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I am a bi man and enjoy being topped by a hard cock or a strap-on worn by a woman. I find alot of other bottom men, but not too many tops. I would sure love to meet a man who would like to fuck me. ;) I'd be so very grateful. anyone who wants to fuck me, email me here:-D
I was a bottom once and I enjoyed it very much. Any takers in Peoria Az?
Just say when you want me to bend over.KissHugFlower:-P
looking in ohio for 1st. time anal exp.
bi and a bottom ... any takers/?
I am a bisexual bottom who enjoys being topped by a guy with a hard throbbing cock. I especially love it when he is able to fill my ass with a load of his hot cum....:-D
lol... it would appear that we are "bottom heavy" i too am a bottom. I guess that's why they sell so many strapon's....
still a anal virgin when it comes to taking a cock, but i would consider myself a bottom, i am very dominate when it comes to me and my lady, but the idea of letting myself go and being completly submissive to another man and letting him shove his fat throbbing cock in my ass is truly something i want to experience atleast once
I've had my girlfriend fuck me a few times with a strap-on and I loved it, now I'm really trying to find the "real thing."
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
any body wanna hook up in nj?
Sweet FUCKING - Yes, And I am a Very Happy Bisexual Bare Backing Bottom Boy ---> 4 Both of the SEX"s and I Will Top 4 You Female"s Who are VERY Straight ---> But I am Very Much a 100 % Bisexual Male Bottom --->And Sweet Yes, I Do LOVE For My VERY Hot and True Bisexual Female"s Who Do Get Off as Much Fucking Me With A VERY Thick and Big Strap-On - as I Do Get When I am FUCKING Them With My VERY Rock Hard COCK ---> So If You Are Interested ? Kiss ---> Do Say Hug
I just got into being lay ed by men. There have been three so far most men want a blow job only but a few will fuck. I like it when I am being banged good and deep and the feel of the man cumming in the condom it feels warm then its over. I am available for fucking if anyone is interested anytime day or night:):)
married but curious and want to feel a cock n my ass so bad and just need to b fucked like his woman
Hi, im looking for tops that are aggressive, have decent dick that gets hard and like to fuck my tight virgin pantied ass long n deep! Cum in me! Rape me im all pa
my ass cums soo much
I'm in need of a good fucking! I suck a lot of cock, but every so often, I need filled with big cock and load! I have a tight ass, but it stretches nicely! If you're up for it, let me suck you hard and then ride your cock even harder! Southern Michigan, Chicago area, and Milwaukee area, will be an easy set up!
Juicy yellow horny dick over here!!!!!Hug
I enjoy cock and want to have a man cum in my mouth and then fuck me. Is there anyone out there man enough and can cum multiple times?
I need uncut cocks for giving or getting BJ's or anal. Love to eat creampies and watch couples fuck and then I clean them both with my mouth and long tongue. Have a 8 inch very fat cut cock with big purple head. See my pics for proof!
Love a nice hard cock sliding in my tight ass, feels so good
Virgin ass looking to get fucked bareback and cummed
I have only bottomed once and I have a fantasy that I want to fulfill. So somebody reach out and help me fulfill my fantasy. When I bottomed for the first time as soon as I felt that throbbing cock enter me deep and fast, I instantly got hard as a rock and almost came. Unfortunately they weren't able to stay hard long, so it was kind of disappointing. I do also want to top but after your throbbing cock explodes deep inside my Tight Ass. I also Love to be spanked.
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