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Straight Guys Who Use Dildos on Themselves

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white boy that secretly started wears his girlfriend's panties and playing with her dildos while watching femdom sissy and CD porn which my gf has discovered on my computer asked one her friends of she could find out for her by seeing if I'm 'secretly into that and used her dildos and she that for certain one of her dildos has been very recently used and pair of her thongs worn dthe only other person it could is her gay friend she lets cover and dreshoping she would agree and move on but she said she will ask him and findoutil and now's he wouldn't lie about via he knows she knows all his dirty kinky secrets and fetishes and the people he plays with and she was shocked at how many "straight" guys are bi or gay or crossdress. I responded by saying oh really I'd never think that and icurious has to whom any of them are and if I know them which she said actually yes there are a few we bot h know and hangout with that placed an ad online wanting to explore his bicurious fantasies aan shave a mmf threesome and couldn't believe who it was when he sent a pic and whendisguise her face so he wouldn't recognize her until he stared gck nd but swor showed me everand only has it via a friend gave it to her so she practice sucking big cock really good and her kinky fetish is watching porn of huge thick cocks being stroked,sucked and cummingould tell it Ben used via it tasted different when she last played with a had one of her gay friends affirm by taste and smell that it's been inside boipussy and that she never told me she had big black dildo which was the one only 2 of her friends kkeepssnd never ever thought I'd do and be into till one of her friends told me that my gf told her that she saw on y phone where I'd been watching was secretly into that and has a fantasy of watching me do thatwhichwas if I ever wondered how it would feel to use her dildos on myself Recently got caught by her friend who is discreetly dirty and kinky and loves to femdom "straight" guys and long as I do what she ask no matter what then she won't tell my girlfriend nor my friends. I never ever thought I'd be into and do the dirty kinky taboo type things she has me do. If tried many times to tell her no. I'm not doinghe had me watch my first BBC porn which I never thought I'd do nor did I ever expect to be the most turned on and by far the hardest my cock has ever been ,nor knew I have a boipussy that got soaking wet nd it's natural for white boys to get turned and experience their boipussy soaking wet and cumming like never before Now she want so see me suck and barebacked by my first BBC
At 21 a man dressed mea girl used strap ons got an gave oral dildos double dildos need older couple for same
We are a gay couple who enjoy hooking up with straight and bi-curious guys. We get off on knowing that the cocks we're playing with also get hard for pussy. We enjoy showing other men new forms of pleasure and especially enjoy helping straight and bi-curious men discover anal pleasure. We have a full line of toys (cock rings, ball stretchers, nipple clamps, dildos, butt plugs, electric anal probes, poppers). We also have lots of condoms and lube. We play safe and respect limits.
I am mostly straight but I want trans girls to tell me how to use dildos
22yo male. I'm not gay" but like to watch shemale videos and girls with dildos. I just want to be penetrate for a girl or a couple with dildos to see if I really like. I have to many fantasies and most of the time I wearing my cousin underwear without her knowledge
HI ! young 19 year old college student 134 lbs, 5'6' into talking about almost anything. Like a smart guy who is masculine and fit. Not all interested in looks but it dosn't hurt to meet someone attractive. I am into all the arts from writting to drawing and everything in between. Not into the gay scene and prefer straight guys who are curios, bi guys, or masculine gay guys. Oddly enough I am a top...for those masculine gay guys..but give great oral sex to those straight or bi guys..unless you want to bottom. Like all races..but recently been REALLY horny for a fit Asian guy. Discreet and no strings wouldn't mind making friends with those I am sexually involved. Not looking for a LTR just someone to help ease my urges.
My biggest thing that bothers me is straight guys who says they are straight that clearly are not. I understand if you write straight and your looking for only a bi-female. The guys who come in the chat posting seductive pics, hitting on guys, saying the want to try sucking cock or having a threesome with other guys. Those are the ones i am referring to. those are clearly bi. rather its just being curious or full out bi. One guy said he puts straight incase someone saw him on this site. they are only going to see it if they were on this site looking too. Your profile needs to line up with what you are looking for. dont put bi if your straight and dont say your straight if your bi. Dont give us mixed messages and make us try and figure out what you really looking for.
I am 100% gay, and I travel alot for work and that is why I joined this site. I have been forunate enough to meet several men from here, and beleive it or not over half of them are listed on here as straight or bi-curious. I don't really come on to them, becasue I have had straight guys get really pissed when I say Helloe and welcome to the site. But of the straight guys I have met here most of them approached me, and the others I commented on their picture that they were attractive or had a fit body. I think alot of straight guys are just curious and if they happen to meet someone on here that they would be a little curious about meeting and it is someting both sides want to try, got for it. I have met more straight curious or bi-curious guys guys here then bi or gay guys, and to be honest meeting up with a curious guys and giving them their first experience with a guy, is actually a real turn on for me especially when they tell me its only a one-time thing they are just curious and will never do it again, and then they contact me in less than 24 hours asking when we can meet again, it is Great. This is a Great site, I have been very succesful meeting guys on here, and there is something for everyone here.
Just an update:

