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Nyc Masturbation

Nyc Masturbation on Bisexual PlaygroundNyc Masturbation on Bisexual Playground
bicur male 5-5 146lbs drug and disease free clean , non smoker light social drinker ,interested in single males just to get together for masturbation and mutual masurbation only , also interested in meeting couples which i would receive oral from both and do masturbation ,mutual masturbation and more. will meet passable tg/ts's for masturbation , mutual masturbation and receiving oral . please note idonot do any kind of anal with males
Most think I am a very nice guy and I try to live up to that. I love to talk, am approachable and sometimes a bit gregarious. I seem to make people laugh and always have an enjoyable time. Looking for a like minded woman or women who are into masturbation, mutual masturbation, group masturbation and would like to explore that with me, also curious about all else sexual except gay...willing to try most anything at least phone sex and cyber sex or just talking about sex... I'm uninhibited and curious.
Horny man. Looking for man or men for masturbation encounter. 5'6"180lbs 6 uncut. I like oral sex . A co-ed masturbation group would be fun
I am looking for bi-straight masturbation or mutual masturbation partners. I have a great sense of humour and I am easy to get along with. I have never tried anything like this before.
Average guy, easy going, looking for 1 on 1 or group masturbation. Coed masturbation. Meet new people to hang out. I'm new to this but open minded.
Love masturbation, mutual masturbation, panties, porn, anything hot really. A little shy at first, but then I can be outgoing.
In the Merry Month of May.......
In case it somehow escaped your attention, the month of May is National Masturbation month, in order to celebrate the joys of self love. The vast majority of women and men masturbate, yet many are ashamed or embarrassed to admit it. We all know that sexual pleasure is our birthright and that masturbation is a powerful source of sexual pleasure, so May has been designated to give this unsung activity the recognition and acknowledgment it deserves.
Every national holiday or event starts with a proclamation, so here goes.....
Whereas Masturbation is immensely pleasurable, invigorating, rejuvenating and fun
Whereas Masturbation is the ultimate form of safe sex
Whereas Masturbation is a joyous expression of self love
Whereas Masturbation offers numerous health benefits, reduces stress and is an excellent cardiovascular workout
Whereas Masturbation is enjoyed by at least ninety percent of adult women and men
Therefore, in affirmation of the undeniable right of the citizens of this country to the pursuit of happiness and sexual pleasure, May has been declared 'National Masturbation Month'.
Just when you thought May was a month for digging out the garden or for putting winter clothes away....... Enjoy!
just read your post about masturbation group on Staten Island.
I am a bi guy on Staten Island, and I really am into masturbation. Used to go to NY Jacks in Manhattan. Would be great to have a group here on the Island. I am on the No Shore and could host at times.
Keep me posted.
Happy Masturbation New Year
I'm looking for a woman who can squirt for some masturbation fun in the LA/SB area. No penetration just masturbation. Let me know if you're interested.
Why does everyone only talk about male masturbation groups? I would love to participate in a co-ed masturbation.
I once saw a TV show that discussed a co ed masturbation group. It involves some mutual masturbation and some massage but avoids sex. It does get people to meet and get to know each other. I am game,
I've been celebrating masturbation month year round! Not that I want to, but more that I'm forced to. :( But hey, masturbation is great for so many reasons! How are you going to know what you want from others, if you don't know what you like yourself!

Damn it, I need to get laid. It's been way to long. I'm in my prime and I'm jerking off way to much.


looking for person or persons, Female Male , Lesbian , Bi bisexuals for Mutual masturbation here in Ohio. Seems to be no one in Ohio who enjoys masturbation or willing to share or participate in mutual masturbation:I find it hard to believe it that all other states there are people willing to mutually masturbate together. HMMM!!! Just seems odd to me. It should not matter what race you are or your physical beauty. If you love to masturbate in front others or mutually then we all need to get together. Thanks roccky2006:(
Mutual Masturbation
I'd like to find a woman around my age who would enjoy getting naked and having mutual masturbation on line, perhaps with cam, or just being watched or watching me. Finding an older women into masturbation is not easy to do but maybe you're the one and only dream girl. :)
Jack N Jill
Early-40, professional-type, exhibitionist/nudist, discreet, respectful, CHRONIC masturbator (2-3 times per day!)....into driving naked, flashing, nude dares, and great mutual masturbation w/ both sexes! No gym-rat but do work out, 7", cut, shaved, low-hangers, into cockrings, exhibitionism/voyeurism, teasing, and repeat mutual masturbation (especially mutual). Would love to meet select, mature, Houston men/women/cpls for relaxing, exciting, non-pushy masturbation.....can be creative with meeting spots! Weekdays are best for quickie meeting (30 minutes??), getting naked (waist down if it's in a car!!), 'showin-n-stroking', and masturbation! Would love to learn no ways/ideas to masturbate w/ otheres!
Watching Men Masturbate And Cum
I enjoy masturbation alone or with someone there watching. Masturbation is one of the best ways to have sex because you always get it done the way you like it Laughing. I would like to just sit back and watch a man or women masturbate while I am. Both of us staring at what each others hands are doing.Wishing it was our hand doing it but also not wanting to take our own hand away. That would be hot. Jack
Jack N Jill
i love masturbation with others! i JO & you watch me. you JO & i watch you. and of course the best, mutual masturbation. couples, singles, the more people the merrier.
I really get off on a good masturbation session. It's fun to work up slowly and then blow a huge load. I had a really hot chat session with another member recently that got us both off. I'd love to meet a sexy couple, woman, or man for mutual masturbation fun. It's always hot to Watch each other cum, or cum on each. A real turn on.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!