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Looking for guys to line up and fuck me. Next weekend. . .
Really where in Pennsylvania

If only you where closer fuck

I'm in Pittsburgh
Where is Pittsburgh

Did you mean in Pittsburgh? South Hills. By Brookline.

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I fly professionally and it's great job! I've managed to work airplanes into my sex fun, too. For example, one time I rented a Cessna 210 in California, and flew myself and a couple of friends (a bi MF couple) out to the desert where I landed the airplane on a dry lake bed. We got naked, laid out some blankets on the ground in the shade of the wings, and then licked, sucked and fucked ourselves silly. Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch and then laid out in the sun for an hour or so, resting up and working on our tans, and then we got dressed and flew back to the coast. What a great day that was!!! I've had many other great adventures that combined sex and flying. It really makes the sex all that more special !!!
Gay Gangbang
If anyone knows how I can be laid by a bunch of guys in Pittsburgh, let me know.
Bisexual Orgy
Looking for a bi oragy in cleveland. Ga just wanted to get together and have fun and get laid
All Girl Orgy
I've seen one and it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever laid eyes on :).
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
I've been fucked by my gf Nekogal with her strap-on more than a few times, very nice, I cum very hard. Not too long after we acquired our other gf, Nekogal decided she'd like to fuck me in front of our gf. I was a little nervous as I'd never had anyone watch while she fucked me, but after a minute I was like ok. She laid next to us as I laid down on my back, Nekogal slid her strap-on up my ass and began fucking me. It felt very good, maybe more than normal cause there was someone watching this time. After about 2 or 3 minutes of her fucking me while sucking my nipples as I played with hers her eyes suddenly got huge! She shuddered and came very hard. It amazed all 3 of us with how sudden she came. It was the first time she came while using the strap-on another person. I very much enjoy watching our gf fuck Nekogal with the strap-on, she has very good rythem while using it. Recently she mentioned she'd like to fuck me... Ok.
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
:-D More than willing. Always wanted to be laid out like a buffet for one and all to enjoy. Ralph Hug

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