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I love the feeling of a dildo/ vibrator being shoved into my ass. My favorite toy is a vibrating butt plug and I love the feeling of fullness it gives me.HugHugHug
a wonderful substitute for a meat puppet if there isn't a man handy to mount me. I like to be topped by a woman wearing a strap-on dildo as well especially if she knows how to ride me hard :)
I fully agree with Chilly that a strap-on dildo can be a good substitute for when a man is not around to thrust his hard thick throbbing cock in and out of my ass... Wink Billy
I am going to try a finger, small viborator with lub. Anyone tried these. What lub is the best
I love using a vibrator dildo on Jon...He loves it! :)
I love the feeling of a dildo up my ass. My favorite is to have a dildo up my ass while I am sucking a cock and having my cocked sucked.
I have a pretty large real life like dildo I've been playing with for several years now. And I love that it's cock shaped! I've stretched myself pretty wide using it, starting from so tight I was having problems, to now I'm very accomodating! It's erotic to hit my prostate and cum this way. Love the feeling of being spread wide open! I feel a bit submissive doing so... and that's what I love most about it!
I have so many toys it is not funny hehehe I love them all
love the feel of a dildo
Gosh I love bouncing on a dildo in my ass!!! Has anyone tried an "Anerous?" It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! Just walking with it plugged in my ass feels like I am getting fucked!@!! GRACIOUS....of course, my ultimate desire os for a woman to fuck me in the ass with a strap-on while I suck her hubby's cock all freshly wet from fucking her pussy.
Just fuck me in the ass or use a dildo. I love feeling the fullness of a cock or a dildo up my anus.Kiss|8B
Having an 8" Dildo in my ass feels AWESOME... Wouldd love to get fucked by a woman with a strap-on too...or better yet with a Tranny...
I love using my 8inch dildo and plug my wife cant wait to fuck my ass with a strapon
Love to fuck my male pussy with my 8 X 2 black dikdo it feels great love to lick it off after fucking myself the taste is great also love to cum on it then eat my very sweet tasty cum in suck a cock whore love to do this while wearing my 6 inch high herls
I love to finger myself as I am sucking a dildo getting it wet , aftr my fingers have opend me up some , i`ll slide that vibrating cock down to my pussy , gently pressing and pushing it inside mmmmmmmmmm I`v not yet felt a real cock in me nor felt a cock cum inside of me , both I wish to experience soon and allot , mmmmmmm or to have a few women with strap on`s teaching me ass to mouth and teaching me to embrace my desire and need for cocks , damn i`m getting excited just thinking about a Mistress having me feminized and turned into her sissy cock slut
I like dildos, and butt plugs. I try not to use them too often. I want to keep my ass tight for your pleasure. Lindawantabe
I have and used a few dildos in fun. I love to masturbate watching porn or computer Cam2Cam till I'm so excited. I get out my favorite dildo ... its a 7" soft textured cock looking toy. I get out my lube and slick it all up and put a little in and around my brown hole. My towel has a raised spot that I position my dildo and slowly rub the tip of the dildo against my bum till I can feel my hole start to relax and open up. Once my ass starts to open I get on my knees and start to slowly let more of the dildo slide in and out by sitting on it. Ahhh it starts to feel so good and I slowly start to sit lower so more of the dildo goes inside my ass. Because of the raised part of my towel it help get more inside, so while jerking my cock I usually can get almost all 6.8" up inside me. lol I get lost in my fantasy of some hot guy fucking me as I suck a cock and trying to swallow a hot creamy load.
With a dildo you can accomplish some of your fantasies. Deep penetration for example. Some women/men don’t want husbands wives with open minds, so do it on the sneaks or find some one like me, I’ll even strap one one and fuck you.
Women very welcom to peg me, would like to try it
Have my bbc play with toy on me
Just took this big ghang
I use what’re works.
Love em all
Love this blow up dildo
I want to ride
I shoot really big loads when I'm fucking myself with my 8" vibrating cock dildo! I wonder what it would feel like to be fucked by another guy wearing a vibrating cock ring!
Just love my new best friend Basix Slim 7!! Only thing slim is first inch, gradually gets larger fells so good!!
Fuck Yeah Lets play i can go deep
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