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When I masturbate, sometimes I fantasize being very young, like 6 or so, and that I'm being masturbated by my older sister.
i like the idea of being a young guy who has to please and be used by grandpa and a couple of his friends
There is something very erotic and taboo about the older and younger side of sex that adds to the excitement. We take em 18-48. Hug
What really gets me hot is being a young girl with a "Daddy/Uncle/Grandpa" ; and he does naughty things to me. He puts me over his lap for a spanking and then starts playing with my exposed pussy. What would be really fun is to have "Daddy and Mommy" play with me!Flower
I love to be completely shaved, freashly showered and then crawl into bed and fall asleep.

When I wake up, it is because my husband is under the covers slowly rubbing on my thighs, and I just lay there stiff as a board, while my breathing gets heavier. Everything is more tingely and sensitive if it happens while you are alseep and you slowly awaken to it. Everything is magnified in intensity!

He continues to take liberties with my body as I try to get away, while wipmpering, "No's" and "Don'ts" quietly. His body holds me down.

He holds me down and tried to fuck me, while I keep my legs firmly closed. He shoves himselve inbetween my legs forcefully and begins to try to olace his penis against my completely shaved and soft bare pussy. When he first penetrates me, my pussy lips are pulled up by the force and weight of his abdomen on my cunt lips. This pulls the pussy TIGHT and creates a very VIRGIN like feeling for both of us. As he thrusts deeper and deeper into my cunt, each thrust creates a "Ripping me open" feeling.... each time!

All the while, I am acting like a little girl who is being acosted for the first time... FUCK that is HOT!
that is hot....i love young girl fantasies...which is ALL they are to me....mmmmm
i've always fantasized about older women, including reletives/family. not sure if that's weird or not. they've always turned me on.
i've always fantasized about older women, including reletives/family. not sure if that's weird or not. they've always turned me on.
My boyfriend and I have played father/daughter mostly, have done older brother/little sister as well. I love it.
I have no hang ups with dating or anything else about,younger girls.i like having fantasys about them(18+).nice small petit bodies.Aor B sized breasts.nice sized tight bodys,the kind u love to fuck.24-7,an a nice shaved pussy the kind u can eat allday an night.
me and my sweetie.. love daddy/baby role.. and he is a VERY good daddy~~ baby loves him Hug
I have a fantasy about meeting a bi couple, going back to their place, getting naked. Husband and I start sucking each other while the wife watches while she masturbates. Then their two young sons walk in and catch us and the couple has them play with me.
Once, when I was fucking a woman, she began to call out in a 'little girl' voice: "Mommy! Look at what Daddy's doing! I came like a firehose... it was a very erotic experience. :)
My previous love and myself loved to play like this.... I'm a young horney girl who wants to learn
My previous love and myself loved to play like this.... I'm a young horney girl who wants to learn
My previous love and myself loved to play like this.... I'm a young horney girl who wants to learn
My previous love and myself loved to play like this.... I'm a young horney girl who wants to learn
I'm in Utah and would love to find an older guy to have some fun father/daughter role playing with. ;)
Like to know what it's like to give teen age gril a bath and then put my little gril to bed thinking she was asleep I go into my room and start to Masturbate and fuck myself with my jelly Cock not knowing that every night she was watching me but this night she come in and joins me with her Vibe in one hand a warm bowl of honey in the other she want me to cover my ass and cock as she covers her tits, ass, thighs, and pussy she is so sexy and standing there finger playing with her clit makes me want to be her toy, she has so many differant role plays for us to act out but her best is the YOUNG HONEY POT and WINNE the POTLICKER BEAR now let me tell you how it go's she fills her inner PUSSY with honey and rubs some on her inner thighs and along her clit her PUSSY is just driping with honey it is running all down between her legs such sweet, sexy and golden smooth theighs she has and I hunting around the room looking for the honey I smell and I follow the smell into the room she is sleeping in up to the bottom of the bed and under the covers between her legs the honey smell was stronger her legs are wide open because she fell asleep while she was Masturbating so I begain by softly licking the honey on her thighs she is still asleep because her Came hard this time and was so tired from working long hours today so I reach the spot from which the honey was flowing and I lightly lick around her clit and start to stroke her
I am atrackted to younger females 18-21 years old .I dont know what it is but it gets me so horny when i think about eating a young Pussy. Want to have some fun with a couple in the Northern Virginia Area? Lets chat and get to know each other first and we take it from there. Nothing expected when we first meet. This is all new to us so we are nervouse.KissHugFlower
i love age play any one tryed mom,son,dad,
mmmmmm ...i would love to live that fantasy
I saw a hot video, supposedly mother & daughter. Daughter started sucking mom's tit, while mom asked her if she liked being mommy's little girl again. The girl responds, "Yes I like being mommy's little girl." It was so, so hot.
wonderful fantasy we should all indulge in! quincy area/let me know! 18+ guy or gal wanted
turns me on alot!!! check out my pacifier interest and photos!
I would love to get together with an older man, woman, or couple. Growing older should never mean losing your zest for life or sex! Flower
I wish my parents had been open enough about sex to have sex with me. It would have been wonderful to grow up fucking my mother and father, sucking my fathers cock, and having him fuck me. Not to mention the fun my brother and I could have had. I knew a woman who's little boy would fuck her everytime I did. God, would she cum. If it's loving, it's good. Incest should be legal. I'm talking about loving sex, not rape.
Age play can be fun :D
when i go to bed at nite i fantasy abouy a women around my size climing in my bedroom window and getting into bed with me, she then snuggles up close to me and starts to rub my stomch and then turns me on my back and give me a long slow blow job.
i would love to releve my 13 year old experience i had with a teacher. it was summer time in chicago and i was in summer school. at 3pm the class ended and my teacher ask me to stay a few minutes to show me where i made a few mistakes on my paper. all the other studens left. the teacher lock the door and said it was so nobody would disturb us. as i was standing close to his desk he put his hand up my short pants, it felt realy nice, i didnt want him to stop. he then sliped of his chair neeled in front of me and gave me my first blow job. i love it. i,d give anything to have that happen again.
anyone want to play right now?
I wish I had a teacher play with me at there house or at a school
i love it when a total stranger cums on to me on the public bus while i pretend to sleep. 1st they fondle me, then bend me over and fuck me right there on the bus
I want younger guys the closer to 18 y.o. the better to use me to receive all their cum doposits..I want to be their barebacking, cumloving, cocksucking, submissive, total bottom ole slut..To get on my knees or bend over and take their loads..To take a dick in my mouth while their bud plows my faggot ass..I believe that Real Men are innately Superior to this homo and that they are entitled to: Dominate, Control and Rule over this queer boy, Call me a fag, Humiliate me, Squirt all over my face, Spit on me, Piss on me..Be extremely vocal and the dirtier the better..Any Real Men looking for a real fag?..
Guys jerkoff into the wide open mouth of this gay dude, Use me for bareback fucking and cum depositing, Use my asshole and pump a condom full of cum and I'll eat the jizz out, Gangbang my man cunt until it is practically overflowing, Ride my pussy ass and then let me service your cock, Shoot your massive cum loads all over this cock boys face, Watch this cum pig turn myself into a cum deposit for guys loads, Give this fag your pussy covered cock to suck clean..Waynesboro, Va area..
love to do fun cyber sex with and older woman
any girls want to chat 19 f ky bi sexual:-P
i would love to role play mom and dad teatch son and daughter about all the fun aspects of sex. It would be so fun.:)
I want to seduced by a mommy and daddy and be fucked and sucked and sexually taken advantage of. I want them to fuck me all night long, in my pussy, ass and mouth.
There is no greater erogenous zone than the human mind. What triggers arousal, excitement and orgasm is often beyond experience or understanding. My wife and I together and separately regularly use age play fantasies and other forms of role playing to get wetter and harder; to trip those wonderful OMG orgasms that leave you satiated and strangely hungry for more.
Here is one fantasy of mine, my inadequate poetry crafted for you...

