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so far the only 2 I've had has been my dildos... I'd like to have that changed... any takers?
I'd enjoy a 3some with a man and a woman...but I want to take turns being in the middle!
I'd enjoy a 3some with a man and a woman...but I want to take turns being in the middle!
I have never tried a 3some with 2 men b4. I think it would be totally sexy and hot.Definetly would be real excited having 2 Cocks at the same time. Switching positions very hot indeed. One of my fantasy that I would like to come true one of these days.. I would like to do some Fucking with 2 men.
to be honest,i'd love to share my lady with two cocks.i'd love to have two cocks shared with me too,but thats bisides the point
Looking desperatly for a threesome with two men. Anyone near CT interested?
I have been fucked by two men and it was great...I love cock in my mouth and pussy...I love this any men in the tucson area hook me up......
Threesomes are so GREAT! Wonderfully Sexy "IF" you have all three people in tune with each other! MFM or FMF or any and all combinations that works for you! Such a entire body and mind SEXUAL experience! Everyone should try it - but ONLY with the right people!
I love M-M-F and F-M-M fun where everyone is pleasing and being pleased.
I would love to watch my woman suck and fuck while I am on the other end. Fuck her pussy while she drools down a hard dick!
married man wanting mmf
I'd enjoy having sex wife my wife and another guy, but I especially love it when I'm in the middle...Blowjob :-P Sex :)
My wife loves having two men at once. One in her pussy and one in her mouth. I LOVE seeing another guys cock pumping her mouth and I fuck her while I watch him fill her mouth. It is the hottest thing I think one can do.
Looking for another male to join our couple for fun with me. My boyfriend would love it and the idea of it turns him on.
i have been fucking two men for quiet some time now,,one is my husband, and the other is a friend of ours,,there is nothing like having two men in your bed at once,,they are all over me,for those of you wanting to try it,,hell,go for it ,,you only go around once in this ol world,so make the most of it,,lose those inhibitions,,you will love it
anyone in atlanta?
Love to have female watch me w/ guy
a cock and pussy @ the same time/it is the best/ ihave 4 make me cumm fetishes and this is always the #1 ranked
Oh Jesus! Fuck my wife while I jack off watching! lol

HUGE HUGE HUGE fantasy of mine yet to be realized.

Hey E10Semen I would love to help you out. I am close by too and can actually make it happen.
I did it once in my mid 20s. they were 19 0r so so experience and longevity didn;t exist lol.

I now and then fantasize about being on my knees sucking 2 cocks at once ending with them cumming all over my face
I love hot sex with a M F couple. It is the best sex I have ever had!!
I have done a threesome with a cpl who are great friends... mfm and it was the best orgasmic sex ever. wished my wife would do it.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
i love to get into a hot sticky no holes barred sex fest with a married couple!:-P
my husband and I are looking for a man to come and play with us when he gets home in october but wed like to get to know you first hit me up if your intrested were in the columbus GA area
My wife and I will be moving to Augusta, GA in Sept. However i return home from Afghanistan in May. We are looking for a bimale, or bicouples to have some fun with in Colorado. If you are interested let us know. Hope to hear from you. Happy Hunting...
I'm a 24 year old horny devil looking for some bisexual fun. I'd be completely interested in joing a couple to suck cock, lick pussy, get fucked, be fucked, anything. I've never experienced it in real life, and I'm dieing to try it out
My partner and I are looking for a Bi Male to have fun with. We both are completely interested in suck cocking, getting fucked, the one doing the fucking, anything.
I would love to lick hot pussy and suck cock. I love oral, licking and kissing both all all over. Couples, give it a try, or if shy, one can watch or masturbate
while I am in heaven giving oral pleasure.
Two cocks and one hot woman make a great combo..
