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I'm just wondering if there's a way to turn off the auto Emoji substitutions for keywords.

Sometimes you want to share the key words without the auto correct emoji feature.




Totally agree.

Asaphx2 the icons ( emojis ) are all triggered by capitalizing the first letter of certain words like pussy or cock . Simply use lower case letters and the icons won't show up.


Sometimes I just want a cock in my ass.


Thank You

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Penis Pump
At a garage sale I bought an automatic breast pump, for a specific purpose in the shop. Unfortunately it was not powerful enough for the application. Then one day will using my penis pump, a light went on. :) I thought why don't I take some plastic tubing and hook it up to the breast pump. After a bit of making a few adjustments I was in heaven. When the opportunity presents its self, I pop a porn disc in the DVR, lay back and turn on my pump. It takes considerably longer that simply masturbating, but when you get off the orgasm is awesomely intense. Try it, you will love it.:)
Safety Words
“Pomegranate” is a good one. Who actually uses the word “pomegranate” in a conversation. Nobody. That’s who. So, it’s a perfect safe word. I recommend not using “more” or “harder” as safe words.
Caught By Family Member
Many years ago, my sister walked in on me one morning when I was masturbating. I was all of 14 and she was 12. I thought I had locked the bedroom door and was standing in the middle of my bedroom looking at a Playboy magazine on the dresser - just about to cum when my sister walked in. It was like slow motion: I heard and saw the door knob turn and the door open and before I knew it my sister was inside the room. I slowed down my rhythm but was powerless to stop. I just sort of froze in place. She made eye contact once inside the door and quickly closed it so other members of our family wouldn’t see. She looked at my hard-on in amazement. Surprisingly, I stayed rock hard. She slowly turned away and faced the door and told me to finish what I was doing. I did! It was an incredible turn on finishing with my sister only a few feet away. Since it was morning, and she had just awoken, she was only wearing panties, socks, no bra (not that she needed much of one anyway) and a thin cotton sleep shirt. When she turned away I could clearly make out her tiny bikini panty line and ass. That certainly added to the experience. I caught the cum in a tissue and quickly cleaned myself and grabbed a pair of gym shorts. She turned back around as I was slipping into my shorts, dick exposed and still semi-hard, and asked me for the school supplies that she originally intended to ask for when she came into my room. She didn’t say a word about what had just happened but she nervous and I could see her heart rate had increased. To this day we have not spoken a word about it. This took all of about 20-30 seconds, but seemed like an eternity; and is one the most memorable masturbation experiences as a teenager. I’ve always wondered if, at that age, she really knew what I was doing.
one word.. sexy
Forced Cock Sucking By A Woman
I question the word 'Forced' here. . . . . . . .:)
just came in here to see what the word quilting had to do with sex. i guess i see

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