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I am a shameless cochsucker Blowjob I love it
mmmm dicks Blowjob I love to suck them ;)
ive had strapon dildos in my mouth ive always wanted to try the real deal im really turned on by 69ing with a man
I love to look at cock and would love to suck to the right cock all weekend over and over again - until the man can't take any more
Enjoy this even more when the wife feeds it to me:)
Kiss hello im shane and i really want to get together with some one and experiment lets get busy for my first time hmmmmmm?:-P
Hey this is wayne4uall and i really mean it if your interested let me know we will do whatever you wantHug
I have my cock sucked by a man twice.........God it was good, scary good. Now it's all I think about
Love dicks all shapes and sizes.Love tha taste of semen.
I am salivating for this. Anyone willing on Long Island, let me know. Clean and hot over here!:-P
I am an oral bi guy looking for some fun near Pasadena California. Any guys around who might be interested?
anyone needs head?
I just Love sucking on a nice hard throbbing Cock Yummy :)
If I could suck my own cock I would! If I could suck another guy's cock, I would! I know that I'm not alone!!!! CUM on guys, have the balls to admit it!

I'm with Willy, I love giving blowjobs! Blowjob mmmmm
No problem admitting that I love to suck dick. Getting a guy off orally is a HUGE turn-on for me.
It's such a rush to have a hard cock in my mouth. It just feels good in there.
When I first see the limp cock all I want to do is place it between my lips and lick and slide it in and out of my mouth feeling it get hard and long. The hard and longer the better. When I get you sssoooo excited you can't control yourself I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO SUCK YOU DRY!!!!!
love it the bigger the better
love to have my cock sucked by menLaughing
oh the thrill of a hard dick in me
i myself have'nt sucked cock in a long time want to do it again while g/f watches
mmm luv it
:-DI would really like to suck a mans cock while his wife/girl friend joins in. What a turn on. ;)
damn you all have my mouth watering for hot cock in it...dumping his cum down my throat
ddfree bi male loves to deeptrhoat and swallow the load or loads love big thick cocks and cum want my first big thick black cock and alll big fat cocks and iwilll suck cock while women gets fucked so i can eat her an take the cum pj ne pa hazleton
I love to suck cock, I love the feel just before he comes. I love the taste of it.
I would consider just about any size. I am a bottom.
I've never sucked cock, but I'm curious ,,and would like to try...any takers???
I can't get enough cock. I love to get on my knees and start sucking on a limp dick until it starts to get hard. As I suck on the hard shaft I know when he is about to cum so I really turn it on and go up and down on his shaft until he explodes in my mouth. I love that taste. I will suck anyone anytime anywhere.Laughing
Looing on Long Island for men to suck my big juicy uncut headed cock in Bellmore.:)
Uncut cocksicle with big juicy head on Long Island needs to be serviced, can host.:)
I love having my face close to a guy's balls and feeling his dick in my mouth! But I'm not very good at going up and down on a big, hard cock, so I actually prefer to suck a guy when he's soft, just half hard, or has a small dick. I like playing with a big piece of meat and licking it, but I really love sucking off a little 4" or 5" boner because it's so much easier to swallow the whole thing! Sucking and stroking is all I do with other men, which works out nice because my wife has a major turn-on to seeing a man with a dick in his mouth. We've had great 3ways with straight guys who wanted to get sucked by another guy but not do anything else. I have no problem being the only guy in a 3way who wants to suck cock, or getting together 1-on-1 to suck another guy off who doesn't do me -- I have told guys that what I want in exchange is for them to cum in my mouth, and I'll consider that a fair trade. My wife will cum immediately if she sees another man nut up in my mouth and I love letting women watch me eat a guy's load! So I say admit it if you like sucking cock, and if not, let the guys who do suck yours -- often you don't have to do anything to them, so just take advantage of guys who suck and get off!
I love having my Cock sucked on by another male and especially love it when I can return the favor and take his Cock into my mouth... :)
Love to have my cock sucked, to me a male does do a better job but I will never turn down a blow job! Male or female, I will fill their mouth with a hard cock and then a bit later with my load of white "CUM"! ;) Any close takes, just drop a line!
I am new to this site I don't have much experience, but I LOVE sucking a nice hard cock and catching a load on my tongue or on my face. The biggest cock I've sucked is 6" and I really want to suck as many as I can. I will dress up like a woman or just go as me just as long as I get to swallow your cum. Mmmm!!
i always wanted to watch men sucking dicks!! just a fantasy of mine! wish my man would, but then i am a bit jealous and would just die if he swung to the left (or right) and left me for a cock!! :) anyway, a big fantasy!!!!!! what's more, i would love to be eaten by an orgy of men... watching them suck and fuck, etc. eachother.... MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!
I love the feel of a big cock in my mouth,and love the taste of cum, look me up for a great blowjob
im looking to suck cock for the first time. anyone in nj , email me. pure blow jobs with no strings attatched
Any good-looking, well hung, uncut men in long as you are not over-weight, have a place or like outdoor sex....I am here! LOVE to suck cock and swallow your load!! Damn, I HOPE somebody answers this..even if you just want a good blow job!! No reciprocation necessary!!
Hi I have had my cock sucked my a man and loved it would like to try it myself once. So if you would like to go a round let me know Dover. De. hear:-P
I just Love to wrap my warm Lips around a big hard Dick,and Suck it Dry...Yummy:-PKiss
come here ill suck that cock:-PLaughing
There is nothing wrong with sucking another guy off and swallowing his load. It feels good and tastes great. Anybody want a great blowjob in SA . TX.? I am always ready to servive DD free guys. No strings.
i love to deepthroat a nice thick fat cock and swallow the load, i am ddfree bi malel great cocksucker want my first big fat thick black cock to fuck my mouth adn shoot loads down my throat must be ddfree like me i love the big fat ones to suck and take the load. pj:-PHug
i love to deepthroat a nice thick fat cock and swallow the load, i am ddfree bi malel great cocksucker want my first big fat thick black cock to fuck my mouth adn shoot loads down my throat must be ddfree like me i love the big fat ones to suck and take the load. pj:-PHug
I would love to suck a nice hard cock for the first time just the thought makes by dick throb
I just wish that I was sucking on a big hard cock right now or even just a small hard cock.I just wish that I was sucking all of your cock's right now!!!!!Cum On! Just let me show you what it feel's like to really have your cock sucked untill you can't stand it no more!(please,I really do love to suck cock).:-P
Been wanting to suck cock for a long time just have not had any experience I want to become a great cock sucker just need someone to teach me any takers?:)
You have to have the desire if you're going to be good at anything... I know that I give a great blowjob, because I really like to do it. You have to enjoy the feel of a soft cock growing in your hands... feeling the power as it hardens and strengthens in your hands, stroking soft sensitive areas and caressing it to full erection.