I like the attention of 2 men! Kiss
i have just resently had tow mfm experience thae last one was two marines so very sexy on licking my pussy other one licking my breast then we all slept in a king size bed together AMAZING, FUN AND SO SEXYKiss
Im ready and waiting in FLORIDA
I am looking for a MMF or MFM to join. Let me know when and where, I will be there.
went to turkey on hols last may. aafter 2 nights met mature turkish man 58. after a few drinks he invited us to his place where we had a nice smoke[hash] he ut on some porn vids witch got us all turned on.we could see he was getting hard and it looked very big my wife started kissing him and i undone his fly an took out his cock it was 8ins and very fat he let us stay with him 4 the rest of our hols[8 days] and he fucked me and my wife at least 3/4 times a day and we are now looking to meet same kind of men in london :):|:(:-P;)
I love the feel of a huge cock in front & back nothing like feeling them rub and sword fight in side you. Nothing like all 3 cumming at the same time, mmm.
New fresh bi curuious single Ann Arbor MI member here lookin to meet a couple or single for fun
New fresh bi curuious single Ann Arbor MI member here lookin to meet a married couple or single for fun
nothing wrong fucking a woman while being fucked yourself lol
I want to feel the sudden swelling of his cock in my mouth or ass, overwhelming flood of his seed into my insides. Even better when a Lady/Ladies are watching and playing with themselves, with approval...Kiss
This is my biggest fantasy!!!!! My man is all for giving it a try also, if u are interested please get at us!!!
Me and my boyfriend want a girl that wants two cocks in her!! Or couple that would like the girl to get fucked by a younger and older guy.
ready to go - waiting patiently in MA for the right opportunity...
Looking in S. Florida.
I am looking for two men and 1 woman to complete my fantasy...r u interested?
I like 2 men at once. If they cum together 1 in me and the other in my mouth i cum like crazy:-D
2 cocks 1 pussy a dream yet to cum true, MIAMI here
it will be a first for me...
done the G G threesome now i want to try the 2 guy and girl thing... makes me hard as fuck thinkin about it!
mfm mmf makes me cum so hard think I'm going to bust a nut . any couples
wishing to try with an experienced bi guy in Niagara area get in touch .
i am wanting to try it....its been a fantasy of mine....i just dont know people lol
Me and my husband both want to be fucked so hard by another man.. We want him to fuck us both and then he Will be fucked by both of us... And i want both of these men to fuck each other while i watch... Then cum all over me.-Alabama
We had a boy toy from Aussie land for several years. Damn he was huge and a great guy. We played MFM and all thoroughly enjoyed each other. Guys dabbled in Bi action, but never really committed to it. She totally loved it and craves MFM action again! Jeez, DP sweet it is!!!
I've been wanting to try it. ;)
Ihave always enjoyed watching any woman I'm with fucking and sucking other men and joining me in sucking and fucking others aswell. Love 3somes with other couples aswell and eating pussy and sucking cock aswell as fucking and getting fuckedHug
Im a fit older man that was married to the same sexy woman for 34 years we use to have fun getting younger couples to swing with use but it was not till after my divorce that i found out what i had been missing:-D i had been working so much was not able to date and get laid or even get a good head job. so one night i pulled into this adult video store that had vid arcades in the back well i got some tokens and got in one of the booths and found a real hot vid of this chick giving a really hot blow job she was so into it made that throbbing look so good well i did not even see the guy in the booth next to me slide his cock in the hole between us and his lovely cock was just inches from my face when i saw it it was so much better and bigger then the one in the video heck it looked good so i just gobbled it up an found out i was good at sucking cock and loved it when his cock blew that huge load of cum down mt throat mmm i loved it was so hot wet and nasty
Hello from Bloomington , Indiana.
I am a 60 years young bi swm looking to be a third for bi couples in my area or near by.
I love to eat pussy , suck cock, fuck & get fucked.
NSA, just friendship and some good sexual fun.
wish i could get there
would love to meet up with a bisexual couple and have the woman take charge. anyone interested in he buffalo/niagara falls area
Hi! I'm a bisexual guy called Andy from the Northampton in the UK. I am seeking younger couples interested in a male for threeway fun, frolics and lots of kisses and hugs! XXX :)
Would love to share on a cock with a beautiful woman
All i need is a sexy bisexual guy !!!'''
