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Sounding Penis Foreskin Cut 3gp

Sounding Penis Foreskin Cut 3gp on Bisexual PlaygroundSounding Penis Foreskin Cut 3gp on Bisexual Playground
5'10" tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, 195 lbs. bare chested, shave my penis and the balls also. 6.5 inch penis with foreskin
easy to please and a short penis with a foreskin
5'9" 170# glasses, I like looking at foreskin and masturbating. And just looking to suck a nice penis
I am an older guy who would like to try new things - like being with a transsexual, penis sounding, electro-stim, etc., sort of like a bucket list
78yo bi-curious male. huge penis worshiper, mutual huge penis lust, naked lust, penis abuse, huge natural balls, electric penis shock, penis probes, edging, hard penis jerking, twist penis jerking, penis stretching, penis and ball licking, penis sucking, precum sucking, mutual penis cocksucking rape, penis head hole sucking, cock milking and swallowing, naked penis masturbation in public, huge penis sucking in public, beach penis sucking in public, molesting men in porn shops, gropping mens penises in adult theathers, pulling out my penis in adult shops, internet lewd dirty talk, being called filthy names as I drain big fat pricks of their milk, enticing men into lewd vulguar acts, sucking and licking mens sex-organs from behind, mutual penis sucking on a regular basis.
Sensual hairy guy with foreskin. I'm in pretty good shape, Disease free and horny. Love to handle & be handled. enjoy having my foreskin appreciated. Love being naked with one or more men.I'm laid-back but not lazy. Sexual encounters should be lighthearted and without physical pain for anyone. I enjoy the eroticism of gentle touch and exploration.
Docking is putting the head of your penis into the foreskin of an uncircumcised cock.
I can dock pretty good with another uncut cock.
I've been trying to stretch my foreskin, so I can get cut cocks in there. It's so hot when they cum inside my foreskin, there cum cones dripping out.
You can't see the heads of the cocks, they are under the foreskin.
If both are circumcised, it can't be done, you need foreskins
I had about half foreskin cut. When I was little foreskin covered the head.. when I got older the foreskin would stay rolled back behind the head. When jacking off I like the feel of the foreskin sliding over the head whether my cock or someone else's. I've been pumping my cock for 20 years or so and foreskin nearly covers the head when I'm soft.
i i would like to say i like both cut and uncut, but my friend is uncut and i love his foreskin. something about the foreskin covering the head turns me on too. i love to suck on his foreskin. i am also cut but many times i have wished i still had my foreskin.
Urethral sounding you take various smooth objects and insert them into your penis hole and you can pull them in and out till you cum it hurts when you pee after but it goes away
Thanks for all of the tips. Question, how do you deal with a long foreskin? What about a monster dick? What about pleasing the man with a small penis?
Now this is a topic I have to reply to!! I didn't experience my first uncut until I had already been with a man who was cut. It was an amazing experience to have that little extra accessory to play with. While having no clear cut preference, I think an uncut cock is such a unique and sexy thing. I can't imagine why women or men shy away from them. It's the natural state of the penis. As for sensitivity, I would have to say an uncut man seems to be a bit more sensitive in my experience but then again, I don't have a penis so maybe I am just blowing smoke! lol However, I truly love being able to run my tongue between the foreskin and the's such a turn on to me and I know from the reactions I got from my then lover, it was very much so to him as well. Just my 2 cents on a subject close to my heart!! Smooches....Cheryl


Love my foreskin,it is hott to be with nowhere uncut man suck nibble and swirl your tongue 👅 inside the hood and take all the precum (yummy) and then to dock our foreskin together and cum in our hoods then share our Cum,I'm always looking for other uncut men to enjoy our foreskin together contact me guys
This is a fav topic of mine. I still have my foreskin and have fun with it often. I like to lube my fingertip and insert it inside and run it around and around. I have a small flashlight that i turn on and insert it to observe the colors of my 'skin while it's backlit. I also like to insert large grapes inside then let them slip slowly out after which i consume the fruit. Many times, in the shower, i will pinch the foreskin closed and release urine into it and it blows up like a balloon. When i release it, the piss comes exploding out. Then i will do it repeatedly. I read once where a guy pinched closed his foreskin and jacked off somehow and cummed into his foreskin, then released it slowly. Just use your imagination to come up with your own ideas,...then let us know about it. Happy jacking!
Uncut Penises
nectcruiser' post from 2004 reminded me of the times I've shot my wad in a partner's foreskin. The one that makes me hottest to think of was with an older guy -- I usually go for younger, especially uncut younger. But this guy had a hard, hard dick and an amazing foreskin. It was long and fairly thick, compared to my almost-paper-thin one. So when I was ready to come from sucking on his foreskin for so long, I got up, pulled that beautiful skin over my cockhead, and shot and shot. His foreskin bulged, but it managed to hold my load. The guy pinched it as I pulled out to hold in in. Then I lay down, and he kneeled over me and let the cum fly out of his foreskin and into my mouth. It was so fucking hot, looking like he was the one doing the cumming. In fact, it was so hot, he promptly shot his own load, which quickly followed mine into my mouth. I'll never forget that one, and it taught me not to dismiss older guys out of hand.
Uncut Cocks
I like uncut cock. I like to play with the foreskin between my lips and with my tongue. I especially like to lick the precum out of a guys foreskin.
I havent had the opportunity to play or suck a cock with foreskin, ill get lucky on day i hope. I fantasize about sucking foreskin when i see pics of one or watching gay porn. Its a big turn on;)


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!