Kneeling in front of you, your legs open and giving me access... licking under and around your balls, I can feel them tighten... lifting them tight against your belly, licking and nibbling at the soft skin underneath. My tongue glides wetly up the shaft, now hard and throbbing... I take extreme pleasure in the sensation as it first glides against my tongue... licking and softly sucking the sensitive head and underside of the shaft, knowing the electric sensations I'm giving. Then instinct takes me back to the crease below your balls, my tongue pointed and probing, flicking and wetly licking each sensitive spot as I stroke and caress your hard, slippery cock.

Slick and slippery hands working and stroking the shaft and head, milking the first drop of clear liquid to the opening... you watch as I suck it in, the first taste of it making me crave more. Wrapping my lips tightly around the shaft, coaxing and pushing it in deeper until it hits the back of my throat. Withdrawing slowly, holding your cock tightly in my mouth... as my lips clear the head a small string of sticky fluid makes a loop from the red opening back to my lips. I suck it back in, swirling my tongue around the head, the first taste of your cum making me crave more... knowing that it's coming, needing it to fill my mouth. My mouth closes over the swollen head of your cock again... I push down and deep, letting the swollen head of your cock again hit the tightness at the back of my throat.

Breathing deeply, I pause...

And then push past, hearing you groan as your head slips thru the tightness, swallowing past the constriction until my nose touches your soft pubic hair and firm belly. Holding you there, pulling you deep, with each swallowing movement I make I can stroke the head of your cock with my throat muscles, fucking your cock with my mouth, tongue and throat. With your cock buried deep in my mouth I'm still able to lick your hardening balls with the slippery flat of my tongue, our mixed juices coating your balls and dripping into the crack of your ass. My hands spread the wetness, caressing and massaging as you begin to get in the rhythm, your ass clenching, your cock jumping with each spasm.

Slowly withdrawing and then pushing the shaft deep again, until instinct takes over and you begin pumping deep... slowly fucking my mouth, my hands stroking and fucking the hard shaft, caressing the sensitive head. Pulling you into me, continuing like this until the need for release takes over. Hungrily wanting and waiting to feel it harden, your balls tightening... I know when the time is coming, as I've been there before... those last moments as I feel the contraction that means the moment is near. Belly and leg muscles tighten beneath me and your hips thrust forward.

That last second pause, the blood pounding in your ears... a growl escapes your lips and the first taste and texture as the milky wetness coats my tongue, a small trickle runs down my chin. I take one quick breath before I push the head to the back of my throat, in anticipation of the explosion I know is coming and have been waiting for with great expectation.

The next hot splash of cum slides across my tongue, enjoying the sensation as your cock jumps and pulses, pumping your juices into my mouth... I bury your cock into my throat, swallowing and consuming the hot sticky liquid, feeling it coat my throat on the way down. Sliding my mouth up and down your shaft, a hot glove wrapped around your cock... I time each swallow to your twitches... each time you shoot your cock is buried at the back of my throat... I can feel it jump each time your cum shoots out, savoring the taste and the texture.

Holding you there until your spasms weaken and your body relaxes... my tongue massaging the sensitive underside of your cock, my swallowing timed to milk each drop from your slowly softening cock. I coax and milk the last drop from your softening cock with hands and lips, watching each last drop as it leaks from the red opening... licking and sucking what has spilled onto my hands with the flat of my tongue.

