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I have enough foreskin to pull it forward over the head of my cock and let another guy put the head of his cock up in my foreskin. Uncut cocks need to be jacked off different,don't pull skin back hard it does hurt.
yes pulling the forskin back dose hurt but for me its a good hurt when my dick is hurt i love to jack off, Iuse oil and have a good time i pull my skin back and just rub my head and man it drives me crazy. i think guys who have forskin are hot and sexy and i like to suck the skin in my mouth arond the head and make it cum so i can clean it all up:-P:-P:-P:-P
Like alot of other men, I was cut at birth.....long desired for my 4skin back! Envious of those guys w/ a natural hood -- 2 months ago I started restoring my 4skin. Created a device which allows me to insert my cockhead into the device, roll the little 4skin I had left onto the outer part of the device, tape skin to the device, and hang weights from the other end! The weights create a slight bulge down the inside of my trousers, but I wear this 4skin stretching device to the office 5 days a week. Can't believe the results in just 2 months....the head of my cock remains covered now through 3/4 erection!! Head remains completely covered when flaccid when the device is not on -- have noticed an increased sensitivity on my cockhead now that it remains covered and moist most of the day! Will continue to stretch daily to see just how much hang I can achieve permantly. Would love to hear/meet w/ any other Houston 4skin restorers or uncuts for discussion, pics, and mutual play!
I was cut when a baby, so I haven't got a foreskin, but I have sucked many uncut men and have been fucked by is always enoyable. I enjoy all cocks but uncut are a special treat;)
..I'm one of the lucky ones...Never cut and it' s all mine...even the extra 20,000 nerve endings that drive me wild when a buddy or couple play with it!
I fully agree with Nightrain that a hard throobing uncut Cock is fun to Blowjob and play with. I Love being able to utilize my partners foreskin in adding a little more sensation as I Blowjob :-P and play with his Cock until he rewards my efforts and shoots a load of thick sticky cum into my mouth and down my throat...Yummy! :)
I love sucking and licking on foreskin ... really love to have mine sucked and licked .. its so hot.
i love to suck on foreskin and lick the cum off of it
I have extrat foreskin and would love to have a cock in it touch my cock. It is a Dream I have often.;)
I have never been with and uncut guy, although I am uncut. I would like that experience.
I have had the pleasure of being with many men when I was younger and sucking there foreskin in my mouth. I had three men,not all at one time where I could pull open ther foreskin and stick my tongue in and have it wraped all around my tongue,did that ever feel goodKiss :-D
This is a fav topic of mine. I still have my foreskin and have fun with it often. I like to lube my fingertip and insert it inside and run it around and around. I have a small flashlight that i turn on and insert it to observe the colors of my 'skin while it's backlit. I also like to insert large grapes inside then let them slip slowly out after which i consume the fruit. Many times, in the shower, i will pinch the foreskin closed and release urine into it and it blows up like a balloon. When i release it, the piss comes exploding out. Then i will do it repeatedly. I read once where a guy pinched closed his foreskin and jacked off somehow and cummed into his foreskin, then released it slowly. Just use your imagination to come up with your own ideas,...then let us know about it. Happy jacking!
I'm uncut, and would not want it any other way. When I was young growing up I felt very different. I was the only one of my friends that was uncut. I didn't know it at the time but if someone had just told me it would be so marvelous when I got older it might have helped. It is great now to have my head covered and I am so thankful it looks good as well
yep love foreskin - the longer the better
skin ,skin foreskins fat cocks with foreskins fat black cocks with foreskin makes my mouth watering, any bbc uncut needing worshipful service contact me,the more the better would love to have several times a week supply warner robins,ga look me up i do notneed reciprocation just to service you.
I love having my foreskin. I like it when I am with someone who has never had one watching and encourage them to explore enjoy it. Had a friend who loved it would play with it suck on it enjoyed it a lot would spend a lot of time with it. tell me just lay back and enjoy let them do there thing with my cock and balls loved them also. Loved teasing or edging me as well see how long they could do that. Cut men really like it. uncut men who have never had another uncut it really varies some believe BS they have heard but if they try it they get passed it fast. I especialy like a male, female.
I don't consider it a value whatsoever! There are but a few things I can't agree with and this is one of them. I have tried it and just prefer not to do it, gets in my way and I don't like pulling down all the time! Just me!Hug
Love my foreskin,it is hott to be with nowhere uncut man suck nibble and swirl your tongue 👅 inside the hood and take all the precum (yummy) and then to dock our foreskin together and cum in our hoods then share our Cum,I'm always looking for other uncut men to enjoy our foreskin together contact me guys
Mine is long gone. Can I play with yours/your husband's?
Foreskin on Bisexual PlaygroundForeskin on Bisexual PlaygroundForeskin on Bisexual PlaygroundForeskin on Bisexual Playground

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