pushed my head down on his cock. It was throbbing and still oozzing hot liquid. I didn't want to take it out of my mouth. So i kept sucking until it happened again. I was hooked on pleasing other men from that day on!!!

I was 14. We had just moved to a new neighborhood, new school and the first person to befriend me (he was also 14) invited me over to watch sports. His mom and dad worked a lot so his older sister 16 often watched him. Over the months we became good friends and one day I was over their house and his sister came out of the bathroom after a shower nude. They asked me if I liked to be naked in front of people and I said I never really thought about it. He asked me if I would like to jerk off while his sister posed for us, I said yes. We started and his sister coached us into having sex with one another. I will never forget that first cock and the wonderful past of that first load. His sister would not fuck us but we licked, sucked and kissed everything she had.
handsomejack, THAT is HOT! GREAT story! Any other happenings with either of them? I'd LOVE to hear more.

I was 11. Playing around with a neighborhood friend
later in life

My first time at 77 and I loved it and want more.

Never have or have tasted a cock

I was 12, laying on my back in bed, doing my usual "night time routine" when a squirt landed in my mouth. At first I thought GROSS then I tasted it and it was good. After that I always aimed for my mouth. But my favorite is a tongue clean up of the cream pie I had just left in my wife's pussy. YUM YUM YUM

I dated an older woman that liked younger guys in High School. She gave me my first gumjob and when she took my jizz into her mouth she came up and kissed me then she sat on me until I got hard and rode me like a beast. When I came inside of her she moved up and sat that steamy box on my mouth, spread her pussy lips and had me tongue her clean. I was 15.

young teen legs thrown up over my head back braced against my bed trying to suck my own dick. after/ as i looked at Dads playboys. shot my load most of which landed on my face but i got a good amount in my mouth and i liked it. 1st other guys cum was when i waS 30 at a gloryhole..1st trip.

I was 25 sucked a cock and ate his cum it was great, then I had to have mine best I ever had love cocks an cum!
I was 16, staying the weekend with a friend

I was 14 and a black guy at school forced me to suck him off and he made me swallow his cum The next day he brought me some girls clothes and he told me that I would be wearing them every afternoon while I was sucking him off

my first taste of cum was at a very young age sharing my own after a girl gets me off with a blow job,my first taste of another man's cum was at a later age and that was eating creampie. O love to give head with a woman and the clean up cum share after

Absolutely breathtaking PHYL in Worcester MA & hungry for Big s, Black cocks.. OK Any cocks. Send me message I will dress up pretty for you. I was lucky even though I am not hung buy a any stretch of the imagination, one day when I was 16 I leaned down and after time got my dick in my mouth just enough to shoot my load in there and on my face, the rest is History. Been happy ever since. A little salty and the DOC says cut down on the salt. What' a sissy to do?

My cousin (same age) taught me how to jerk off when I was 10. We moved on to sucking each other after we found some porn. We wern't cumming at that time. I moved away a few years later and at my school I made friends with this chubby nerd no one would hang out with. We started jerking together and wound up sucking each other. He was the first to cum in my mouth, yes I swallow. When my cousin would gun to visit we would suck each other off. Also got his sister into it.
We were 11 out behind the barn after dark was my first taste of cum besides my own. On my knees sucking my best friends dick with his nuts pressed to my chin when he came and it went down pretty easy. He sucked me off after that then we did it again late that night in my room and for years after that and he fucked me countless times over the years and we both liked it when he came in my ass.
I would like to her more too!

When I was 13 the old man that ran the motel next door had me help clean rooms and one he sat me down slip my shorts down and started licking my balls then put my balls and cock in his mouth after he suck me dry.
he stood up and push cock in my mouth I could only get the tip inside
He shoot most of his cum in my mouth
I return once a week to service him
20 yo 69 nice size
I was 49 sucked a friend right in the middle of the office before work. he creamed in my mouth and I swallowed it

It was late in life for me, when traveling for work and met a guy via Craigslist. I was 55. I love the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth and love the taste of cum. Just hard meeting up with other men being married and no place to meet. I have yet to meet up with a big cummer, but I sure want to.

I was younger i tasted my own then probably 2 years ago my wife fucked our black friend in the back seat he busted a nut in her and then he pulled out and i cleaned all of his cum out of her pussy and my god his cum tasted so good i would definitely always eat another mans cum over my own!

I was 11 or 12 I walked in on my friend jacking off & he said stay & jack off too. Then when he came he put it to my mouth & said eat it & I did I loved it.I asked him if I could kiss & suck his dick he said yes & came in my mouth.

Mine was the first and it was a real turn on till i had a fat hard cock shoot a hot load in my mouth it was great can't get enough.