Such craving in one so young and Do So Want to feel that fever pitch of pain and pleasure.... arms stretched and tied above, your breasts & ruddy nipples throbbing with both need and abuse from repeated application of cruel fingers, tongue and lash; your broad beautiful ass humping your Daddy's thick fingers as he spanks you with other hand and you crying & begging shamelessly for sweet release...which he always stops before you can get off...and despite your cursing and trembling with denied need, he makes you stand perfectly still while he toys with your slick cunny, back to front, front to back, both hands...if you move, he withdraws those pleasures and spanks you until you restrain yourself and beg for his forgiveness and his renewed eventually start carving sweet little figure eights in the air to entice your daddy's touch being the greedy slut you are...he accomodates you with furtive caresses of ass, thighs, and pussy...what will you do little girl to cum, what will you promise, when the smell of your ripe desire is everywhere and your need is so great? Will he deliver to the mother of all orgasms or take you up one more notch of sensation and prolong the cycle?

Or will he strap you to his Sybian and make you orgasm again and again until you pass out?

When you are done, will he take you down and take care of you as a lover should? will he bathe you, shampoo your hair, massage out those knotted muscles, soothe that fiery ass? will he whisper his love as you lay falling asleep in the bed that he prepared for you? will he be master, brother-friend, father-confessor, lover and tyrant of your heart?
I always love to fuck older men have them dominate me and spank me and treat me like a dirty little school girl whore!!! I would also like to be dominated by a older mommy who is jealous of her hot slutty daugher!!
There are some out there that think that there is something wrong with this. I don't see anything wrong as long as it is between consenting adults that want to share this activity. :)
Brother and sister
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