Your eyes are closed, and with that I know that total satisfaction has been given, and I'm good to go... get up and walk away. Hell, you don't even have to walk me out the door.
Thank you that was delicious.;)
Detroit area...Love to drain you dry....
I'm hard and ready to receive such pleasure. Drop me an email.
I'm headin to an adult bookstore tonight to check it out and maybe have an ecounter. Read theres video booths in the back.
I'm a nice cleancut, married, Army dude, age 49, masculine and fit, in East Tennessee. I like having a nice cleancut, young man suck off my big fat uncut cock. My place is cool. Any takers out there???? I need you on your knees milking me!
I'm a nice cleancut, married, Army dude, age 49, masculine and fit, in East Tennessee. I like having a nice cleancut, young man suck off my big fat uncut cock. My place is cool. Any takers out there???? I need you on your knees milking me!
I love having my cock sucked by men. However I still think women suck cock better. Any men out there want to prove me wrong? I also suck cock in return. I am not real good yet. Looking for more cocks to practice on. I will swallow. You must be D/D free. As I am.
I love to give guys head. This is so sexy and females love to watch a guy go down on a guy. I never knew how amazing this was until my first experience and i've been doing it since.... it's sexy and fun.... i actually get so hard seeing a guys dick especially when it is hard. I think how nice it would be to have that hard dick in my warm mouth. I love cum too Hug:) This is just sexy.
Looks like I am going to get to suck my first cock today. Any more males or couples interested. My buddy has a 6 long X 7 inch around cock and is also interested in making creme pies with couplesHug
I wish I could quit dreaming about sucking a dick and actually do it. One time is all I need.:-P
Tall Masc Top Male in Buffalo, New York, looking for a cock sucker for an every hour on the hour meetings,,everyday , HIGH SEX DRIVE, d/d free, no STD's or HIV's, just over sexed, and need release. JUST BE OF AGE AND MATURE
Hi Guy's!
I really love the way you guy's are so honestly open to the feelings you have about sucking another guy's cock! Until I found this Forum...I thought I was the only Bisexual guy out there who loves sucking another guy's cock as much as I do and having him shoot thick hot loads of sperm in my mouth and down my throat! And all while my wife watches!!! My favorite fantasy is to get together with four guys and my wife, suck on the first one and then after he is rock hard, I guide him into my wife's shaved pussy and let him fuck her till he pumps his cum into her. Meanwhile, I suck the next guy hard and then guide him into my wife's just fucked pussy for a second load. Same with the third and fourth guys. Then to top of my fantasy, my wife makes me eat the men's cum from her cunt till she's clean and orgasm-ed! Wow...I have to go jack off now! Thanks men for being "You":-P

My first sucking experience...this year...

Over spring break this year, a friend of mine and his buddies were going to Florida. One person dropped out of the trip at the last minute, so my friend asked me to come along. I had nothing planned for spring break, so I figured why not. Overall, we were 8 people - 5 guys, 3 girls. 3 of the guys were with three of the girls, and then there was me and my friend. The other 7 people were all from Europe as well (not that it makes any difference!). Anyway, the first day there, we go to beach in the late morning. We were staying right on the beach and could walk out from the condo. As everyone comes out of their room, all of the women, and all of the other guys are wearig thong bikinis, and I am standing there in big baggy shorts!! They look at me like I am a weirdo! My friend tells me that he a brand new thong in his bag, never worn, if I want it, so I figure, sure, why not? Why stick out like a sore thumb? I dont know why I am telling this part, but anyway, needless to say, I am now sold on thongs! Love em, got a fantastic tan, and they are more comfortable than I could have ever imagined. Anyway, back to my question...So, in the condo, there are four rooms, each with a queen sized bed. So I am sharing a bed with my friend. No big deal - I have shared a bed with other men before. Anyway, we are chatting at night, talking about the other girls and guys in our condo, about how attractive the girls are, etc... We then talk about sex and stuff and he then asks me if I have ever received a blow job. I sheepishly respond that I have never. He is teling me that it is the best, etc...which is fine - I could only imagine. He then, shockingly, asks me if I would like for him to give me one? I immediately told him no! I mean, I was not into guys at all. I was really caught off guard. He told me that he was not gay as well, but that he and his friends sometimes give each other oral sex. He said it is absolutely not emotional whatsoever. No kssing, no touching, etc. Purely physical. But, as he said, why masturbate by yourself when oral sex is infinitely better? And he said, no strings attached. Don't feel obligated to return the favor at all, he just enjoys doing it. Again I told him no. I was really shocked/uncomfrotable. So he finally said if I changed my mind, to let him know. And not to feel uncomfortable at all.

So, about 1/2 an hour goes by of silence. Meanwhile, I am obviously thinking about what just happened. I also had a raging hard on! Part of me was saying that it was completely wrong. Another part was saying to myself that I bet it would be enjoyable. Finally, he says to me that he is sorry if he made me uncomfortable. But then he asked if I was thinking about it. And I confessed that part of me was actually interested purely from physical pleasure standpoint. It was just weird because I had never thought of it before. And he said the whole point was just to enjoy the physical pleasure. He then suggested that he could just start, and if I felt uncomfortable at all, to tell him to stop. And, somehow I guessed I was convinced. I pulled my boxers off. He started, and it felt absolutely incredible. My mind was racing! It was so good and exciting that I was done in under a minute! It was crazy. It was the greatest sensation I have ever felt. He asked me if that was better than masturbating, and of course I responded it was!

