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Two Guys Sucking Each Other off with a Woman Watching

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Two Guys Sucking Each Other off with a Woman Watching on Bisexual PlaygroundTwo Guys Sucking Each Other off with a Woman Watching on Bisexual Playground
I am an atractive, 6'2" 200lbs guy with an athletic build looking for new sexual experiences..I am D/D Free and expect anyone who I am with to be the same. I am very respectful and laid back with everyone, and would never do anything that another person does not want to. I love to get to know people and hang out...then see where it goes from there. Being attracted to each other is a must...sexual chemistry goes from there. looking to enjoy great times with good people who also enjoy a bisexual lifestyle. I would feel more comfortable getting with a bi couple...but I am also up for getting with a bi-guy and seeing where we take things. it really turns me on when I think about sucking a cock with a woman and sharing his cum with her. I want to take a guys cum in my mouth and share it with a woman while we are kissing each other...we both swallow every drop... I also want to swallow every drop of a guys cock while his wife or girlfriend gets off watching me...then she makes him do the same to me...I also want to experience sucking two cocks at the same time and getting both guys off...
Married awhile and sexually advebturous! Wife loves sucking cock and burying her face in a sweet pussy! She's longs to be double penetrated, wants me to watch her fuck a woman, and she gets off thinking about watching me jerk a guys cock and possibly sucking each other off!
I've always been straight minded tho recently I gt turned on watching an Ebony Woman get her Pussy licked & Guys sucking a BBC
I am interested in getting to know a couple and explore things from there. I am turned on by th ethought of the woman watching / directing the guys to pleasure each other and I would like to try sucking cock.
Older white male who loves to be a guys (white or black) cock sucking faggot bitch and loves to eat hot cum. Love to be called nasty, degrading names when sucking a cock and like being used as a bitch. Will suck your cock alone or your girl can watch. I am a bottom for guys, a top for girls. Also very into watching white girls or guys sucking nice black cocks.
late bi bloomer. been mostly m/f sex but recently i have been watching some bi sex vids and find myself getting aroused when the guy starts sucking off another guy. when the guy shoots his load in the other guys mouth i almost cum just watching. looking forward to my next encounter.
Most women just enjoy the fact that times have changed and women now have the upper hand and are watching the naked guys sucking and fucking each other for their enjoyment. There is nothing wrong with it and most guys are now willing to do this for a woman to enjoy. Sure there are the very few guys who are caught in the 50s and think it should be the other way with guys watching the girls but evertually even the most macho guys will understand the change that has put women in charge in the bedroon now, There's nothing wrong with guys watching the girls but understand its up to what the women want and they sure do like watching you guys.
I agree with Billy Sue, Times have changed and now women are enjoying watching their husbands or boyfriends haveing sex with a guy more then ever. It is so common, but of course unless you are on a site like this most couples will never let you know they do this. I believe today more women get to watch the guys then guys watching the girls. Some guys may still be too inhibited and embarrased to let their woman watch them sucking cock but for the most part the average guy today will let their woman enjoy watching and even joining in if in fact that is their wish. It is a wonderful feeling for all involved and how can that be anything but great.
I the male actually like the best of both worlds mmf-bisex where the wife/gf gets to start by watching and playing with herself while 2 guys play starting with sucking with her guiding us, then to her saying she wants to see the 2 guys fuck and how hot it is getting her. Then the porn that shows a man fucking a woman missionary and as he is fucking her the other guy fucks his ass. Or the one guy is getting pounded hard, while he eats out the woman.

the female here, watching 2 guys fuck is so hot, especially with a more dominant girl guiding them into doing it. I get so soaking wet watching mmf-bisexual porn with my husband.
It seems more and more guys today are sucking cock and fucking another guy while their woman or another woman watches and enjoys. There seems to be a huge shift with girls having their way with the guys and even joining in once they are so turned on watching them. While some girls put on a show for the guys still there are a lot of women today who want their guy to suck another guy for them and they dont want another woman with them. My how times have changed and even though this is great for the girls, guys are starting to enjoy being the sex toys too. Guys are not that macho image they used to be and no longer act like a woman is second to them. I would like to hear from all the guys who want to let women watch and also all the women who want to watch the guys. I have read many articles aaaaaaaaaaaaabout this with real people and it is unbelievable how many couples are into this. One is "female" and the post is "watching husband with other men" check it out and you will see how widespread this is. In the meantime enjoy your guys ladies
NYNJCOUPLE, you are honest about your likes and not afraid to admit you like watching guys have sex with each other. Every woman should experience the turn on of watching the guys. I know you and I agree on how hot it is. I love hearing you say that. I also whould like to know how you feel about watching guys suck each other and watching them fuck each other and stroking each other. Also do you enjoy watching them make love and hugging and kissing each other very sensually ??? I would love to know how you like all that
Your so right. I think some guys get embarrased knowing a female is watching guys sucking and fucking each other. Females absolutely love knowing their the ones doing the watching and the guys are the ones giving the show. I know a lot of women who have acomplished the mission in seeing guys sucking and fucking including my wife.


Being Watched Sucking
It's a total turn on when I'm at an adult theater and sucking a guy's cock. It's even a bigger turn on when I'm sucking a guys cock and other guys are watching as he blows his load. The guys watching end up taking out there cocks and I always get to suck 2 or 3 more cocks.
Women Watching Men Suck Dick
I have recieved requests from women who wanted to watch me suck off guys and I have been very happy to oblige. I enjoy sucking cock and having a woman watch me do it makes it more fun :-D I have had the pleasure of sucking off a group of several men while the wives of some of them were watching....deliteful.;)
All Men Orgies
My wife would love to watch me with several guys...watching me have a variety of dicks...some sexy black uncut cocks... sucking guys ...getting them hard so they can fuck me...
Sex At Book Stores
I love going to bookstores. I love sucking guys cocks but really love it when they tell me to get up and bend over. Having other guys watching and stroking is so hot and have then see me get cum shot all over my face and step up for their turn. Anyone here in Phx?
M-M-F Threesome
We have done several MMF and MMMF. I enjoy watching the wife with other men and she loves getting fucked by one while sucking other cocks. Don't know why but love to see other guys having her suck their cocks. It is just so hot watching her with other men while I suck a cock too. We both derive a great deal of pleasure from this. Watching her on her knees with a friend fucking her and seeing our other friend fucking her mouth while I suck our third friends cock is such a turnon. Of course my 1st concern is always her satisfaction.
Watching Men Suck Eachother Off
I love sucking cock in a group. It usually gets the guys watching hard..Then its their turn :)


Thank you for letting me become a member of your site. We are a little curious about watching & being watched and some inclination to having a woman of a couple join us. Thank you once again for the power to learn about people and there way of life.