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Maximum Girth Anal Dildos

Maximum Girth Anal Dildos on Bisexual PlaygroundMaximum Girth Anal Dildos on Bisexual Playground
Slim and tight. Good female-like ass. Not hairy. Like to dress in lingerie with red nails and stockings, high heels etc. Complete anal virgin but craving to join couple for bi fun. I use 12" dildos all the time and can take good girth. Girls with strap ons too please get in touch :) Would like to please many guys at once too, even better if a woman with me to share. I like cum swapping and cum over my stockings.
Attractive chocolate BBW with an anal fetish seeking submissive lesbian/bi female to satisfy my anal needs. Must be willing to perform analingus for prolonged periods upon command. Must enjoy anal penetration with dildos.
Hello!! I am 23 years old with brown hair and blue eyes. I am 6 foot 4 with an athletic build, and plenty of stamina. I have an extremely vivid imagination which I love putting to use, and I am VERY open-minded. I have the kind of attitude where 'Ill try anything once - twice if I like it'!!! I have a high sex drive, bordering on insatiable. I have an 8 inch cock with very good girth. I am very attentive, and like to use a combination of fingers, tongue and cock to achieve maximum pleasure.
6'3'', 235lbs, very masculine. 6''cut, avg girth. into anythiing but pain and humiliation. oral, anal, top, bottom and women.
Well hung white male looking for first time anal and giving bj experience. I am 7 1/8 length and 6 inch girth.
i am an introverted person in person which means i like to be led, i would hope to find just a regular "buddy" who enjoys anal and oral sex, while overall endowmwnt is not that much of an issue, i do prefer a man who is honest about his endowments, and i have found i prefer girth ( thickness) and stamina to length, my ideal man partner would be an honest 6+ inces in length, and 1.5+ inches in girth, and can last more than 1 to 2 minutes. He would initiate the sex, and tell me what he wants me to do ( and dont worry if i dont like it i wont do it ) you should also be around my age. being discrete is also a must. Be gentle to start, and manly for the rest
I love anal play and just bouht my first pair of beads which should arrive shortly. I would like to learn more about anal toys, how to use them and their purpose. I have up to know just had anal sex, anal fingering, and dildo play. I am interested in anal beads and the vast amount of varieties, anal plugs and those funny anal dildos. I found out they even have vibrating ones. I am just so lost. Please help. All information is welcome. *mwah* Kiss Joy
I love anal! I have some of the most increditiable(sp) orgasims(sp). Sorry I cant spell tonight. My first anal was with a guy that was 10" and had girth. It took a while but once we got going I have never had so much pleasure. My dream is to have the woman do me with a strap on while i blow the guy and the have them switch up. Or even having two guys in me.
I have to go with the new generation of pyrex dildos, as my favourites. Not so much for the anal sex though - not with the one I have. Not enough flexibility. Anal sex is still the penis or anal beaded vibrators.

The pyrex ones are so easy to clean, warm them up - cool them down..they don't wear out and last forever.
Have to say that the first time I had anal sex it was very painful as the person who took my anal cherry had no idea of what he was doing. However, through the years I have enjoyed not only inserting various sized butt plugs and dildos up my ass, but have also enjoyed having anal sex with male friends both with a condom and bareback....
I can take any types of photos or videos you’d like I have a list of toys:
Anal plugs and beads
Dildos 7 inches under table usually
Double ended 18 inch dildos
Bondage cuffs, rope, and tape
Pumps and nipple suckers
Having enjoyed anal sex for over 30 years now whenever the opportunity presented itself and introducing Sue to anal sex over the past five years to where she enjoys it now. I can say that I fully agree with everyone else who has posted there views thus far. Just remember to take it slow and gentle, use lots of lubrication, and its good to start with one of the smaller anal plugs or dildos if you are interested in having anal sex for the first time.
However, I have one word of caution. Stay away from the lubes that numb the pain while you are having anal sex. They may be good in dulling the pain during anal sex, but the pain you feel is a good thing in a way as its preventing you from tearing your anus.
If you take your time and slowly get your body use to it in time you might find anal sex to be enjoyable and like it.


Bisexual Black Men With Big Dicks
I'm a AA personal trainer looking for couples and single women who enjoy sucking a man with girth. U can check out my girth on my profile. My ideal situation is to find a couple where u both suck my cum out of my dick. I'm also ok to men sucking my dick while his ladies watches of the other way around. I also enjoy fucking some nice wet pussy. Give me holla if you're interested.
Double Penetration
I have done 2 dildos in my vagina, anal and would really love to explore being in the middle of the ultimate 4 some. Two men fucking each hole and giving oral to a woman making her cum to orgasm! Absolutely a WoW for me!
Anal Sex
Though i am orally bi I have given anal to women and truly enjoyed it (what guy wouldn't ) , just tentative about receiving. The couples I played with weren't interested in that so i never got the chance, dildos don't seem to do much for me though. I would be interested in trying more though.
Butt Plugs
I Love playing with the assortment of butt plugs that I have accumulated over the years and will sometimes wear one all day long if we are visiting friends for the weekend or having them visit. Being very anal in nature and having used a variety of dildos and butt plugs over the past several years. I have to say that through years of practice I have found out that for anyone interested in having anal sex for the first time. Using a good amount of lubrication and starting off with one of the smaller butt plugs goes a long way. Above all, relax and enjoy the new sensation,,, :) Hugs
Anal Bottom
being penetrated by a hard cock is the maximum form of submission from a man to another man.Hug
Dildos.....Oh the magic of those wonderful toys! Have our favorite one, actually it's! 14" double headed vibrating dual control Dildos....OMG! So much our favorite, we wore out our first one and we're on our 2nd. Need more be said? Remember to keep those extra batteries in stock! *D & D*


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!