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French Kissing

French Kissing on Bisexual PlaygroundFrench Kissing on Bisexual Playground
I am looking for a TOP and i love alot of kissing and FRENCH KISSING maybe have some drinks and just lay back and let it happen. I have about 5 uncut inches but it will grow if you go down on it or play with it and i love them.
33yo bisexual male. I m sexist man in world. Who can do sex on every way I like romance. Kissing. French kissing. Licking all body .Licking pussy too much. Use sex every style
I like to French kissing go from there
aim,40yrs,bisexual,green-eye's ,short black hair,little chubby,honest,serious,discreet ,seek female,32-45yrs,who would date me!am very open when it comes to sex,love licking,pussie,slowly,french kissing,doggie stlye,in a shower,table,car,public sex,licking honey off her body slowly,it's up to her to bring another guy into the bed,but well meet a couple,for discreet fun,am serious,love to laugh,dirty talk turn's me on!!!!!xx movies,3somes,cleaning for sex,laying naked on a bed being wacthed turns me on,licking cum off her pussie,french kissing after he cum's in her mouth,can travel,Barrie,toronto,Orilla,o nly in Ontario, no single males,or druggies!!!!!!! NO head GAMES!!!!!!!!!! serious REPLIES ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!come on ladies,let me suck his cock,am very needy for pussie and cock!!!!
Love playing in pantys with someone else that get turned on touching pulling down French kissing
Not me I love kissing and cuddling, I also love cum kissing, if two men are gonna have sex then let's kinky and do it with lots of sucking, swallowing cum,kissing, cuddling, and rubbing our cocks together while french kissing.
I love kissing male lovers tongues tied in tasty (especially a sloppy cum kiss) wrestling! French had it right in the kissing arena. Any cross dressers want to make out??
I love sweet long French kissing with guys
Oh yes, I would make love to her pussy and ass hole french kissing all the way
I've gotten them and given them. I can apply pressure without pain. Very intense orgasms and no risk of getting nicked by sharp teeth. I've had careless guys draw blood which is dangerous for STD transition. Especially HIV. Also, i can get thicker and linger cocks in my mouth and fown my throat. And if you're into kissing, toothless French kissing is very sensuous. So is toothless breast sucking and pussy eating.
got together with 2 buddys last night,it was a cum fest spread my legs one fucked in my butt the other on my chest fucking my mouth,new position for very hot cum in my butt and mouth at the same time.we had a great time,kissing ,butt fucking,sucking cock.i got down on my knees a suck them both of 2 cocks in my mouth at the same time.than they both went down on me very hot 2 guys down on me sucking my cock and kissing each other,i kissed them very wet out french kissing with my cum in there mouths


French Kissing
One of the hottest thing for me is French Kissing. I get very turned on Kissing. I Love watching two females give tongue its very sexy. I Love deep kissing with tongue with my husband...
Cock To Cock Rubbing
We both had silky thongs on, we layed on one another and were rubbing each others cocks like crazy, both got so horny we started french kissing each other. ( Neither of us liked kissing before!) We layed in bed, fondling, kissing, licking and humping for almost a half hour. We both came so hard, we just held each other and kept on lightly kissing each other, on our necks, chest, thighs...we started deeply frenching each other again, got rock hard and started humping all over again.
My lover likes sucking every drop of hot jizz out of my cock. Then deep french kissing the creamy semen with me. I'd love to help her suck cock, feeling another man's jizz surge between our lips and share his nut honey with a long, tender french kiss!
Cock Kissing
Love french kissing tight balls also
Deep Kissing
I love slow wet French kissing total turn on for me
Ass Licking
for a nice cultured woman, absolute french kissing extraordinaire, from both of us


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!