Me and my woman is looking for a bisexual guy to have a threesome we are in leetonia,oh we are tring new thing
Ive done 3sums an its so much fun looking in s,w, Pa
i am looking for 2 hung blk guys or e to lick and shemale with big cock and bi couple ; i love lick and suck bih cock while i get fuck;;;houston area
My girlfriend and I are liiking for a young guy to join us in sime crazy fun.. orrville, oh area
I like to try evereting:-D
If you have any fantasy I like to ejoy wite you
I would love to try MMF new to the bi play I'm open minded would love to play in Boston area.
WOW! who would be the lucky girl, as long as i 'm one of the guys i'm going to make that happen,
Count me in sweetheart!!!
Anyone in Central Florida that wants to play with me?;)
I'm a thick chick that would live to experience. two guy who to be my first?
Me an my hubby want a cute guy to join in on some games I want you and my hubby have oral sex before I even get involved
My biggest fantasy.....I think about it every day. Boston here
Fantasy here from so cal !
Looking for male/female to join me and my wife for a threesome?
Any one in reno nevada area!! Hit me up
Two latino cocks for me would be niceKiss
.sorry everyone I hit the to die one girl by accident actually wanted to be two girls myself somewhere else and my husband well my boyfriend
I want to watch my wife get fucked while click her pussy and all the Cum of my girl and his clock.I want to see her get fucked in the mouth and ask me to kiss her.a
I want to watch my fiancee suck a hard clock while I get her pussy wet.then eat her fresh fucked pussy while his clock is slowly fucking herpussy the taste of her count all over hiss cock .then double penetrate her ass and pussy so we all Cum together.
Love mfm with biplay I've always had threesomes but lately been into 3sums with biplay and all 3 of us playing together and being kinky with role play strap on and sharing. Looking for hot friends to play with and network. Love having more than one cock at a time and love biplay I enjoy women as well would love mff as well. Let's chat and meet. Get your sexy on baby! That's how I roll. Let's get it on xoxo
I would love to try it.
I really enjoyed having a second man there to give 2 cocks and 2 mouths of sexual attention! Was even more fun when after I mounted my wife(ex) from behind, the other guy mounted me and I got to be meat in the middle! Awesome!
I've enjoyed two men at one time, they were straight though. I'm looking forward to two bi guys and the fun, kinky, sexual pleasure we'll all enjoy.
Hubby and I want to share a and fucks for everyone
I would like to try it.Any body in the St. Petersburg , Fl are want to try.?
Contact me
I'm in Wichita Kansas bi firm top male and I want to meet up with someone for sex badly. Preferably a bi couple or a transsexual that's willing to drain me and keep me drained. I need it today or tonight. Is there anyone from Wichita Kansas in here that's willing to hook up soon.
Curious Lioness seeks Playmate to enjoy Tantric Pleasures with my sensuous and very Handsome King in the City of Angels.
Anyone wanna chat
I'm down hmu if N cali
any one in montana??? :-P
Hey u guys im 37 years old and i guess im a fuckable guy cause id sure fuck myself if i could but i want a 3sum or 4 but i want a big cock up my tight ass and im sucking the other cock..i live n london ky..msg me
Hi all, just joined the site. I live in north AL and travel much. Hope to connect with sane, clean individuals.
looking for a couple in nor cali by stockton
Yes man man one woman wow get me in California
I miss guys fucking me. My ex wife loved to watch me and another guy. Tulsa, OK. I loved watching anothe guy or girl make her cum. I need a bi girlfriend that is open to anything as long as were togeather.
Enjoy 2 guys 1 woman...very intense...
I’ve had a few 3somes !
MFM, FMF, and MMM, so much fun !!!
I wish I was HER!!!
nice cock Mark....
2 Guys One Woman on Bisexual Playground2 Guys One Woman on Bisexual Playground2 Guys One Woman on Bisexual Playground2 Guys One Woman on Bisexual Playground

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