Anyway (sorry this is so long!), the next morning I awoke to him giving me oral sex again. Again, it was incredible! The sensation was incredible, and it just blew me away! During the day, I could not get my mind off of it. That night however, I don't know why, but I decided that I would return the favor. I don;t know if it was curiosity or guilt, but I decided I wanted to. Again, he told me not to feel obliged, and I didn't whatsoever. And I completely loved being on the other end!! Again, totally unemotional, but it was a fantastic feeling. Having a dick in my mouth was incredible, and, feeling it explode was even better!

For the rest of the week, the two of us exchanged oral sex at least 2-3 times per day. Even since then, I have done this with both him and his friends. As I said before, it is purely for the physical pleasure and physical release. It has the same emotional attachment as masturbating alone in the bathroom, but it is a hell of a lot better. During the period when I had a girlfriend, I would not have oral sex with any of them, but, while single, it was understood that if any of us wanted, we would do it. I mean, I enjoy the physical nature of it - it is fantastic - but there is no "love" between us. And when I am with a woman, I don't even consider do it with the guys. But none of my girlfriends can suck as well as any of these guys, that's fun sure. And, having this relationship sure makes breaking up a lot easier when things arent going right.

I've gotta say, I'm enjoying being single right now!
Mmmmm! I love to take a hard cock down my throat. I have had a few guys hold the back of my head and fuck my mouth like a pussy. Once they find out that I don't gag, they really go to town! I just kneel there, hum a little and take it like a good cocksucker should!:-P
I love having my cock sucked by a man..I have only had it a couple of times, but WOW what an experience...I am really interested in this with the right cock. I really like anything over 6, but for my first time who knows...Other party must like giving as well as receiving...
I love to be on my knees and being used as a Mans way of relief.

To Take what his wife or Girlfriend wont.

No Recip expected or wanted
I love to suck nice hard cocks !!!
I love to suck,need to pile up experiences,I only do safely tho. Condoms a must. Looking to get my first anal experience already,give & get it too
look me up,I';m in Brooklyn,free most days
man oh man, I waiver back and forth wondering if I could do this - then I read this stuff and my cockis hard and heart pounding. I know it gonna happen and am looking forward to it.
any white males in columbus ga or phenix city area send me email if you are clean i love sucking cocks
Hi all, Very curious 53 year old married white male here looking to give oral. I have thought about this for years and now I am doing something about it. I live in Garland, Texas 75040. I would like to do this in my home. I really only want a guy that can get it up and shoot a good load. This will be my first time so I want you to be able to let me take you off all the way.
I love to suck on a mans hairy balls, then kiss my way up his cock. Then I love to take him into my mouth. I love the feel of his hands on my head as he fucks my mouth. I love the taste and smell of a mans cock, and the sensation and taste of him when he explodes down my throat. Any takers, when ever your in the area.
looking in Buffalo, New York for a regular man or men into sucking cock all day long, have a high sex drive and love to cum 1000000 million times or try doing it
I just had the hottest experience at a bath house in Seattle that I had to share it.

I went to a popular bath house that I have visited before and it looked like a quiet night. As I cruised around the private rooms I saw a bit of action for a weeknight but nothing like it would be on a weekend. The public rooms were a slightly different story. The video room had about ten guys of all different races and sizes watching porn on three screens and gently jacking themselves. This didn't really do it for me so I kept cruising to the upper floors. I found EXACTLY what I was looking for in the "glory hole" room. I stepped up to a glory hole and I immediately felt a warm, wet mouth envelope my semi-hard cock. Within a couple of minutes I was fucking his throat so hard I had to back away.

As he regained his breath I moved to a hole next to the one I was using and found another hot mouth ready for some face fucking. At that point both of the blowjob experts were sucking me off through the same hole! I lasted about 20 more minutes (beer dick!) and blew one of my huge loads in one guys mouth and on the other guys face. I thought I would never stop cumming. They kept licking me so long that I had to back away so I wouldn't fall over.

Anyway, if you are in Seattle don't be shy about the bath houses on Pike because you may find some great cocksuckers.
I would really love to meet someone in the dalton or chatt area to suck and be sucked,if it goes further than that so be it.hit
I want to watch my hubby swallow a load of sperm, it makes me hot!
I would love to find two men, to suck my breast.
Looking to find a few new friends that are wanting to suck and be sucked and more when we can hook up in the Mobile, Alabama area. Any takers? :-P
any1 wanna meet up for oral or anal in youngstown?? get at me
Luv sucking cocks & draining them dry. If anyone out there is interested, let me know. Luv wrapping my lips around it & giving nice,long, slow sucks while running my tongue all over the head of it until it explodes:-P & I drink it all down. Anyone in the area please contact me & I will have you cumm over.
Anyone in Atlanta just want to get together and suck some dick?
i love sucking dick, balls, ass for any aggressive guys in the Las Vegas area. i am a cocksucking, cum swallowing, bottom faggot boi that needs to be used.
Had my first experience a couple of yrs ago with a friend and am now addicted to the feel, taste and pleasure of a mans cock in my mouth. I love to suck them!
you said a mouth full there is nothing like doing a 69 with another man or just sucking a nice dick any cock suckers in chicago that like oral drop me a line and let's do some sucking:-P:-DLaughingKissLaugh ing
I want to suck my first cock, can anyone near sacramento teach me?
The erotic feeling that comes over me as I feel another mans hard cock in my mouth and feel him cum in my mouth.Kiss
Big time cocksucker here. LOVE sucking cock and balls, especially uncut cock because they seem to produce more pre-cum. The taste of pre-cum is almost better than the reward of the blast of cum into my mouth.

