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Last time I made one I kinda forgot about it, but I won’t forget this one. I want to try sucking dick for the first time. Small is preferred to start but I don’t mind a big done. Lmk in phx
is this small enough to start with?

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F-M-F Threesome
I have had this wonderful experience a time or two:-P and each time is always better! You know, the first time after the fact, you think, "Oh, I should have tried this or that and this!!! lol Then the next time you do. Wow!! What a rush!!! Then you think of something else you'd like to try the next time, and on and on it goes...... I live a blessed life! So far, the most number of women I had on me at once was 3. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.HugKissKiss
Dick In The Mouth With A Dick In The Ass
i had that happen 1 time at a adult movies.i was blowing a guy when 1 slipped in from the time he came i blew a total of 3 guys and then came myself.only happened 1 time but keep going back hoping for it again
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
We're a mwc and both bi: hubby has had a few bi experiences and loves to suck dick with wife watching and often participating. The first time was so hot: a long time friend showed up at a swing club we attend and the time seemed right to just do it. Wow. Loved the feel and taste of his cock. When his hot cum shot in my mouth it was a really wild sensation! Since that first time I've sucked 3 other dicks and of course my wife always is there watching... which makes it better! Can't wait to do it again and again and again....
Anal Sex
Had my ass fucked for the second time the other day and unlike the somewhat painful first experience, this time it was great. I sat on the guys dick and messaged it with my ass, slowly rocking back and forth and up and down - it felt so good. There were two disappointments - first was that he wasn't very big and second was he came too soon. Oh well, gives me something to look forward to next time.
Say I Do Love to do what you's all can see me do in my Photo's with my Bace Ball Bat, and it Feel Very Sweet to get to Ride on some thing that Big, But I Do Need (Help) with it From time to time, So if you are very interseted in Getting to Cum & Play in my PlayGround ? and you are a Female or Male do Say Hello some time ok? Bye - Oh Denizen FlowerKiss:);) Hug PS, and I can take a Very Big Wet Cock to as well as my Big Toy of a Bat, bye...Hug Kiss
All Male Threesomes
CCCUUMMM and FUCK Me Boy's 2 at a time or UP To 9 at a time ---> Just CCCuuMM and Get Off ON And wITH mE ? in philly pa ---> I do have a Place We can Meet and Get Off in C.C Philly pa, ;) do say Hello back any time OK My sweet and Very Rock Hard Boy's ---> bye 4 now, Dennis.Hug

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