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Located in Northwest Indiana.

Will you suck me dry

will you suck me dry
Davewolf and bnelly15 if you were closer absolutely
I would totally let you suck my cock
Reallyneedtocome if you were closer.

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Couple Looking For A Bisexual Male
I'm looking for a couple with bi male in so cal who would like to get oral with wife helping and instructions versatile would like to have male top me while I give female oral
Bi-Curious Men
Hi all, Very bi-curious married white male here. I am looking to give my first real oral to another male. I have thought about this for years and now I am going to do it. Please email me if you might like to recieve oral from another male.
M-M-F Threesome
What a turn-on, with so many possiblities... would love to give oral to both male and female while they are fucking, or suck his cock while she is using a strap-on on me, or eat her pussy while he fucks me.... like I said, so many possibilities...
Having Sex While Other People Watch
We both enjoy watching others having sex be it Male Male , Female Female , Male Male Female , Female Female Male , Male Female Male , when we visit friends or a friend or two comes over. Believe me, this is not only very exciting, but a great way to set the mood for a great night of sex.... Hug Kiss
As a TS myself, Female 2 Male and Male 2 Female TS give me the goose bumps all over. I can't get enough of the sharing and caring. Love you all Annie Kiss
Women Who Like Bi Men
I am in Maryland and would like to meet bi women or lesbian women who want only to have a man give them oral sex I am not into penetration only to give as much oral sex as you can stand oral means to give to any part of your body that gives you pleasure straight woman are ok too remember that for Maryland bowie Clinton area near by va ok

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