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Do you play in it or do you play with it

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Submissive Men
I have had the pleasure of playing the submissive when playing with couples. I had fun being the sex slave to them and giving both terrific head/rim and being topped by both his dick and her strap-on. |8B
Role Playing
I like role-playing, and I am willing to play any male role that the woman wants that I am role-playing with. It doesn’t matter to me, because I just enjoy pleasuring the lady on the other end, so the role itself doesn’t matter. I have done master/slave, I have also done the role of a WWE superstar while the lady played herself, and I have done other roles as well. Any ladies interested in role-playing can look me up as I do have experience in most roles. Though I am best at ones where I get to flirt and do nice things. I have lived my life to serve any ladies I know (I am submissive because I hate being mean to women.) so it is harder for me to play a mean, controlling, strict, or abusive role. I do not like rape roles either, but if that is what a lady wants I will try to please her how I can. That is just a little of my role-playing background, if you would like to know more feel free to contact me
Being Naked
Getting a little cold for it now however the girlfriend and I enjoy going naked in some of the parks around here.If we notice anyone watching us we will start playing with each other. One time after others had joined us there were 7 of us playing naked in the wooded area we found.
Modern playing cards have their origins in Tarot decks...if you know the meanings of the traditional cards, you can use playing cards just as well. Hearts was Cups (Water) Diamonds was Stones, pentacles, or coins (Earth) Clubs was Rods (Fire) and Spades had been Swords(Air)
Role Playing
I think role playing is a great way to spice up an already great time. It is like being with someone new, but you are already comfortable. And that is the key to me, it has to be with someone I am comfortable with and that I trust completely, but i love getting dressed up and playing someone new. The best one that me and Matt have tired was the Boss/secretary. I was the secretary of course, but it was a night of wild fucking that I will never forget.
Fucked In Public
I was fucked in public I was at a gay bar and I was shooting pool and I was bending over to make my shot so he started playing with my ass and I started getting horny so he had me go out back with him and he started playing with my ass some more so so he pulled out his cock and I started sucking it then he told me to bend over end pull down your panties then he rammed his cock up my ass till he cummed

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