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Licking Foreskin Tumblr

Licking Foreskin Tumblr on Bisexual PlaygroundLicking Foreskin Tumblr on Bisexual Playground
Sensual hairy guy with foreskin. I'm in pretty good shape, Disease free and horny. Love to handle & be handled. enjoy having my foreskin appreciated. Love being naked with one or more men.I'm laid-back but not lazy. Sexual encounters should be lighthearted and without physical pain for anyone. I enjoy the eroticism of gentle touch and exploration.
Retired gentleman looking to become a great cocksucker with or without your wife watching,giving orders...I have many sides the following is one of them:...........A little about me This all started many years ago during my teen days of daily masturbation. I was always reading the Penthouse forum then one day I read a story about a kid watching his sister being dropped from a date. turns out when she went inside her boyfriend went to the backyard and Jacked off and let his cum fall on to one of the swing seats. the kid waited until theboyfriend left and then went and looked at the seat and saw the cum and bent over to look at it as I never saw cum before and ending up licking it all up. Now it turns out the boyfriend never left and watched me eating his cum. The next week the boyfriend came to see my sister and wanted to use the bathroom I said sure. He left the door open and pulled out his cock and said I saw you the other night. I watched you eat my cum. Do you want some more of the same directly from the source. I jacked off to that story many times. There was also this story about two Bikers that stopped to gas up and made(forced) the young man suck both of their cocks. Now comes the 80's I got into cocaine for a couple of years when I was high I started thinking about sucking my own cock so and I tried to suck my own cock just about every night I just got the head in and never tasted my own cum. I had a friend that I told I wanted to suck my own cock but wasn't able to reach it and after that when we got High he would always sit very close to me, I wanted his cock bad and I sensed he knew. One night he let me Suck it. I deep throated until he came down my throat. We made plans to go camping that weekend I wanted to Suck it again. Turns out another friend came along and it never happened again. I then went on a mission to get a hot girl (wife) that would Cuckold me and give me the chance for clean up duty eating and licking her boyfriends cum. From her well used cunt . I wanted my tongue in her stretched holes. It Never Happened. That was many years ago and have not had much sex in the past few years I live with my grandkids and a girlfriend who is so out of shape we haven't had sex in over a year. my cock is shrinking and it's been awhile since I have been fully erect. I look at porn daily and I love beautiful girls but like to imagine me being SUBMISSIVE to those big Cocks slapping my face and throat. I tried CL but nothing turns out. I Was so horny once I put a very large black dildo on the wall with the suction cup at the base and backed up until I had the whole thing up my ass my cock was fully hard then. if interested check my tumblr.............charlieneed Chance Favors the Prepared Mind
Hi, I am laid back guy from Minneapolis, Minnesota, looking forward to meet both boys and girls, I enjoy movies, and sports, I am into vacuum pumping and foreskin restoration. I enjoy the look and feel of the uncut member, look forward when my restoration will benefit coverage over my head, right now I have created very nice loose skin, so sex and masturbation is so much better. I was cut very tight, to tight so was glad to find the foreskin restoration process on the net. take care.
married 3 years -- happy happy happy!!!! we want (her idea) to experience another beautifully groomed and sexy woman -- he experience & she watch and help --- lots of giving, touching, licking, licking, watching, licking, oh ya and licking, no kink, no toys, no hard drugs, no diseases 200% clean! if enjoyable, a relationship could establish... continuous... no strings... she loves to share!!!!
I am a very submissive sissy who loves pleasuring men. I really loved being used by a couple, being nasty with the guy while she watches excited me. I love licking them both clean after they fuck. I especially love licking his cock as he fucks her, also licking her at same time.
I'm 19 and live in USA. I dress like a little cock whore just for you daddy, please come over and feed me your cum? please? PS Looking for tumblr daddies to boss me around like the slutty little cum whore I am. Message me. Nothing makes me hotter than know older men are blowing their sweet loads to pictures of my boipussy. Tell me what you like ;)
I love uncut best. Lick all around under the foreskin sucking and licking all around the g with and sucking the foreskin to completion and cleaning up all the cum.
I had about half foreskin cut. When I was little foreskin covered the head.. when I got older the foreskin would stay rolled back behind the head. When jacking off I like the feel of the foreskin sliding over the head whether my cock or someone else's. I've been pumping my cock for 20 years or so and foreskin nearly covers the head when I'm soft.
Docking is putting the head of your penis into the foreskin of an uncircumcised cock.
I can dock pretty good with another uncut cock.
I've been trying to stretch my foreskin, so I can get cut cocks in there. It's so hot when they cum inside my foreskin, there cum cones dripping out.
You can't see the heads of the cocks, they are under the foreskin.
If both are circumcised, it can't be done, you need foreskins
i i would like to say i like both cut and uncut, but my friend is uncut and i love his foreskin. something about the foreskin covering the head turns me on too. i love to suck on his foreskin. i am also cut but many times i have wished i still had my foreskin.
Well darn it, my VERY FAVORITE pleace to CUM bi and edge in the nude has disappeared as of 17 Dec bi banning "adult content."