I like a guy to literally facefuck my mouth, use it like a wet pussy and dump their cumload down my throat.
I'm a very sub bi, who loves to have a man fill my mouth with his dick. I had a bi-partner who used to join the wife and I who really understood what I liked.
When ever we got together he would always start the night by walking up to me and shoving his cock right in my mouth. I loved sucking him hard. Sometimes he and I would meet one on one and after I got him hard, he would put me on all fours and screw me up the ass until I begged him to cum inside me. Wish I'd never lost contact with him...
i would love to find 2 guys that would fuck my mouth slide 1 cock in my ass,
1 in my mouth mmm'mm fuck each other as i suck their dick,, any takers?:-P
watz up fellas I'm a handsum black brotha from Bx New York lookin for that brotha who wants that big black dick suck so get at me yo lata :-PKiss
I love the feel of a cock in my fat mouth. I like to make a man feel good, and love it when he cums in it, or sprays it all over my face. Would like a guy in Niagara Ont who wants to give it to me or get it from me.
I also want to tell you guys my experience of sucking my crush.......

1st i know this guy thru guys4men then he always mack me up and share his cam to me.. when i saw his web cam i already amaze on his beauty coz his really cute. then i decide to meet him up in person..and when i see him in person the more i feel i like him thats why i always make way to meet him up.. good thing because our places are near and i can meet him as many as i can..i always make way to bring him up to my room but then nothing happened because i though his not into it. but

I'm very happy that before the year end of 2006 i suck him up in my friends house. Now this is what happened .

Were both together going to a bar and we dance drink and have fun there until morning then after it. we decide to sleep to our friends house... so we did go there and sleep.

in a 1 one room were 4 using the small bed. its me ang him and with us a lover. I try to sleep ahead because I'm sleepy but i cant sleep because this couple is having a foreplay. so i just look at them and smile. then also this crush of mine just look at the couple making love and smile too.

after it i try to sleep and stop looking the couple having fun....after a minute of try to sleep. I love what i feel because this crush of mine hug me. so i just let him hug coz maybe his horny because of what he saw in our side. after it i feel his cock in my back and its soo hard and i love it. after it I'm hornytoo so i try to to touch his cock. and then he just smile at me so i did think he like it thats why i touch his body and play with him.. after it.. he just let me do the thing.

after all the foreplay i am now facing his brief which is a hard cock is waiting for my mouth, thats why i drag the brief down and i saw a big cock in my front... so what i did is i suck as good as i can.. and because his my crush i really do it with all the feelings ..and he really love the way did. until he come in to my mouth... i really lovethe feeling that I suck him that good and he did enjoy it.......

Now i really love the feeling of sucking a crush of mine and i love to suck more of my crushes so they better hide now or IL suck them all hehehehehhe

Have a nice sucking story to all........Kiss
sucking a big cock is fun
I fell in love with the feel and the taste of a hard cock sliding in and out of my throat the first time I ever trid it. I live in Fayetteville, Ar. Look me up for a real great blow job. I love the taste of it and especialy love eating a pussy dripping with man cum.
memphis here i luv sucking big dicks so holla at me anytyme very good trust
I have been sucking cock since I was in middle school and I love it more now than ever.The feeling of horniness and satisfaction I get,when I hear a man moan,feel his cock swell up in my mouth just before he explodes down my throat is awesome! My older cousin taught me to suck cock and he always made me swallow! Mmmmmmm!
I especially love hearing a man's deep groan of lust when he realizes that I can make that cock shoot anytime I want...and that he's about to lose a huge load of his cum down my greedy throat and he grabs the back of my head and skull-fucks me while spasming uncontrollably down my throat!
hey is there any body out there in hamilton ontario canada that would like to suck on my cock
looking to suck cock in chicago area....Hug
Best cock sucking I've ever received was from a guy... i've been hooked ever since. I love blowin my load deep down his throat and havin him swallow all
Apollo beach fl love sucking cock if interested give a yell:-P
Looking for a man to have sex with on the weekends. If you live in the chattanooga area or rossville Georgia are send me a email at:
I would like to suck a dick and lick some hairy balls.:-P
Looking for men with very large cocks to suck in NJ area
Masc, handsome bi-guy mwm here in SW FL and i LOVE 2 suck dick !!!!! It's so erotic, fun and naughty!! Wife likes to play also.
any one in central florida area need a good cocksucker or CREAM-PIE clean up man let me know I`ll give room service to vacationers too
I love to suck cock, too. It's great to feel a guy cum in my mouth as I force him deep into my throat and gently finger his butthole. I love it.


