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Gay Nudist Families

Gay Nudist Families on Bisexual PlaygroundGay Nudist Families on Bisexual Playground
Nudist poly bi sexual family members in Ontario and we are interested to talk with people who are in the nudist culture and we are looking for people to be a part of our family and we are looking for parents and their families and couples and single people we have many social events and gatherings with our families and FRIENDS and relatives who are in the nudist culture for more information about this topic please contact me
I have been both A Life Long Nudist From An multie Genrerational Bisexual Nudist Family and have known of my own Bisexuality for very many long and happy years,I very much prefer total nudity to warring clothes when, I Really do not have any reason or need to. I have never had a problem with it,I was also raised by our bisexual nudist family to ware ladies high heeled evening sandals, And Am very comfortabale in doing so, And to have absalouteally always been very super proud of not only our families nudist bisexuality;But most especially my own bisexuality,Which I Am absalouteally always very happy to share with as very many other people as I very possably can and especially if they too are also nudists weather or not thire families have been multie generational nudists as our family has been for well over nine plus generations, I Am loking for thoes who are lesbian,gay bisexual,trans,cross dressers from 18-90 plus.
Nudist, always nude at home. Enjoy most forms of sex, especially oral. Enjoy masturbating frequently. Open to LTR w/female, especially one interested in mysticism & spirituality. Also interested in loving nudist families and people who were raised as nudists. Enjoy watching & being watched, especially at adult theatres and other public places. Special turn-ons are hairy women and uncut men. Will answer all inquiries...
Sexy very spontaneous and open-minded curious about everything erotic and kinky taboo role play can you send me anything about the adult swinglifestyle nudism nudist friendly families and groups is what I seek
BiMWM 46, 6ft 7in, 258, br/bl, hairy, stocky, trim goatee, 7.25in cut thick, very oral, versatile EXTREMELY open-minded nudist; enjoying hanging naked with friends and families anytime. Love all nude activities, also love to vac pump. Many vices as well as virtues. :-) Love shaved on either sex; open to adventures, few taboos.
Curious as to how many either grew up in nudist families or are in nudist families? Also of kids grew up in nudist families, how many continue to be nudists?
For it! I have a number of nudist friends and families and everyone, including children are totally cool, well adjusted, moral people. Sex in front of and with children is always wrong BUT don't confuse that with naturism and family nudism, which can and is wholesome. I am a nudist but my wife is not. I get together with friends and their families who are nudists and we do normal things like talk, watch games on TV, swim, etc. In other words, nudists are not any more or less weird than the rest of the world. ;-)
I happen to be a nudist! Perhaps the only one in my family. I find nudist families very interesting.
ive been a nudist ever since i can remember. wife and i go to a nudist resort every few weeks during summer. not uncommon at all to see families enjoying time together. i think its awesome
Your profile says nothing but I'm interested in your desire to be part of an open nudist family. I've been a single mom since my son and daughter were 15 and 16. I'm very close to my kids. They're now 20 and 21. I joined another nudist family a few years ago and we've been to nudist functions at several times. Both my son and daughter love sharing the parents of other families as I do. WE're interested in coming to Australia. I want to know more about you. Helen
For Me It Was actuallyThe very Day That I Had Turned !8 Months Old And Had Sucked My Fathers,His Boyfriend's And My Uncles Big Beautiful Cocks And They In Turn Started To Suck On My Then Very Little Dinky They also Did My Balls And They even fucked my ass which has always been something That I have Very Totally Loved Ever Since, They also let me suck on each and every one of them,They Also Shared Me with very many other bisexual
and gay men and little boy nudists which had been and continues to be A Very special connection to our families bisexual nudist hearitage; Which very,very many bisexual nudist families have shared for very many long centuries plus and very many generations,And even now,I can still feel those moths sucking on my little dinky and balls and knowing for shure right then that this and bisexuality were something that I really was going to persue for the rest of my life,And I Have.


Being Naked
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser (also a Nudist) seeking MMF nudist & Single Female Nudist! Flower
Bisexual Nudist
We are bisexual nudist. As a matter of fact we lived full time for quite a while at a nudist resort in south Florida,
Naturist, nudist whatever you want to call it, it's hard to describe the sense of freedom that comes over you. Once you have felt it you know it is not natural to be clothed. A true nudist is totally accepting and not judgemental of any body type. No one is perfect. A person is really sexy when they are comfortable in their own skin. I am fortunate to have a nudist area here in Austin Tx. It is in a gated park on the beautiful shores of Lake Travis. The park will open again around the end of April when it warms up again. Open 7 days a week and all are welcome there over 21. If you are passing through town let me know and I will give you a tour. :-) :):):)
Family Masturbating
I came here from bdsm community and I love training white slave families.
Nudist Families
Would like to meet like minded friends and families in the Iowa/Illinois area!!!!
Family Masturbating
Families should masterbate, suck, and fuck together. Nothing better then a close family that gets naked and plays.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!