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Dildos.....Oh the magic of those wonderful toys! Have our favorite one, actually it's! 14" double headed vibrating dual control Dildos....OMG! So much our favorite, we wore out our first one and we're on our 2nd. Need more be said? Remember to keep those extra batteries in stock! *D & D*
So much more fun with toys! I love having that hot woman put on a strap-on dildo and pleasure me with it. watching her use that dildo as i masturbate for her as she buries it in my ass. I shoot loads of cum all over my face and chest. Hot times for both of us! So much more hot with others watching and participating too.
God I love dildos. I have 5 different ones. Love to fuck myself and jerk off. What an orgasm.
i just love playing with dildos, especially with a coule with bi male. I love being stuffed from behind while sucking cock and all wild threesome activities.strapons too!
Although I'll gladly please myself with a nice big dildo, I prefer having a TS or Biwoman with a strapon Love Annie Kiss
love to play with toys of all kinds, but the best is when a lusty lady is using a strap-on on me woo hoooo! Dildo Love :-D
I love my double head black dong stuck in my ass it is so awesome I swallow it up with my ass. Ohhh yea
We have an assortment of toys. Enjoy riding my dildo, and waiting to get a strapon for wife to fuck with.
I Love pleasing myself with a Dildo. My wife and I have 1 dido, 5 vibrators with all kinds of different sleaves and 1 set of beads. And it's heaven when she me with the strap-on. :-D
It's hard to beat a dildo being shoved in and out of your ass while your getting your cock sucked OH YEA
Well, a picture is worth a1000 words!Hug And my pic here is one of many experiences we've had with the dildo's.... I have 5 or 6 but the dbl 14" izzzzz my favorate!!:-D Ilove to lay on my belly and have the vibrator on my clit and my husband or girlfriend work the magic of the dildo...... I leterally screem to the top of my lungsKissHug
Both Sue and I Love to play with a variety of sex toys, but I especially love it when she straps on my favorite dildo that's 10" x 2" and slides it in and out of my ass. Sue's favorite is a vibrating dildo that we made from a mold of my Cock using a kit we found at an adult toy store here in Jacksonville. Wink
the first time a woman used a dildo in my ass, i came so fast i couldn't even help it! she was smooth..took her time, lots of foreplay and lube...can't wait for that again!
got a big fat vib. but can take it all wish a women would help me out and get me to take it all i know id love it i can deep throut it but man id love for her to fuck me with it as i deep throut a real cock
any eggies?
better to have rechargable batteries
Say I Do Love to do what you's all can see me do in my Photo's with my Bace Ball Bat, and it Feel Very Sweet to get to Ride on some thing that Big, But I Do Need (Help) with it From time to time, So if you are very interseted in Getting to Cum & Play in my PlayGround ? and you are a Female or Male do Say Hello some time ok? Bye - Oh Denizen FlowerKiss:);) Hug PS, and I can take a Very Big Wet Cock to as well as my Big Toy of a Bat, bye...Hug Kiss
I just love using a strap-on Dildo and also being abused by another Female using her strap-on Dildo doing me doggie style!!! Sweet Marti
In me right up to the nutsack
My fucking slut hole is the slut champion of dildos.
Dildos on Bisexual PlaygroundDildos on Bisexual PlaygroundDildos on Bisexual PlaygroundDildos on Bisexual Playground

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