any hard dicks out there want to suck and be sucked by a driver who travels? can cum to you with enought notice couples are a plus too, love licking it up off of both any one game in texas 13-14th dec 07 between fr hood and tyler
I've Been curious for EVER...aside from the there ANYone willing to get a blowjob in the NW suburbs of MPLS? from a BJ virgin?
I'd have to ask for an average for my first...though...nothing above 8"...?
looking to get sucks off for 3-4 hours, in east tn. on sat 15th of dec 07 and memphis the 14 07, take your time or let me know where you at and i make sure i come to you and have a suck off got contact # if interested. need suck on alot.
North Alabama bi male looking for D/D free playtime partner(s). Please see my profile for more info on me. I love to suck and be sucked, 69, would like to try a MMM 3some sometime. Send me a message if you are in the area and are interested. Not interested in anyone that is attached unless your partner is interested also (not into "sneaking around" stuff).
My experience all started when my EX thought I would enjoy sex with a man. I talked her into giving a friend a BJ a couple of times while I watched, she always thought I `ld enjoy sucking a cock, problem was I was afraid my buddies would find out & my life would never be the same. Well, once we were on vacation at the beach, not a chance friends would find out so we went on a COCK-HUNT!!! Didn`t take long before we found a guy that would join us in fun & games. Needless to say we 3 loved it all, and we hooked-up on 3 other vacations with him. And now that I`m single I still see him a few times a year along with his friend, his wife.;);)
looking forward to sucking some dick here in so.cali.. would like practice safely.. any takers? or givers? l
There is nothing better than being on my knees with a guys cock in my hand and an open mouth ready to suck his meat. I worship cock as a submissive bottom and just love the feel and taste of a big hard cock going in andd out of my mouth. I am always waiting for the hot load of man juice to fill my mouth as I swallow it and beg for more as I suck all the cum from his softening cock.
Is there anyone near Winchester (VA) that needs hot oral service? I love getting a guy off with my mouth... slowly and thoroughly.
We are looking for a a guy who likes to give head and recieve as well.Me and my guy are looking to fill each others fantasies,well more my fantasie and he is willing to help me get that fulfilled :-P.

You must be in the Truro, Nova Scotia area
I also worship the almighty cock and love to have a cock explode in my willing hole after a hot oral session...Sucking big cocks is life and is passion. Licking a pussy full of cum is just 'glory'!!!!:-P
I live just sout of Atlanta and love to suck cock. Race doesn't matter. Anyone interested?
Cock hungry bear here in Michigan. Love bi and married cock - you guys appreciate a good blow job and sucking man cock is one of the things I do best. :-D
Luv suckin man dick. Luv teasing the head and massaging the shaft with my tongue while I deep throat. Swallower here. Any takers in Michigan? :-D
love to suck cock havent done very much but every time i can i do am kinda new to this but love it looking for more experence can you help me?wating for the next one
reading these journals i am good and hard and would love to suck a good hard dick wish i couls suck my own can somwon help me out?
I love watching Mike....I get so HOTT!!!
Looking for some mutual cock sucking in Tampa area
i love sucking cock too

baltimore, mdKiss
My x-wife got me to try sucking a guys cock several years ago. I really didn't want to do it but she really put the pressure on me. Well one night a guy sucked my cock and she told me to suck him after. I finally licked the head and I liked it so I took his whole cock in my mouth and sucked him till he shot his load in my mouth. I LOVED IT ! I have been hooked ever since. It's the one thing I can thank my X wife for exposing me to giving blow jobs. Feeling a guy shooting a load in my mouth and swallowing it all is the greatest thing for sex for me. I really like having someone watch me as I give a blow job and cheer me on.:)
i love to suck cock and i really get off blowing a guy with a big thick cock. I am submissive so if you're into Dom/sub give me a ring.
I love to suck a big cock. The bigger the cock the better 10" cock or bigger cock!!! Love it!!! I'll take it!!!
No one sucks a cock better then I do. I love for a man to make me deep throat and swallow.... (who wants their dick sucked) I love my wife to watch me go to my knees and become another mans bitch boi.... She gets so turned on by it....:-D
after reading some of the men how much they like to suck dick while i am trying to find some one as a newbie, no one i have bean contacted by has ben serius in doing so live 5 min from detroitLaughing
Great pics Billy!
Any well hung guys in N. Fl. or Central Fl. that need a no strings attached BJ. I do swallow and I am the BEST. I am very discreet and do not want reciprocation. I promise you will not be disappointed! I travel all the time so leave me a message and I will get back to you. Serious replies only. Mike
i live in wright, wy,, and love to suck cock,,, love the taste of cum any takers
I live in Southern Maryland and love to suck and be sucked, I would love to have a real discrete buddy for fun together.Hug:-D
i live in southern ohio.would like to find a bi married man to have discrete fun with.i am 48 yrs old and willing.
I often have the urge to suck a guys cock and 69 too....often jo imagining doing it, and ready to give a great bj to a nice cock...any other discrete or married guys want the same?
what do have a lot of cock lovers in levittown pa. area?
cum to Maine i am a cock sucker all the way.mmmmKiss
Looking for a cocksucker in the Biloxi area.
anyone in brockton want their dick sucked
Would love to have my cock sucked and my balls licked - anybody in Houston with a willing mouth?????????:-D
Anyone in the West Chester PA area who would enjoy a really good blow job, drop me a line!
Anyone around Dallas Tx. area that would like to have their cock sucked!!!
bay area anyone
I love seeing a man wrap his lips around my man big black dick while hes eating my Kitty. The better you suck him,the better he'll eat me...Mmmmmm. Anyone in Atlanya wanna see if it'll melt in your mouth?
looking for well hung black men in vegas area.. have a house can host whenever. im a very good looking bi white male that loves to suck big black cock. would def cosiber having two or three at once! hit me up fellas and ill drop to my knees
i forgot to mention that i also have sucked on a huge black cock right before he pounded my girlfriends tight white pussy. and licked her cum of his cock and his outta her pussy. needless to say my hot white girl loves big black cock now