It's been close to 6 years since we first made this post, and just a few days ago, on Saturday night, we had a Gang-Bang with all the same guys as were there back then! My old BP friend came in for it, and I actually had 2 other guys that I met right here on BP also show up. All together, there was 7 guys ( well 8 including Danny)

We had 4 Bi Guys and 4 straight guys. Lets just say the "straight" guys can no longer be considered "straight". By the end of the night, all 4 had sucked at least one cock, and one of the guys even let Danny fuck him in the ass! But the problem with playing with so many Bi-Guys is that they end up stealing all the CUM! I only had one guy finish in my mouth!

I just posted this as I thought it was quite fun having all the same guys 6 years later, and not even as a plan! :)

Carol xoxoxo
How many guys use and enjoy dildos I love my dildos
Because not being hetero is still so stigmatized a lot of guys will just say they're straight but "interested" in cocks, or I'm straight this is just something I do for sex, or I'm straight but I fuck gay guys. They're not lying to anyone, they're trying to lie to themselves (and really, once you sign up to a site like this, you're not really lying to yourself very well anymore, are you).

Does it surprise anybody here that people aren't straight about sex for all kinds of reasons?

We're all grownups here. If it's an honest relationship you're looking for, you'll ask some questions, listen to the answers, and take some time getting to know each other. Not everybody has the same idea of what "relationship" even means never mind do they even know exactly what they want. Go easy, Open46, if you like the look of somebody, go ahead and talk to them, if a guy is on here there's a very good chance he's interested in other guys.
Bi is bi, and the thing is that bi people can get involved with straight people, and that straight person, being open-minded, will accept their partner's sexuality. It's just more acceptable for bi females (in my area, most women aren't interested in bi males!!!) and I'd like to see that change, but it won't for a while. And judging those straight guys w/bi girlfriends as just going for the fantasy of being w/ 2 women isn't always accurate. Many times, when the ladies play together, the men get left out for at least a little while, and those straight guys have come to terms with that.


2 Cocks In 1 Ass
Seattle area - As a couple Michael loves BIG things up his ass and can take two 2" diameter dildos up his ass at the same time. Now we just need to find two well hung bi guys to come fuck his ass at the same time!!! Of course we'd also take any really hung guys or girls that like to fuck guys with strap-ons or their fist!! Patricia will be there helping and taking 'em too!
pnp in lakeland looking for hook up with guys straight gay bi guys in area to pnp and watch porn and see what happens some real tasty party favors ..need to here from someone soon
Men That Want To Suck Cock
I am interested in sucking well hung guys (8 inches or larger and black guys welcome) to completion. I prefer straight or passively bi guys who only want to recieve. I do swallow. I am very discreet and travel all over north and central Fl. including the Panhandle. I especially enjoy having a woman watch. I am also willing to service women orally. I am bi and for REAL. Message me and let's get to it!
All Male Threesomes
naked guys, plural ,pleasing each other, fucking ass till their spent soft and still jacking each others ass's with dildos. oh the possibilities....
Dildos.....Oh the magic of those wonderful toys! Have our favorite one, actually it's! 14" double headed vibrating dual control Dildos....OMG! So much our favorite, we wore out our first one and we're on our 2nd. Need more be said? Remember to keep those extra batteries in stock! *D & D*
M-M-F Threesome
hey there i'am a straight middle age woman who is seeking young bi male couple for male male female or male femalemale male male male female:-:-DKiss, watching male male male sex asshole licking sucking & fingering each others assholes all night long dildos males with pussy


Thanks. I always have good conversations in here! I don't even log on to my other chats anymore, just come straight here.