I was 12 and have been an addict ever since Mmmm

14 with my neighbor

I was probably 12 years old/ A friend of mine and were comparing our dick size.....When I saw his a fucken wopper I got real excited I asked him if I could touch it and just could not resist putting my lips over it. He started moaning like crazy we moved into the bushes were we could not be seen. And the rest is history. He came I loved it swishing in my mouth and swallowed some and licked him clean. After that I would blow him on a regular basis. Once in his house i was sucking off that monster when his Mom came home unexpected and caught us. She kicked me out and told his father who was a cop. The Dad was smart and told Mom to leave him alone i found out. Sorta like "That's My Boy" I am surprised i got in the service.

I was around 13 with a neighborhood friend. His brother sucking cock

I was eighteen and picked up a hitchhiker. He sucked my dick and I creamed his mouth My first time

I think I was 18 tasted my own didn't taste another man's Cum till I was 58 loved daughter enough
I was just 10 when I actually put my mouth on a cock. All I remember was that it sort or jerked and twitched but nothing came out. It was my friend and he was 12. I didn't do it again til I was in my 40's

OH WOW, this is a GREAT STRING, esp since I now taste my preCUM literally EVERY DAY NOW bi edging in the nude and of course savoring the ultimate outCUM as well! (LOVE the taste of my own CUM after eatingt watermelon with a LOT of salt the day before....ah...SUMMER TIME IS CUM TIME.

B, there was this ONE TIME, at band, just kidding. It was my very first bisexual couple (that led me here to BSP) when Peggy popped off my cock right after I had cum in her pussy as she rode me cowgirl and put her pussy back in my face as her hubby Matt went down on my cock to taste his wife's pussy on my cock! IT TOTALLY CHANGED ME butt experiencing THAT KINDA outCUM has been like climbing big mountains (lots of planning and infrequent "summiting".

16 at a drive in movie
I was very young when I sucked my first cock and got a load of cum. Many of you may not believe it, but I was 5. He was an older boy from my school. I did gag and I did swallow, but what I loved the most was how the other boy really liked what I did to him and how he praised me so much, even though I was pretty bad at cock sucking then. After all, it was my first time. Another thing I liked was the really smooth feeling of the boys cock in my mouth. I learned quickly not to let my teeth touch the cock I am sucking, and to do things with my hands to make the other boys experience with me even more enjoyable. I really LOVED being praised as a great cock sucker so much. It just seemed so fulfilling. And, of course, I quickly became addicted to both cum and sucking on delicious cocks. There is no way I could ever stop sucking on cocks now. I'm 18 now and have been sucking on cocks for 13 years, and I am extremely good at it with all of that experience.
I was in my middle 60's and had my first load. I liked it and have had a few more loads. I would like more, especially from a freshly fucked pussy!
I got my first taste in 2009

11,and it was with a neighbor girl who I got my first taste of pussy from when I spent the night at her house and we played all night with each other,she sat on my face and rode it hard....she ate my pussy like a starving baby,we rubbed,licked,sucked,scissored and humped the night away...

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Cum Swallowing
There is nothing more erotic and sexual than feeling a guy cum in your mouth, except some of you guys need to adjust your diet, get rid of that acidic bitter taste, you ruin it because females hate that taste and when us bi guys want a blow job from female they say I don't like the taste or it is bitter, so eat some sugar or condensed sweetend milk or ask how to change the flavor of your cum. i had a guy so acidic one time I got heartburn from the cum going down my throat
Couples With Bi Women
i want to taste some sweet young pussy in michigan. can i taste yours while my man watches you cum in my mouth?
Guys Who Eat Cum
I luv the taste of my own cum and would luv to taste the cum right frm the source..Anyone in the clev/akron area of ohio wiling to help me out????
Men Eating Cum
I had my first taste of cum in the front seat of a car. I sucked on his hard cock until he exploded in my mouth. I loved the taste and I have been eating cum ever since then.:)
Ass To Mouth (ATM)
It is the thrill of the taboo to do it, but I won't do it unless I am totally clean. Fasting for a day, then a few hours before meeting I do a bowel flush (several enemas). A few hours to allow my bowel to reabsorb the excess water, and I am ready. There is absolutely no scent from the cock when it comes out, except the smell of fresh cum. And the taste as I clean up that cock is only the taste of cum.
Naturally, if there is another guy in line, no lube is needed, and there is double the cum to taste when he is done.
F-M-F Threesome
My wife has decided she wishes to share another woman with me. Like I'm going to complain right. She suddenly has an urge to taste pussy. Better yet she wants to Taste it while I shove my cock in it.

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