Tumblr was THE BEST PLACE I had ever been to for fantasy masturbation (my most favorite form of SEX bi the way).

Do any "Tumblr Refugees" have a new place to play that is "like what we had there?"

Mind you, I adore this web site butt the "really good members" are mostly too far away to actually meet and get naked with.

BUTT, hope springs eternal.
I have never met a guy with an uncut cock b4 i met my hubby 🥰 and i can say without a doubt its absolutely better 🤭💦 i love pulling his foreskin back & putting the tip of my tongue 👅 in is hole and then pulling his foreskin forwards and letting the foreskin DOCK my tongue 🤤🥰🍆💦 gawd the way he smiles make me think thats guys super secret g-spot that only the uncut guys get to experience 🥰


Love my foreskin,it is hott to be with nowhere uncut man suck nibble and swirl your tongue 👅 inside the hood and take all the precum (yummy) and then to dock our foreskin together and cum in our hoods then share our Cum,I'm always looking for other uncut men to enjoy our foreskin together contact me guys
Cum Swallowing
The pleasure of giving head is the anticipation of cum...slowly going down the shaft, licking the head, pulling back the foreskin and licking under the skin, going down the shaft with momentum and feeling the man getting ready to blow his load and being rewarded with his jolts hot cum....thats the enjoyment of cum swallowing!:-P
This is a fav topic of mine. I still have my foreskin and have fun with it often. I like to lube my fingertip and insert it inside and run it around and around. I have a small flashlight that i turn on and insert it to observe the colors of my 'skin while it's backlit. I also like to insert large grapes inside then let them slip slowly out after which i consume the fruit. Many times, in the shower, i will pinch the foreskin closed and release urine into it and it blows up like a balloon. When i release it, the piss comes exploding out. Then i will do it repeatedly. I read once where a guy pinched closed his foreskin and jacked off somehow and cummed into his foreskin, then released it slowly. Just use your imagination to come up with your own ideas,...then let us know about it. Happy jacking!
Uncut Penises
nectcruiser' post from 2004 reminded me of the times I've shot my wad in a partner's foreskin. The one that makes me hottest to think of was with an older guy -- I usually go for younger, especially uncut younger. But this guy had a hard, hard dick and an amazing foreskin. It was long and fairly thick, compared to my almost-paper-thin one. So when I was ready to come from sucking on his foreskin for so long, I got up, pulled that beautiful skin over my cockhead, and shot and shot. His foreskin bulged, but it managed to hold my load. The guy pinched it as I pulled out to hold in in. Then I lay down, and he kneeled over me and let the cum fly out of his foreskin and into my mouth. It was so fucking hot, looking like he was the one doing the cumming. In fact, it was so hot, he promptly shot his own load, which quickly followed mine into my mouth. I'll never forget that one, and it taught me not to dismiss older guys out of hand.
Uncut Cocks
I like uncut cock. I like to play with the foreskin between my lips and with my tongue. I especially like to lick the precum out of a guys foreskin.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!