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Anyone know where there are glory holes around Allentown, PA?
Not sure but if i knew u were on the other side i would not last long before i came in your mouth.
There r a few In Bethlehem green door is one. My wife n I still want to go to Cupid’s but she has no time.
U n i r not that far away from each other

If you ever make it to Florida I know where there a few of them, and would love to visit them with you, that would be heaven

The green, door, cupids, and one more close to Kutztown. They have open air and booths where you can suck and swallow to your hearts content. Would not mind going with you.

Where at in Florida I vacation south of coco
try the OH....I think it if I remember went by Oh zone

when will you be there I would love to meet you

I will be in Florida on the 8th of July to the 18th of July

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Glory Holes Maryland
Has anyone found anyplace, in Maryland, that has glory holes and has any action. A place I went to, northeast area of Baltimore- can't remember the name, had booths but no glory holes I found. There is a place in Laurel that has a ew glory holes but I have never had any good encounter there. Maybe I went at wrong time.
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
theres some awesome glory holes o n route 40 in haverdegrace,maryland,i meet cpls from here often locked doors,nice booths,great glory holes,who wants to play:-D
Glory Holes
where the heck do I find one of these glory holes? Do most adult video places with booths have glory holes?
Glory Holes
I love sex thru glory holes. Does anyone know of any good places in the Denver metro-plex? I love glory holes in public bathrooms, adult books stores, parks, rest areas. I love to have my cock sucked thru a glory hole. I usually get naked and leave my door open a crack so I can also get walk in traffic.
Glory Holes Illinois
Man, I can't find any Glory Holes up here in the northen part of the state, the last place that had any was in Wadsworth on Highway 41 and Route 173, the viewing booths all had glory holes but then the booths got closed down.
Glory Holes
I love Glory Holes, This pic of me at a Glory hole on hwy 80 at Truckee Ca. Hope u enjoy....:)

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