Looking to suck in the Huntsville/Madison AL..:-P
having my cock sucked while sucking cock is the best
Looking to service clean cut/uncut cock ! Willow Grove, PA
Hello, guys. I am in Denver and LOVE to suck cock. Please use me for your pleasure.
Houston TX Seeking a reg guy to cum n go no strings. Feed me your cock and cum on a reg basis. Maybe weekly or more.
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
I would love to watch my man 69 with another man. He loves to be dominated. He wants to dress up like a pretty woman and take it like a man. anybody interested?
Anyone in Wales - fancy man on man - oral - anal - and role play - with adventurous new to this guy?
love the look and smell of a soft hairy cock right before i take it in my mouth and feel it get hard while i suck. then lick and suck it it till it shoots sweet cum in my mouth and keep sucking till it's soft again. love to suck cock . love 69
I'm looking for other close buddies to chat with either on Yahoo IM or phone. I enjoy both with other like-minded dudes.

I just want a guy to suck me off, it doesn't matter if his wife watches or not
Any cock suckers in southern michigan
any guy in La Crosse area that would like to get his dick sucked
during the july fourth weekend contact me for a no strings blowjob!
Yes you can bring a buddy or your wife or girlfriend if they wish to watch.
Buddies can get bj too.
Any married men in western NC want to get together to suck each other off? Love big dicks.
I love to suck cock, especially if it is a good size and a great head. if you're in the tristate NYC area and want a really great BJ send me an email.
I like/love sucking cock, it was my first sexual experience w/someone else. I knew this guy from working on projects, and one time he invited me up to his room, (I was about 11-12 then) and he offered to tell me all about sex. So I am generating sex hormones about this age, and I was ready to learn.
He had us undress, and I saw his cut cock, and he lay down on the bed. He asked me what did I think about sucking him off. I said ok and started to put my lips around it and took it in until I had his pubes in my nose, and his penis head was rubbing the back of my throat, and it felt pretty good, Didn't taste bad, so I started bobbing my face up and down on his cok (I like this spelling better, it looks and sounds sexier.) After about 10 min or so, I feel it start to swell, he said "I'm cumming" I just kept on sucking and swallowing, I enjoyed doing it to him, and we stayed in his room awhile untll I realized I was going to have t o pee to get my erection to go down. I used to suck him everywhere, closets his car out the road. He even let me put my hard-on between the cheeks of his ass and stroke away until I couldn't do it anymore.
This is before I started ejaculating. That came later.KissKiss
Anyone in mid-ohio for a b.j. I'm willing and able!
Love to suck bi married guys off.Like them H/W Prop and cut.between 21 -50 Just love to suck you and feel the warm juice down my throat. Hope you can cum several times.WOW.Live in seneca county ohio
My first experience at sucking cock came at an early age,I was eleven. My best friend was a year older than I and we had masturbated together many times when I just got the urge to kneel in front of him and take him into my mouth. His taste was wonderful and I swallowed my very first time. We continued for several years and he used my mouth every time after that even going so far as making me suck him in front of our friends. Such wonderful memories of my childhood. I am still looking for more dick to suck,any takers in east Tn.?
I first started sucking cocks when I was 12 and walking home from school oneday I saw some guys in the woods and they motioned for me to come over. They were jacking off and looking at suck mags. They showed me a guy sucking cocks and they said that is what I was suppose to do so I did and I have sucking cocks every since. My 2 sisters used to help me get dressed up to go to the adult bookstore when I was 13 and they used to think that I was a girl. I love it.I do not know how many cocks I have sucked but it has been a few.:-PKiss
COCK-sucker in mid-Ohio!:-P
looking, I'm a New fresh bi curuious single sexy guy in Ann Arbor MI, tall,semi shaved Athletic new member here lookin to meet a couple or single for fun. Ask me for some, lots pics vids avail.
Cock sucker in Ogden, Ut. Available T/W mornings. Your pleasure is my desire!
I love to suck cocks and swallow that creamy load.
i want to suck a transgenderFlower
i never suck one before but i want to , and have him suck me to. help 61931 il.
i like sucking little dicks too.
I am looking or someone to suck my cock in New Mexico, any will ing
I have a willing mouth and ass. Love cum anywhere you want to put it. Anyone near or traveling to Daytona ,FL?
looking for a well hung cock in central ohio to lick and suck on. Had my first bi-curious encounter and loved it. Like the gentleman said that guided me on my first cock sucking adventure It's all about the cock...
I have never sucked another mans' dick, and have only had mine sucked by a guy once many years ago. I think I would enjoy trying it again. I wish I had sucked him to when we were teenagers so that I had that experience to recall. Would love to hear more about what it is like to suck and be sucked by another guy.
Reading about all this cock-sucking can't wait to suck my first one.[I'm going to make someone happy]
there is nothing like sucking dick its even better when the wife is watching:-P
i love sucking dick is there anyone in the stl that wants to do the same:-D
I love sucking big, cut cock so much I travel to do it. Invite me to your area for some ecstatic cock sucking.
hey D & d free chubby guy looking for some guys who want a blow job in sterling heights MI..I love cum in my mouth and getting fucked in the ass
any guys in michigan want to get into some hot suck and fuck play?
i love giving head
