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We both love to kiss, french or any other way....really gets the juices flowing Kiss
Nothing like a long, lingering hot wet tongue kiss to get my motor runnin...yummm yummm yummmm! Kiss
MMM not just licking but kissing deeply as you would the upper lips, tongue embeded passionately and hot...ummmm tingle tingle!:-P
One of the hottest thing for me is French Kissing. I get very turned on Kissing. I Love watching two females give tongue its very sexy. I Love deep kissing with tongue with my husband...
When He takes a handful of my hair, turns my head towards Him, while pulling me close. Then kisses me long and deep, His tongue playing with mine.. just thinking about it makes me squirm with delight...and anticipation! Kiss
We fully agree with everyone here that kissing deeply with your tongue embeded passionately in your lovers mouth and they doing like wise is such a turn-on.. It has to be one of the hottest things when you make love...:-P
Wickedberry longs to kiss pashionatly. plus al that cums with the sexual activities after wards and during.
i love kissingHug
French Kissing on Bisexual PlaygroundFrench Kissing on Bisexual PlaygroundFrench Kissing on Bisexual PlaygroundFrench Kissing on Bisexual Playground

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