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My lady and I recently shared our first MMF 3sone as a couple and she loved it! She really got off watching me suck his cock while she fucked him with her Favorite fat 9" dildo. We'd love to hear from other couples and others who have shared similar experiences

wow!!! didn't need toaster for my topic

yes guys loved being fucked as threre love watches and 9 in is the perfect size

MMF is of sucking and repeats

It’s a very hot scenario

We’re looking for our first
I love having a threesome with my hubby and another man. I get to meet new people that way and it’s awesome to see how different men fuck the pussy or go down on a woman or your hubby. I wouldn’t trade it for anything as of right now

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Couples Searching For Bi Males
I.m bi curiosos looking for Play First Time with bi couple a UK Norfolk .liked olders couple akceptar me submisiwe nice end small very openn maind discret Meeting me playing a Dick licking end sucking First Time y women looking bay after more
All Male Anal
I have been done few times but I'm having erection problem and decided to try bottom.First couple times had some pain but with experience it get better and better.I want it all time now.Last time he pounded me until I was sore for couple days.Need someone in my area to be regular top:)
Men Licking Pussy While She Is Getting Fucked
Was with a couple I knew and played with from time to time and she told me she had seen something in a porn movie she wanted to try. Her hubby sat on the couch as she staddled him and I knelt between their legs licking her. Every so often he would slip out and I would take him in my mouth and look up at her before helping him back in her pussy. It seemed to drive her even wilder watching me bob up and down on him before helping him back in her and going back to flicking her clit with my tongue. . She was screaming by the time we were done. Doing that became a regular thing for us whenever we would meet. I got transferred and we lost touch. Wish I could find another couple near me that would want to do this.
Couples With Bisexual Men
43 year old male in Louisiana looking for a male/female couple Who like to use a strap on. Also looking for a male/male couple to fill both my holes at the same time, Also would like to suck both BIG cocks at the same time.
Slave Wanted
I want to hook up with a active couple that be interested i. Having way way with me..Farey new at this, but over excited to meat a couple an want them enjoy having wayI would be very ecited if they wouldget very kinky an have awonderfull time.I try a hot creamy pie as he was blow load into her. I havw had a couple guys to have there nice cock to suck on alove it when I felt all that cum gushing in my mouth an gladly swollow all it. I also enjoy the time two of my school mate tag team me an made me there slut for a weekend. Made. Me fell wild a kinky feeeliing all there cum deep up my as.I enjoy. Both men an woman. :)
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
Always thought about sucking another guy off and wondered what it would be like ... I was with a couple a few weeks ago and out of the blue she wanted me to suck his cock ... which I did ... she loved it and then joined me ... later they both sucked on me and she really loved when we were sucking each other at the same time .. it was my first time sucking a guy ... I loved it with a woman and would love to find a local couple to see on a regular basis.

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