I love sucking cock!!! I think all cocks are wonderful and I love wrapping my lips around them having my mouth fucked. I get so excited, I usually get very hard without having to touch myself. I especially get off when my lover gets excited himself. I have another fantasy. To be sucking the husband's cock while the wife fucks me with a strap-on. So far just a fantasy. I have enjoyed being fucked by one guy while I sucked off another one though and that was awesome!
virginia men looking for good blowjob hit me up I swallow it all
I love to suck all and swallow all. Love that sweet creamy cum in my mouth.Kiss
Looking for s. tx sr. male ,you suck me i suck you or 69.suck and lick balls.Shaved or trimed cum to the front.
I just want to say i have read all this about men sucking men, the only thing about it is, i hear them all saying how good they are. I am the best dicksucker in the state of south carolina and others most likely. let me see any queer take 12 inchs down his throat and could take more. Yes i am a dick hungry white fag but i am clean and safe.I want to see how much dick will go down this throat. Most important is there is nothing better than a big hard black dick. Black dick lover from s.carolina
this is most my fav stuff, done it very well for past 5 years.Hug
Would luv to find any guys in the n.e. ohio area who would like their cock suck, I really enjoy the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth.
I am so into the concept of sucking my first dick that I have been studying porno bj's and practicing on a condom covered banana(not the same one the whole time). I actually have a script memorized that covers exactly how I will take care of the first two minutes or so. It includes 12 techniques and 5 tempo changes. After that I'll improvise adding 23 additional techniques. Idon't believe I'm overthinking this. Ienjoy my study and practice time and I think it will give me confidence when that sweet dick comes along. Anyone got any thoughts on how to improve deep throat techniques? I I would love to shock the hell out of my first guy by already having that in my bag of tricks at my premier performance
its a real turn on for me to watch my husband suck a nice cock
I love to suck cock have been enjoying cock for many years for
some reason can't find cocks to suck in the New Orleans
lakefront area. A nice 7 inch cock would be great start then bigger
and bigger the cock very open minded LaughingHug:-D
I have not been sucking cocks for very long, maybe two years, but I certainly enjoy having a guy strip down in front of me with either a limp or hard cock. I enjoy being able to get his dick rock hard by licking his shaft and balls with a little nip here and there before teasing his hot horny cock head. Once I get started sucking, I go slow and get him to lean back and relax. It will not take very long for him to shoot his hot cum load into my mouth if he is horny enough. Have had a couple that it took me about a half hour to get them to orgasm and fill my mouth with their hot load. I don't stop sucking as soon as they blow their loads. I will hold their dick in my mouth until it is fully limp and all their cum is drained out of its shaft. Don't always need someone to suck mine, just enjoy seeing, feeling and sucking a nice hard throbbing cock until it can't take it any longer and gives up its cum load.Would love to find several guys in the Hammond, Louisiana area to get together with and have orgies with or just to let me suck them all dry....the more the merriet.
North Ga Helen would love to suck cock ever week. I love to have my mouth fucked and taste a hot load of cum. I love for you to tell me to suck your cock and swallow your cum.MMMMMMM:-P
My first time is when i was 18 he was so good i wanted him so bad.. but i love sucking cock have been doing it for a lot of years but gets harder when you get older to find other cock suckers i love the taste of cum and reall enjoy kissing Flower
If there are any guys in the Niagara region that would liked to get sucked off I'll help you out. Young or old, fat or skinny. Just gimme hard cock
is there anyone in the palm bay, melbourne, fl area that need to have their cocks sucked on and cum swallowed. as a bonus would like to eat your asshole for hours and as an added bonus will let you fuck me and shoot your load anywhere you want
My god just from reading these stories look what they did to me, I have to jerk off now.......
I love sucking cocks and need more want more wife loves watching me do it
Cocksucker looking in Pitt PA. I love being on my knees sucking dick!! I am good at it or so I'm told, but I'll let u be the judge of that!! Always horny for my next cock and load straight married mature men to the front of the line!!Kiss
Get me all the cocks I have time to suck in Florida
Sucking cock and swallowing cum while I fondle his balls is wonderful! Hug
let's suck each others cocks, must live within 2 hours of Phila., PA
If anyone would let me suck his cock. I would let him fuck me.
love sucking a hard cock,and 69 love that cum all over me;Hug
I would love to suck a mans cock, have fantasized for a long time watching porn of big hard cocks getting sucked till cum shoots into open mouths. Now I have a strong desire to actually feel it in my mouth wanting to know how it feels as he gets off and the taste and feel of cum , so far I am still watching porn and jacking off
Looking for bisexual man in Northern Virginia - age 55 to 75. Would love to have your cock head explode in my mout.
What you doing like to have fun with 6
New and in West Michigan- Looking for a friend to suck is dick-Privately
Want docs in wichita
Love sucking on a mans cock for his pleasure and always swallow
Here for cock sucking dick swallowing cum is my preference
Men Sucking Men's Dicks on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Sucking Men's Dicks on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Sucking Men's Dicks on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Sucking Men's Dicks on Bisexual Playground

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